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The Rocker Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

The Rocker Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Rocker Drill [Intro Music]>>Jessica Vogel: The rocker drill is a great
way for pitchers to practice their balance and explosiveness while increasing their stride
and leg strength.>>Vogel: You will start with your drag or
push off leg on the mound. Once you are balanced, you will rock your
land leg forward, level with your hip. Then rock back behind your body. You want to focus on getting lower into your
leg with each rock, feeling all of your weight transfer into your drag leg as you get ready
to explode forward.>>Vogel: After the second rock as you feel
the weight transfer from your quad down into your big toe, explode forward on your power
line. After you’ve landed, you can mark your stride
then challenge yourself to increase your mark slightly further each time.>>Vogel: Some advantages of this drill is
it teaches girls how to gather the strength in their legs, engage their core and use that
power to explode forward. [Outro Music]

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