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TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME โšพ๏ธ๐ŸŸ | New York vlog #11 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME โšพ๏ธ๐ŸŸ | New York vlog #11 ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Our final moments here in New York have begun. Today we’re going to a baseball game of the New York Yankees. And even though we’ve seen a lot from the city already… …we’d love to see it at night in the dark. When all the lights are turned on and the city is illuminated! But than unfortunately the time has come… …to think what we want to do on our final day. Today it’s sunday. It’s our second to last full day here in New York… …not counting Tuesday when we fly back home. Today, this morning, we first go to a New York Yankees baseball match. Here in the stadium. I’ve never been to a sports match or a baseball match, so… …I’m looking forward to is. I’d rather have been to a football game… …but football season doesn’t start until somewhere in September. So that wasn’t an option right now. But I think baseball will be fun also. Very American off course. So I’m curious what kind of experience this is going to be. We’ve arrived in the stadium, we don’t have the very best seats, all the way up in the bleachers. We’ll have to figure out how to get there, most likely we’ll have to take quite a few stairs. Peter really wants a hotdog and popcorn. Very stereotypical what you always see in movies, so we’ll have to look for that as well. But we’ve made it inside at least. Ok so we found our seats, which are literally… …all the way up in the stadium, we can’t go any higher. But at least we have an ok view of the match. I think we can follow along with the game quite well. That is for as far as we can follow it, since I don’t know a lot about baseball. So that’ll be interesting. It’s pretty cold and chilly. We didn’t really think of that…
– when it’ll rain though, we’ll be dry at least. So that’s something. But perhaps we should’ve dressed up somewhat warmer. So the game is still going but we’ve decided to go back home a bit earlier… …because it was really cold up there. We didn’t really thought of the fact that we’d be all the way up top… …combined with the fact that today is not very warm. So I’m just wearing a shirt and a simple jacket and Peter’s also not dressed very warmly. So both of us were very cold and chilly up there. I did find out that baseball is a very very slow sport. People often complain that football is a slow sport… …this was even worse. Also because there’s no real time limit to a game. So theoretically it can go on for hours – If you really like the sport… – …and it’s not as […] cold as it is now. Ooh I think you need to censor that. And it’s not as cold as it is now. I can imagine… …that it’s way more fun… …to watch a game of 2 hours. Yeah but it also took so long, sometimes they got the ball… …but they didn’t just hit it and I was like… …just keep it moving a little. So yeah I had fun watching it…
– It was a nice experience Also being in a stadium and everything being over the top American… …I just like that. You thought everything was a bit too much over the top. – Everything in the US is made possible by – or they won’t say it like that… …but it’s being taken care of by brand X. And another brand takes care of something else. So everything is sponsored.
– Yes even the replay… Even the replay was made possible by the ‘Bank of America’. Yes and they specifically have to say…
– “The Bank of America instant replay”. Yes exactly, so it’s not exactly like it’s made possible by that brand. – No that’s actually the name.
Yes, so this and this brand has bought the name. So yeah, I did have fun. I hope we’ll come back again sometimes later in the year …so we can go see a football game, I think I’d like that a bit better. But for now, we’re leaving a bit earlier and I think we’ll look up the final score online. And we’re going to see if there’s anything to do around here. Something hopefully a bit less cold. So after the baseball match earlier, we went into some shops that were nearby. After that we went back to the AirBNB to change into something warmer as it was pretty cold in the end. And now we have a pre-dinner dessert. We’ve come to a chocolate bar that Peter found on the Tasty Facebook page. They have all kinds of chocolate here, but we want to order this one. We do want to share it, since by the look of it, it’s too much for 1 person. – I think it has 4 scoops of ice cream. 4 Scoops and also marshmallow fluff and… Whipped cream, chocolate, marshmallow…
– Yes it’s all there. So that’s our pre-dinner snack and if we’re still hungry afterwards we’ll go somewhere else to eat something… I can’t deal with only so much sweetness, I need something savory after this. We’re sitting here and either this store is just immensely popular… …or people just want to get dinner, because we had to wait approximately 20 minutes before our table was ready. As you can tell, it is pretty crowded at the moment, so… …I’m curious if it’ll be worth it, or if people just want to eat something right now. So after the chocolate bar we went and had something for dinner as well. So first we had our dessert and than we went and had something savory It has gone dark outside and since we really wanted to… – Starbucks. Yes that’s a bit of an inside joke, since I said… …that there aren’t a lot of Starbucks uptown, where we are staying… …but no we’re downtown and Peter keeps on pointing out all the Starbucks we come across. Even though I said that there are enough over here but not really… …at the top of the island, at least according to Google Maps, so I don’t know… …how accurate that is. But overtime we pass one he has to point it out and say “Starbucks”. – Which is quite often
Yes… …when we’re downtown. So we wanted to take some photos by night. One place I really wanted to go is Times Square… …because that’s very cool by night. And we’re here again at the world trade center. Which also looks pretty impressive by night. – And now we’re on Broadway. You have the reflecting pools over there… …where the towers used to be. Which are kind of waterfalls, so I imagine that looks pretty impressive at night as well. So that’s why we first came here. And after this we’ll head to Times Square and perhaps we find something else along the way. So it turns out that the reflecting pools are closed at night. This entire area is closed off right now. And they are switched off. During the day these are a kind of waterfalls as we’ve shown before. But at night it’s very quiet here since they are all switched off. There’s no light coming from the pools whatsoever. I didn’t know that, I thought it’d be cool to have these illuminated by night, but clearly they aren’t. The tower itself does look very cool. As you can see… …when you look at it. Pretty nice, especially since it’s somewhat foggy at the moment. So you see the top lit up right now. And also shrouded in fog somewhat. Here we have the Oculus… …which is the transportation hub. Also looks cool, kinda like some sort of… …dinosaur fossil or bones. That came out of the ground and are illuminated. So yeah that’s all there is to see here. Pretty let down by it, but still… …still somewhat nice to see this at night. We’re headed for Times Square now, and I’m sure there’ll be enough lights and illumination… …to light up the whole town. So we managed to take enough photos here at Times Square and that also… …concluded our night tour through New York. I think it’s also getting close to midnight. So time to head for the subway to go back and catch some sleep. Since tomorrow is our last full day here in New York. So we’ll have to think of things we’d like to do in order to make our last day here absolutely amazing! [IN THE NEXT EPISODE…] That was by far the weirdest burger place I’ve ever been to. It’s located here in a… …super fancy hotel. In the middle of the city.

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