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The Battle for Iraq: Shia Militias vs. the Islamic State

The Battle for Iraq: Shia Militias vs. the Islamic State

I think whats happening in the Middle East is that we are witnessing holy war between the followers of Ali vs the followers of Mohamed in which both parties are from the same tree. The sad reality of this war is that it has been created to divide a religion that stands, appeals with the words of Allah to all human kind. In the last century or so, Islam has been used for political agenda in which the majority well known Islam nations have been the centre of the creation of "Islam Terrorism" for an exchange of money. Selling out for their integrity, belief, values and principle for some cash that in all truth has no value when it comes for 'human life'. We humans are heading towards much more worst kind of path in which we will never return from, if we are not conscious and see through the lies of mass manipulation.

Now America(bush)understands the significant importance of saddam husein.the reasons kept on table of un security council shows how us analyst fail to see the aftereffect of their action against Iraq.

To the Iraqi Army and Kurdish PESHMERAQA And Hashad Al Shabbi. I salute your Bravery and your honour to fight on the ground against DAESH the Cancer. Lets Nuke ISIS.

ISIS is the proxy military of the synagogue of Satan and the America gov., not it's citizens, to murder and destroy Iraqis, Syrians and Iranians.

its all about america and israel's involvement and they choose saudi arabia to establish ISIS in both country (IRAQ and SYRIA) and ISIS is the israeli organization and they used islamic states name as represent bad image of islam in front of world but no worries the day of judgement is near when the eyes burst out of awe, the day allah has kept the decision and that day is coming soon, no one can stop it from coming. surah ibrahim chapter 14 (THE HOLY QURAN)

E zeza bre sam……tu fol me gaga jam……!’ 2012 👄👄👄👄👄👄👄🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🙈in jam ktu…….gi. Afto…..!’

Lol Americans are still our enemies good one buddy America can wipe out the whole Middle East if they wanted too

Iran is fucking up the reigon….with its main ally israel….yes israel india iran…this trio is dangerous for reigon….

Since 1400 AD this religion always fighting with each others and for this religion of peace the hole world are suffering……

These are the heroes of Iraq who saved Iraq from ISIS criminals. ISIS was killing everyone men women children God preserves the heroes of Iraq because they kept it

Isis are not muslims theye are terrorists who created by america and israeal to destroy syria al assad to let israeal invade syria

America and Israel is responsible for all the problem of terrorism in the world… America, Israel and Saudi Arabia create ISIS, bin laden,

14:03 the guy is a isis member…. Just look at his beard…. All isis guys look like that guy that they call it sunni imam…. Shias and sunnis together fought isis so that guy is isis himself…. The guy is a lousy liar and thats why he can't look at the reporter or the camera….. Vice reporter interviewed a member of isis, not a sunni imam

I am a hindu and I feel pitty towards all my brothers in Islam who all are taken gun and kill each other, let's see how peacefully other religions are living, live today! nothing left once you die.

Stop calling it Islamic state, called it daesh it's original name….. because of this name many non Muslims get misunderstood that it is linked with Muslims and Islam…..u news channel should tell original name…..

The war will finish very soon and Iraq will be peace again . Europeans and Americans please leave Iraq alone I know you want their own Oil stop taking advantage.

This is 95%. B.S.and propaganda . What is the number of Civilian population per square mile of these areas they are fighting over.. what kind of Natural Resources are there… in my humble opinion there a bunch of retards fighting over a sandbox.. not one of them looks malnourished!! Actually they all look a little bit overweight!! They all got plenty of military hardware.. but when you see the old men the women and the children.. they're skinny as heck cowering in the corners.. it doesn't take much common sense to see There's something very very wrong with this picture.. and purposely misleading..

once ISIS is dead im sure the shia militia might become the next terrorist group
every terrorist group once started as a militia of some sort

They aren't like westerners they have been in war for decades and decades they have a different mind set. In the US we are taught not to kill but we are also not in war like them so in some ways the abuse they use towards IS is rightfully so. They have had there family's and friends murdered sometimes in front of them so a lot of them have a vendetta

The people and military of Iraq believe that Iran saved them from ISIL, the USA just made it a bigger problem for the citizens when the first invasion happened in 1990. USA should have never been involved in the first place. US never learns from its own passed and Karma is catching up in different forms on the US.

Thanks for Iraqi Shia Muslim to saving virginity rest of Sunni girls from the ISIS in Iraq….

Shias and westernes are all wood for the fire what have any one of them anything to do with islam other than being our most ardent enemies

ذوله لواء انصار المرجعيه من محافظة المثنى وقائدهم السيد حميد الياسري

Lingering and the days are witnessing.

The truth is what the stupid media portrays.

Greetings to the black Islamic State of Saudi Arabia.

Soon we will cut off oil from the world.

There's a mistake with the subtitles. When these Iraqi fighters mention the terror group, the so-called ISIS, they use the word داعش (Daesh), because technically, the terrorists are not Islamic at all. But the ignorant westerners still mistranslated Daesh into Islamic State. Just call it Daesh, the Takfiris get really pissed by this word

This got me confused. I thought Iraq was the bad ones but i read again and again then i knew Islamic State is ISIS (if you ask me ISIS doesn't deserve to be called Islamic State lol)

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