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The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News


I think Hillary's writing and looking in the camera is a signal, at 53 min defiantly something going on #pizzagate

Sure would like to talk with Chris Wallace now on what President Trump has done . I bet Hillary is steaming mad about President Trump success!

Chris and Trump cut off Hilary so many times. Chris needed to grow balls and not let trump walk all over him. Basic respect

For the life of me I cant understand how people rallied behind EITHER of these people! Theyre like the SNL versions of REAL people

Can’t believe the commie shill CIA project mockingbird media FAKENEWS broadcasters at the end. TREASONOUS!!

watching this again in 2019 i am so happy that president Trump won.Hillarys expression gives her away all the time that she is lying

I just dont get it. There daughter is afraid of losing there parents cause they broke the law and could be deported cause of it. What kind of country are we if we dont enforce the laws that are in place for good reason. If there are that many people illegaly here in this country then maybe they should of been deporting way more then what Obama was doing already before. On top of that if that still not working. Why question a wall that border patrol and ice agents say will be a big help for them. I dont get why democrats are so against border security and deporting illegal aliens just cause of there feeling will get hurt and that will change there better life in the Unites States all cause they broke the laws in the first place. While there are so many people waiting for years to be able to come here legally in poverty trying to do it the right way. Its not fair. That why there are laws. Do i want my wife family right away of course but we cant even petition them untill she is a Citizen and then theres more money and waiting and unfortunately not every immigrant is connected by land to the greates Country on earth so those immigrents cant do it that illegal way. It really isnt fair and thats why the laws need to be enforce. Logic people! the daughter feeling hurt cause they lose there parents to a crime is is not a good enough reason to not enforce US law while theres immigrents doing it the right way. Its not fair. Get it? duh!

Watch until the end Hahaha…bsnbc commentary trying to sway voters. Historical…. 3 years later, Trump was/is right….he will be remembered as one of America's greatest potus.

Funny how he didn't mention Israel when he talked about Giving dollars to other countries .They receive 3.8 billion a year from the U.S.also they had to close down the trump his administration sells weapons to Saudi Arabia and the Saudis stay at his hotels giving him money in violation of the emoluments clause in the constitution .

why the peoplein amerika are so stupid??
trust president trump!! he make amerika great again!! vote TRUMP if you want to do AMERIKA greate again!! "TRUMP THE BEST PRESIDENT ON THE WORLD"!!
love him and trust him.he make thiswhat the last 30 jears ned to do the presidents but nobody do this what he said. the first who do anythink is mr. Trump.
he is the best
hilaey take the money from the people and said i do anythink for amerika.
whatyou do for amerika?? 1think you do yes. you take the money from the people. this is the only what hillary can do. and later said you i take the maney in my bag.
bye, bye.and go home.this can do hillary. hillary is e terrible person 100%. feal you hard nit the words of hillary. this woman like money not her country.

Wow in hindsight sept 2019im watching this and what a long way we have come and from her words what a long way backwards the leftist party has gone.

Hillary Clinton won this debate. Don't even try to tell me otherwise. She artfully pushed his buttons and got under his very thin skin.

We have some bad hombres here and we're gonna get em out😂😂😂😂😂😂 Omg is it weird that I had a really bad day and turned to this video to lift my mood, hey it worked so who cares?!

This is why I love Trump, no matter how crooked Hillary tries to twist what Trump has said and done… He always come back with the truth. Honest man who is making America Great!

Haha Trump the voters did see through the propaganda of the mainstream media and November 8th proved it just like you said!

And LOL at the reporter at the end saying he basically nailed his own coffin… she didn't know that was hilary's coffin XP

then the government should not be giving out tax money to the these murder mills. if women want to murder their babies they should pay for it themselves

That’s evil to tell America that anyone much less our current President is stabbin us in the back with Russia! Don’t start an allegation unless you have pure evidence. Thanks for dividing part of our nation Hillary! I’m not even sure she wanted to win. She wanted to stir everything up from race hate to Russia to health care. Disgusting.

9:51 —- 10:00 …….. at this point right here, she already knew she had lost; but her hubris would not allow her to accept it.

How can they even allowing this guy to open his mouth How so unfit it has always been to be in the W.H. Hillary might not be the best but just any other could done better than this joke of a human been.

You Got to Love it!!! 1:05:30 Clinton going on and on that we should respect the results of the winner of the US election, and then they go and try to impeach President Trump!!! You cannot make this stuff up!! Looney Dems

Hillary hit it right on. Looking back now. She should have won. No it was all Russia. Hillary knew what she was talking aboute.

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