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The Season: Ole Miss Softball – Day One

The Season: Ole Miss Softball – Day One

(intense music) (hard dubstep music) (hard funk music) – This is a chance for us to kind of get ourselves back into things, it’s about trying to take, personally, ourselves to get into a second gear. Welcome to softball. Find that second gear, okay? Let’s get through today. I know we’ve got it because eventually, when we’re playing three days in a row and that game three is tough, we just have too mental days, too physically demanding, could be extra innings. Find that extra gear. You guys got this. All right, let’s go. In here. All right, Rebs on three. One, two, three, Rebs! Good job. (rock music) Good spin, Miranda. Okay, can you make it before it goes down? Because we’re gonna go on the other side. Can you do it? Okay, see that ball, comes on the ground, we’re going hard to it, come up, square up, nice easy throw. Okay, here we go. (rock music) Good. Slam pattern for football. Chad Kelly to Laquan. Hit me in the chest, I’m your cut. That’s what we have to do better than anybody else in the country, okay? We gotta be able to throw through our cuts or be able to hit them. We can’t short-hop those cuts. (rock guitar music) – Ball. Ball. Time out. I’m a short distance, I say ball. Don’t wanna throw it from here, don’t want to do this to her. Throw it underhand, underhand, cuz if you’re really
close right here, it’s gonna be too hard for her, so throw it this way, it’s okay. Ball. Ball. Do this, so it helps us throw. That’s important, we’re not good at pickling people, we’re gonna have too many people caught up in the webs, we’re gonna cause interference
by bumping into the runner. (rock music) – Split up between first and third. Here we go. Run-downs, Rube. Let’s be good, let’s be accurate, okay? I don’t wanna do these too long. Let’s do em right. (blues-style rock music) Sprint, gotta go hard. It’s the key, good. Hey, we’re looking like a team! Go. Good. Good. Atta girl! I like it. This part of our game,
we have to be good at. Cuz if we can play
smallball, and force teams that don’t spend a lot of time on defense, this is gonna help make us successful. (players shouting) Good. Good bat angle, good job. You’re right here, it’s
keeping our head in there and just keeping it there. Sometimes we’re trying to pull it back, and then just keep it in there. Okay, when you keep your head in there, you’re good, that’s
when you bunt the ball. Let’s go, everybody in. Really good work this morning, okay? We are much further along now than we were last year. The stuff that we did in the fall, and the hard work that you guys put in is really starting to show through now. Keep working hard. I can’t wait til we hop on that plane to Hawaii. All right, good job ladies. We are! – [All] Ole Miss! – [Mike] Good job. (hard rock music)


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