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Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens vs. 49ers highlights | NFL

Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens vs. 49ers highlights | NFL

One of the most rigged games today. Officials obviously wanted Ravens to win. Ray Lewis taking roids as well. Shouldn’t of played.

You have to pay for cornerstone players.

Balke let alot of pro bowlers and future pro bowlers just leave and started recruitement of Torn ACL players outta of college.

Lights out ! Gotta be intentional. Wouldn't doubt it was C.Kap being the liberal, leftist, soar loser that he is. Just like Hilary.

Not only is this one of the best super bowls I’ve ever seen but the Ravens entire playoff run that years was so phenomenal 👏🏽

2019 rules forever I'm Joe flacco of the Baltimore Ravens forever promise to god Wade's Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens forever Jerry's John harbouh of the Baltimore Ravens forever promise to god Charlie woods the punter of the Baltimore Ravens forever promise to god.steve Fikes Collin kapernick of the San Francisco 49ers forever promise to god. Darren worls running back for 49ers forever Jason brown s punter for 49era forever Diana Fike a 9ers cheerleader forever steve Fikes Joe Montana Forever. Worst colors red and gold favorite color s purple and black when me and my girlfriend get married well move to Baltimore and live there til we die promise to god Minnesota suck s 👎 forever Baltimore rules forever my buddy drew Hines is from Baltimore Steve Fike will live in San Francisco til he dies promise to name of steve fikes band 49ers Steve Fike sings Darren worl guitar ugene hatley base Jason brown drums and when Steve Fike sings he wares his San Francisco 49ers shirt and cap. All Cisco team s Steve Fike team Steve Fikes team s 49ers and San Francisco Giants I'm momma Cass Elliot and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god. Steve fikes Huey Lewis and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god . Bye for now.👍🎅🎅🎅🎅👍

Crazy that there are now 8 combined players on both teams:Marshal Yanda, Anthony Levine, Jimmy Smith, Morgan Cox, Sam Koch, Justin Tucker, Joe Staley, and Garrett Celek

"But what the Ravens really need is some quality play FROM THEIR PUNTER!" Only Rich can make an intentional safety seem like the most exciting play of the game.

Great game but there is no doubt Smith held Crabtree IN THE ENDZONE. That missed call cost the Niners four new downs from the 1. The Ravens were essentially gifted this Super Bowl.

Who is watching this in 2019 too see kapernick and how much potential he had if he could have stayed in the nfl

It's crazy to think that someone could have gone up to a sixteen year old Lamar Jackson and tell him "See the super bowl MVP? In five years, you'll be talking over his job and it'll be your team."

Colin lost the game throwing 3 consecutive passes to Crabtree and not hall of famer Randy Moss. Don't throw to Moss, you get a loss.

If the refs had called holding on the safety right away like they were supposed to then the 9ers would have had 4-5 extra seconds after that punt and would have had time for a hail mary 🤷🏽‍♂️

It’s crazy that just 5 years ago he was in tha super bowl, and then 2 years later people are saying that he’s trash and isn’t better than any qb in tha league rn

The level of anxiety I had watching this game .. when that power outage hit .. if we had ACTUALLY lost .. the city of Baltimore smh .. ( no comment ) ..

That was a bad day only if offense was better early in the game made the game better but it was to late. Don't turnover the ball in a big game. Good job 7 Keeper pick. Was future the rest of his career in San Francisco and football. Peace out.

As a niner fan I'ma say this was a pretty darn good game, even tho it hurts to see my niners lose the sb..I had a good time

9:13 That's a missed RTP that benefited San Fran. 49er fans conveniently leave that out when they're talking about Jimmy Smith's "holding" penalty.

5:26 a massive hold on Bruce Miller where 2 guys carried him out of the running lane & the missed block in the back were so much worse than the no hold call at the end that gets all the attention.

I've only started watching the NFL and I thought I had the rules down, but isn't Jacoby Jones down at 4:48 ? Why was he allowed to continue for a touchdown? I thought if any part of the body other than his hands and feet touch the ground, he would be considered down.

The NFL caused the blackout because people were turning off their TV's. The people paying for commercials need a guarantee people will watch.

I miss that Ravens team all together offensively and defense. Ray Lewis see ya in the hall of fame. And ed Reed the best safety by far my opinion. I hope Lamar Jackson can do something for us he's doing his thing so far..

Watching this back the 49ers had it except for the terrible play calling at the end. Rollouts inside the 10 never work! You force yourself into one spot and if nobody is open the play is completely dead. Terrible

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