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Stride Over Hurdle Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Stride Over Hurdle Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Stride Over Hurdle
Drill [Intro Music]>>Jessica Vogel: Pitchers sometimes have
a tendency to stride too short, which can result in wasted power and explosiveness. To combat this, we like to use a drill called
the stride over hurdle.>>Vogel: The stride over hurdle drill can
be used to help pitchers lengthen their stride by getting their heel extended up and out
toward the plate. Start by setting up a hurdle across the pitching
circle, slightly closer to the mound than the edge of the circle.>>Vogel: The pitcher has to focus on driving
her leg up and over the hurdle. She should think about kicking the bottom
of her heel toward the sky.>>Vogel: The goal is to increase your drag
and stride length and move the hurdle further out as you do so. The hurdle serves as a reminder to the pitcher
to shoot her leg up as well as out as she lengthens her stride, increasing her leg drive
and shortening the distance between her and the batter. [Outro Music]

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