TCO Comeback: Paige, Softball Star (Full)

(calm music) Sports mean a lot to me. I started with basketball and softball, probably around like first grade. And I just kind of started falling in love with softball more. I remember a story I was told,
that I was playing third base and people were picking like
dandelions, but I wasn’t. So I was kind of always
wanting to be there. And luckily I was able to go play for Rosemount for 10U and 12U. And now I play for a club
team, which has helped me grow into a better player and
get my name out there. Since the young age, I’ve always
wanted to play D1 softball. And I think that just
would be really cool, to be able to play at that level. Little less than a year ago, we had a 3-on-3 league for basketball. Really didn’t want to go,
because we had try outs coming up for softball that we really
wanted to be a part of. About 10 minutes in, went to
go drive up to take a layup and in midair a person
guarding me put some of her body weight on. And when I fell, I just, my knee tweaked. And I remember staring
at my parents, who were at the sidelines, kind
of like, this isn’t good. And then we came to
Twin Cities Orthopedics in Eagan, and I took an X-ray. And then they said, “let’s take an MRI,” because I did tear my ACL. I’ve had minor injuries
before getting this one, just getting shocked by it. I don’t get to play the sport
that I love for almost a year. It was kind of hard. So I had a surgery on
Wednesday, and on that Friday I actually had my first
physical therapy appointment with my physical therapist Luke. Some days I’m not really
in a good mental state, and he kind of gives me those
little pep talks and saying like, “Hey, we’re progressing,
you’re doing great.” He keeps my mind in the game. I really like being up
here at Training HAUS. Every single person I think
I’ve ever met here are so nice and so supportive. And want the best for you, which I think is really cool to have. A big milestone for me
was my first at bat, after I got cleared to hit. It was probably the best
feeling, cause I love hitting. It’s like my favorite thing to do. I tore my ACL, and then right after that I did hit a home run. It was probably like my favorite home run. There it is. That’s a home run. Nice rip kid. Good job Paige. I’m actually able to do
like almost everything now. I’ll be back, and I’ll
be stronger than ever.

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