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The Season: Ole Miss Softball – Kylan Becker A Lasting Legacy (2019)

The Season: Ole Miss Softball – Kylan Becker A Lasting Legacy (2019)

[upbeat music] Even though diva may be a word that Kylan Becker may agree
with, for those that know her, there isn’t just one
word that describes her. She has a quiet confidence about
her. She’s fun-loving, but
she’s all about business, when she steps between the
lines it’s about business. Bubbly, fun, but yet she can be
quiet. When I first met her she was
pretty shy, but as I’ve gotten to know her, she’s opened up a lot and she’s
hilarious. Like I love her.
Kylan has a lot of grit. Like she may say that she’s a
diva, she may be like, she
likes her things her way, she has everything, her warm
up and everything, her way, but she really goes out
there and gets after it. [cheering] Gets ahold of that one. And that one is a home run. A slap shot over the center
field fence to get Ole Miss on the board. Hard hit ball to second and
throw home, not in time, Grayce Majam will
score, Kylan Becker does the job. A lot of times I’m not a ton of
RBIs. [crowd cheering] Oh my that hits the chuck. This is gonna be an RBI. Maybe an inside the park homer. Look at Cox fly. Becker’s on her heels. Becker’s gonna do it. An inside the park homer! She’s a laid back individual that loves this game. She loves her team mates. She really loves her family. Her personality is exactly what
we want all our athletes to be like. And just give us that
Ole Miss culture here. When I committed to this school I was committing to Coach Smith and he hadn’t even coached here
yet. So it was kinda just on his word of what he would turn,
of how he would turn this program around. Us doing that kind of helped
create the culture that we have now because everyone else that comes
in kinda just follows on our lead. Although Kylan Becker will no
doubt go down as one of the best
players in program history she didn’t always love
the sport of softball. My dad forced me to go play
softball. I did not want to play. I
actually cried. I think I was supposed
to do a tryout one time and he bought me all
my gloves, and cleats, and everything, and I threw a
tantrum and said I did not wanna go. So my mom convinced him to let
me not. And he told me that I
better go to the next tryout so I think the next year I had
to go. And the rest is history, now
it’s the only sport I play. With softball not on
her mind at a young age she would succeed in gymnastics earning two national
titles in 2002 and 2003. When I was little, so the 18
months, that was like mommy and me
classes. So when your mom holds your hand as you walk over the balance
beam, and all that, whatever, and I ended up just really
liking it. So my parents kept me in it. And gymnastics is one of the
sports that you get really
serious in at a young age because you’re better when
you’re younger. It was like my entire life. I would be there from
four in the afternoon til nine at night as a little
girl. Did you know that she was a two time national
champion in gymnastics? What? [laughing] That doesn’t sound real. That’s incredible, I didn’t know
that. I did not. Really? Yes. I can see it. Yeah, you can see it. Yeah. I did know that. And she’s just a pure athlete
so that doesn’t surprise me that she was a top gymnast. I definitely was all about
gymnastics. I actually got a mental block. I would have to go see
sports psychologists and stuff for it. It’s just one of those
things where for some reason you just can’t go backwards. Don’t know why, but if a
coach is there to spot me, even if she wasn’t
actually doing anything, I just needed like that. Knowing somebody was
there and I could do it. So it was really frustrating, so I think that’s why
my parents kind of like waited me out, and would be
like, hey let’s go to soccer twice a
week. And then gymnastics the rest of
the week. And then it was like soccer and
softball. And then eventually it was just
softball. And yeah so I mean like, playing softball was not the
original plan but it’s what worked out. Not only did it work out for
Becker her continued progress in the
sport led her to being selected to
the United States National Team to compete for Team USA at the Japan All Star series in
Tokyo. That actually wasn’t a goal of
mine. I kinda, one of those
things where you kinda think is too far out of reach that you just don’t really plan
on it. It was Coach Smith that was
like, hey, I really think you
need to go to this tryout. And I was kinda just like,
alright. I mean you want me to, I’ll go. We’ve had a couple of
conversations about what that experience was
like. And she’s been able to
let our players know what it was like. And so it’s just special
for the program to have. She’s passing along everything that she’s gone through,
everything she did through that. So I think it’s just a great
opportunity for everyone on the team here. We can learn from her. And even just watching what she
does, she’s just a great role model
all around. I mean we all look up to some of
the girls that I got to play with. So some of them are like,
hey what did you learn from well for example, like
Natasha Watley was my coach. And I remember looking up
to her when I was little ’cause she’s a slapper. And it’s like I gotta
take some notes from her. And I think that’s something
that some of the other slappers are like hey well what did she
tell you? She’s a role model. She’s an ambassador. Not only for the university,
but for the game of softball. And just for family. And I’m proud to be able to
call her a coach and a friend. Not many have been able to
accomplish as much as Kylan Becker has in
four years. Perhaps the greatest of
those accomplishments came in 2017 when the Rebels
won the SEC tournament. We’ve been pre-season
ranked like last every year, and now we’re number one, so go
Revs! Yeah, great y’all. What’s my line? I got it. [laughing] Thank you. Kylan’s one of those kids that I don’t think will ever be
forgotten in our program. She’s kinda that main stay kid that she’s been in the
starting lineup pretty much when she came in as freshman. Kylan is the type of
person you want to be. She’s the player you want to be. Just her attitude, her effort. When I think of our
roots, and our culture, and things like that, I
really think of Kylan. And the things she does for us. I think it’s really special
being here for the first at Ole Miss, because I think that we
kind of appreciate it a little bit more. It’s always like the first
ones always the biggest. So I think that being able to be a part of the first
makes it all more special.

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