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TCO Comeback: Paige, Softball Star (Trailer)

TCO Comeback: Paige, Softball Star (Trailer)

(uplifting music)
Since the young age, I’ve always wanted to play D1 Softball and I think that would be really cool to be able to play at that level. A little less than a year ago, we had a three on three
league for basketball. Went to go drive, a person guarding me put some of her body weight on, and when I fell, I just, my knee tweaked. I’ve had minor injuries before. Getting this one, just
getting shocked by it. I did tear my ACL. I don’t get to play the sport that I love for almost a year. It was kind of hard. At Twin Cities Orthopedics, I’ve had an awesome experience. Every single person I
think I’ve ever met here are so nice and so supportive
and want the best for you, which I think is really cool to have. I’ll be back, and I’ll
be stronger than ever.

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