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The Time Ken Marino Pitched a Weirdly Specific Arc for His Character – The Other Show

The Time Ken Marino Pitched a Weirdly Specific Arc for His Character – The Other Show

– Oh my god go to Hell’s
Kitchen, you’ll find plenty of colorful underwear. – But how I get to
Hell’s Kitchen from here? (techno music) – Hello and welcome
to The Other Show. My name is Chris
Kelly and this is? – I’m Sarah Schneider. – And we’re here to
talk about episode three which is “Chase
Gets a Girlfriend.” – Yes – We have Drew,
Helene and Ken Marino. – Hello.
– [Sarah And Chris] Hi Ken. – Hi Ken. – Hi!
– Hey! – Hi!
– Hey! – Ew. – This is already
the most annoying… – What do you mean? (crosstalk) – Somebody just clicked away. – Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey.
Brook, gay brother. – We have an important PR
opportunity to discuss. – It was my idea.
– Yeah, and it’s for tonight so
we have no time to waste. – I thought of it. – Right out the gate,
this is very cheesy to say to your face. But we were big fans
of yours for a while, I mean since we were
like three or four. (group laughs) Some of the first words
I said were Ken Marino. No, but we have just
loved you and everything and we were so excited
when you were… willing to take a coffee
to talk about this show. – We did have a coffee
talk about the show – We’re on mute now so
everybody keep smiling and don’t move your
lips (laughs nervously) cause this is very bad. – Am I doing it?
Are my lips moving? – Oh I gotta get those pictures who do I gotta suck,
who do I gotta (bleep) – When we met with you, you
already kind of had like, a lot of ideas for
this character. – I did? – You pitched us
immediately that he had two empty jacuzzis at his home and a lazy river that
ram between them. But he had to run out
of money to fill them, so they were just empty. – So the whole season, he’s
dealing with the permits and he never gets it. Ultimately he wasted
a lot of money on it, and he’s never gonna be
able to fill it with water. – So watching the
show just know that the character Streeter,
we never mention it but he is dealing with a
lot of permitting issues. – Lot of permitting issues – I can’t talk right
now, his neck is bound. – What? – Yeah I’m just trying
to keep his Adam’s apple under control, gotta keep that
neck looking young and slick. – The character does a lot of
things that are a little… rough to a child, like
in the previous episode. His binding his neck, keeping
his Adam’s apple down. – Bleaches his tongue.
– He’s making it pinker. – And so, but we were trying
to find the balance of someone who could… sell that comedy without being “holy shit what is
happening to this child.” – Well I hope that works out. – I guess we’ll see.
– I don’t know we’ll see. See what the critics say. – See if America turns on you. – His face is kind enough
to hurt a child. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s what
we were looking for. – Oh, kiss my butt. What? I’m a New Yorker
now, hey! (laughs) – I think when we were
talking in the room we thought it was funny cause, the day that Chase Dreams
lands into your key immediately moves into
Justin Theroux’s penthouse. And how ridiculous that
is, in comparison to like how we probably all lived when
we moved there when we were 19? I moved to New York when I
was 22, right after college and I saved up. And within 10 minutes
of being there, two people walked up
to me, at gun point and stole all of my things. Completely robbed me,
stole all of my suitcases. And so then, I called
my dad and he was like “We will never tell
your mother about this.” Cause she was so terrified
that I was moving to New York. So we just never
told my mom about it. – I’ve been mugged, I was mugged – You have been mugged?
– I was too, yeah – Is everybody getting mugged? – I’ve been mugged,
when I was in college I went away for
Thanksgiving and came back and my house had been emptied. Like literally the washer
and dryer was gone, it was like the Grinch.
– What? (laughs)
– [Sarah] It was very intense But they did leave one
DVD which had a message and the DVD was “You got served” – Wow, that’s good.
– That’s good – Is that funny, cause
I liked laughed at that. – That’s pretty good. – Well maybe I
should’ve been robbed. I was trying to buy Dave
Matthews’ band tickets (laughs) – I was, I have the
tickets and I was like “Okay, I want em'” because
I have bad taste in music. So I put them in my pocket
and I turned around and was walking away. And I looked down and it was
for like, two days before. (grasp) It was like the wrong ticket. I ran after him and he
hopped the turnstile so I stood at the
turnstile and was like (yells) “He’s robbed me” And everyone just looked at
him a got out of his way. – Did he even look back?
– No! No no no nothing. What he left and I got
“you got served DVD” (laughs) – Can you believe it? – Wait is this Justin
Theroux’s apartment? – Yes! How did you know? – Uh, because I’m looking
at a huge photo of him, so I hope it is. – I’m curious about how you
picked the Justin Theroux photo. Which is like there’s something – There’s like pubes in it – Actually
– There were pubes, but then we had to
take the pubes out. – Take the pubes down
(crosstalk) – So we had to tamp
down the pubes – Tamp down pubes, classic.
(laughs) – But I’m hoping like, when
it airs in Comedy Central there’s no pubes. But then if you
watch it on iTunes, we have so many f***ing pubes
popping out there. (crosstalk) We have pubes for everyone.
– Yeah! – Oh no! Ow! – Oh no! Ow! Ow! Ow ow ow Ow ow ow – Yo bro, you alright? – Oh yeah, no
– Jeez – I didn’t mean to
hit my face, ow ow! – When I was in college,
was flirting with a guy and weirdly it was like a
thing for girls to like, let guys know they
were like flexible. I went to theaters school
when I was a dancer, I did splits at so
many parties being like “This is crazy! I can
just fall into this” I was a virgin. – I was talking to a
guy and to that point tried to do a high
kick, as you do In no long conversation
and I kicked so hard, that I kicked my other
foot out from under me and landed on my back in
the middle of the quad. – What?
– It impressed him. – I’ve definitely learned
too many John Mayer songs on the guitar. – Oof
– Oh my god. – Cut! – Cut! – Let’s finish it. – Well thank you for watching, this has been another
episode of The Other Show. And we’ll see you next week. – Do a kick
(laughs) – What? Are you impressed?
– She is flexible – Woah! Marry me. – Woah! Marry me. (Techno Music)

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