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Through the Trees | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 79

Through the Trees | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 79

Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight’s episode of
critical role where a bunch of as nerdy as voice actors sit around and
play Dungeons and [inaudible] [inaudible] like that. Uh, so before we
jump into tonight’s game, we’re going to go ahead and have some
announcements beginning with our fantastic two sponsors tonight up.
First, a new sponsor. You may have seen them talk about
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show. I’ve got a burn side, AIPAC, before the men of black show up everywhere. Our inner strength, actually a sponsor
show. Quite a very good. All right. Thank you Sam. Uh, thank you, big Ben. Um, and paranoia, which I’m actually
really, I’m excited to find games. I’ve loved the RPG since
I was very young and, uh, I’m excited for this game. Turn
that purple. I get one. Yeah, it’s, it’s really scary that with
the method acting. Yeah. Well done. Uh, also we have our second returning sponsor
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as much for continued support the show. And if those haven’t had
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critical role. Um, yeah. Awesome tool. Check it out. If you haven’t
checked it out yet. Elusive, rational representation and beyond. Well comparatively it’s
still pretty slippery. Um, Risha you have some things to mend. Oh yeah. Oh. Gotlin Jean. Oh, hello. Uh, in case you missed it yesterday we
shared our big old giant honkin fall programming schedule. It’s
a fatty and it’s a big one. Uh, yeah. Highlights
of course on Deadwood, four part mini series featuring
Brian Foster as the Marshall. And then of course pub draw is returning. Can watch yourself fail at drawing again, it’s not down too bad. Also a show that is turning
out phenomenally well in
post for the more edits that I get back of it. Many prime time with will Ferdell he is
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like, like a lot like a lot of stuff. So really if you want to know
all the full details, go to crit, Kurt, roll check out all the good things we have coming up. Yeah, you
guys have been busy. I’ve been real busy back in the day. Uh, Zambians yes. So Laura and Travis are off to New York
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uh, sponsored one shot next Thursday. So keep an eye out for more details. Huge thanks to our friends
at Wendy’s for their support. I can honestly say I’ve had two more
Frosties this week than I have in the last 20 years, and they’re fucking great. I can honestly say I’m actually really
bummed that we’re going to be in New York and missing it. Yeah. Be good. I’m referring to a New York Comicon. Uh, our very own Brenda B. Foster will be moderating a panel called
role playing a human with some familiar names and faces, uh, such as Mika
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PM in room one 82 one. So you’re going to be New York comic
con. Highly recommend you check it out. A lot of good people on that
panel. A the person moderating. It’s cool to I guess. Um, and have
fun. It should be fun. Uh, Laura, you have some updates? I, well I do. Um, I don’t
know if you guys are aware, but we have some cool stuff in
our store and I was off today. We have, Oh, it’s an,
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Well that being said, I think it’s time for us to go ahead
and jump into tonight’s episode. Oh, critical role. [inaudible] [inaudible] the adventure.
They were always beside you. Your nerdy best friend was, and the D M check guide you and they
rise from the flames bada battles because you are bound to be [inaudible]. They got mad
shit. They got found shows and [inaudible]. There’s a
monster calming information. This ratings don’t put
your faith in your hands. Take that chance. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] wow. Really? Every now and then you get a glimpse of
what I have to deal with every Thursday just to glam was just a little, a little
peak. I need to cook anal sprinkles. [inaudible] sounds like a terrible culinary
tree. Where’s the extra? However anyone 32 flavors. So last time the mighty nine had been traversing
their way across the lens of shore hos returning to the actual empire where
it all began in search of information regarding where this beacon
is currently being held, but the empire still holds and seeking
information about this Oban figure who has both taken your friend Yasha as a
seemingly ex a companion for the time being alongside his journey, uh, as well as awakening with
your aid unintentionally a, a terrible entity, a
champion of Taurog, uh, known as the laughing hand on keeping
your eyes on them magically from a distance, you’ve began to be able to follow some
of their exploits while researching information about them and some elements
of what they might be trying to do with this new found information, uh, and
discovering that they had attacked. Uh, we’ll look to be the archive of
the cobalt sole into dash and, uh, gathering this information. You’d decided to follow them
towards the Lotus 10 greed, one Greenwood on the South
of Jura hos you made, uh, an additional deal for rapid
transportation with your
sponsor shadow hand ethic that they list. Uh, who agreed. It’d be grudgingly for the
very last time to do this. Um, wow. He’s just, he just racking
up the dead points and you guys, she’s going to give you some
fun stuff down the road. Um, there nestled within the darkened
shadow of a city street in the dash. You use the transportation
circle to send yourself to Sona, the city of [inaudible]
known as court’s around us. You flicking off some of the local
towns guard before rushing off copper. We return with you all appearing
beneath a lucid bastion. The familiar space beneath the main
central palace of the Korean dynasty. Um, you arrive are recognized
and no issue seems to come, uh, of the guards who are now getting fairly
comfortable with your perpetual in and out. Yes. But there are
horses this time. That’s true. You did have horses and you didn’t jump
multiple times through a bunch of other archives of the cobalt soul without
approval or FairWarning and, uh, acquired knowledge of a number
of their teleportation sigils, which should be useful down the road. Um, they’ll also being for the time
being banned in most of them. But as you arrive in Rosana emerging from the teleportation sigil um, the days you are, what would you
like to do? Mighty. Not I sick. Yeah. We need to just right. I mean just
still as fast as we can. Yeah, I will. Did you guys start like
trotting through the halls, which the holes are pretty,
pretty prone to echoing anyway. But as you make your way out of the, uh,
subterranean and teleportation chamber, uh, through the halls of the lucid
bastion, you draw attention everywhere. Any horses in the city. Uh,
there are horses. Yeah. Not, not as often as let’s say,
a heavy traits that he’s, a lot of the horses are
either done for, um, are broad on the trade paths between
restaurant and other cities or our frontline. As part of the military though it’s not
as big of a horse nation as the, uh, empire is anyway. You are drawing attention both from
the inside of the bastion and onto the streets as a group of already kind
of sore thumb looking figures. Uh, gum barreling through the center
of the ever midnight town, Navarro, Sona heads turning, heading
towards the ever president, beacon of your giant and
glowing roof tree, uh, heading through the firmaments
you approach and as you
ride or waiting outside you see arms probably crossed from, from, from the, the slight shape
of the front of the clock and mantle. You see ESIC just there kind of staring
at the ground and then up at you as you all approach it’s, you kind of make your way towards him
a little too good. It looks over. Hello, super sorry about this again. As you can see, we’ve come a very
long way on horseback. Just arrived. Impressive I suppose. [inaudible] we are in a bit of a hurry and I know that we are
wearing out our welcome, but we need to get to for
look to Stan [inaudible] the laughing hand is about, and do you know the people that we
talked about who we accidentally that got loose up? Um, I don’t remember where, but it was I think in the North somewhere
and then they have figured out how to open up somebody else’s caskets stuff
and then they’re going to awaken somebody else and is going to be even worse
because there’s already three of them. And if there’s four that are going to be
so much more powerful and now he’s got a skull and he’s going to find that hard [inaudible] Oh I, I’m a very, very, very bad creature that
they want to awaken and it, it’s approximate. It’s more, it’s closer
to to the dynasty than the empire. This is, this could directly impact
your people. It’s a demon assassin, super bad part of the demon assessments.
It’s a group of people though. We’re letting all the
bad things out, you know, it seems to be part of it or cold calling
angel Alliance already told you about the cake. Yes. You don’t have in the photo me of this
and I heavily agreed you not needing to convince me any further. Yes are important. That’s why
we, you know, ask for help. Do you have a place to put your horses? Consider them a gift exchange for
your continued her surface terms. These are empire hoses, rarity and these parts
they may know something. You can have Rocky held exterior
cracks a little with a smile and goes well. Um, I do not consider this payment. Um, the favor for a favor and I’m certain
I would call it these favors in it sometime in the future, but for now, just go ahead and each them to the
exterior of your home and we’ll be on our way. Seems like a plan. Yeah. Great. Let’s do that. All right. You’ve been hitting them to the side
there. Um, you’ve got the up around them. So where to then we’re just doing this out on the streets. Do we go inside or where
are they low to Stennis? I do, yes you do. Have you been
there? I’ve not been there, but I have studied the
vicinity of [inaudible] ass from the large you you saw it, right? I mean I saw where they were. Maybe you could show us an image. Maybe that would narrow down some of
the geography of, of where we’re headed. Maybe I can try to draw what
I saw. Oh, okay. Then my mate, I don’t know. Make a nature
or survival check your choice. 1919 okay. Remembering back to the vision you had
when they were traveling and thinking of the time of day that it would have been
here and where the sun wasn’t in the sky, you can ascertain they
were probably heading South. I’m so smart. I think they are [inaudible] so we should probably go towards
the South of Dilla to Stan, right? What are they in the forest
or would they be where? Entering forests, right? Or were they in the florist that they
were entering and then they were like, they feel like it was swampy
ish where they were coming from. And they were getting to more
dense foliage or something.
The ESIC on this map, do you know if are the area right above
the lowest standard sort of represented here? Is that Swan plan that is a largely Marsh
before it goes into the federal golf? Yes. Should I probably try the middle of or
should we try them the most Southern most 14 woke up. No, I think
we should go where they, where the swamp down there way here? Yeah. They’re heading South of them. Well they were looking at if they’re
traveling southward towards the den. Yeah. If they’re a swamp area then I think
you’re onto that. But the Northern side. Okay, let’s do that. Yeah,
let’s, let’s do that. Do we want to like, uh, take a pee
break real quick while we’re here? The shore house tricking on the
play on SUNO made sure they, no one’s broken in and he just
servants of what you’re like, there’s a bit of urgency here. Not
right it around your house. Yeah. It’s like super fast. We have
to be like, we have to beat them till Darren’s here. We have to beat them. I will cast a message and
point inside the house and say, Tyra [inaudible], no response. She’s not
home. Let’s go. All right, we’re ready. Sans emerged
from inside the cloak. You guys gather in a circle,
familiar joining of hands. He focuses and I need someone
to roll 100 for me. Do it as a 92 92. Alrighty.
That’s good. That’s good. Uh, yeah. So with or without issue, you all find the entirety of the scene
of the city around you fade the darkness and you’re all drawn in
that same instantaneous kind
of forceful gravitational sucking sensation from
the center of your torso. Like the or your sternum is trying
to burrow its way out of your chest, not at a pain, but just a forceful tug.
And as you are dragged along with it, but a moment later, your feet find
purchase ones more on hard ground, but not as hard as you began this journey
with your feet kind of into kind of Marsh, about a foot, uh,
that, I’m sorry about it, but an inch or two into the mud. Your
feet descend and suck in the water. Seeps in a bit through any of the
cracks of your lower part of your boots? Immediately. Soggy in the base. I’m wearing my old bits and nothing new
bits are considered difficult to write. Uh, not this deep. Okay. But it worked
to turn into a deeper swamp possibly. Alright. Alright, so about what time of day is it again?
It is, what time of day is it? Uh, what time of day is it? Let’s say it’s a tone, like early
afternoon then say, cause you, you traveled because it was,
let’s see, you got to the, wherever you peg it, Carol would
know he knows the hour. No, no. I’m trying to think to [inaudible] the
dash you arrived pretty much be lines to the archive. Researched for hours,
so it’d be like mid afternoon. Okay. Three, three ish, like that
kind of thing. We’re five, five, five pushing towards the dusk, your core five and the next few
hours it’s four 38 [inaudible] very specifically. Do you have any way? My by magical means or other wise of
tracking or tracing where a former friends now enemy murderous assassin
Yasha might be locate, locate object spouse, you know,
hurting her wet or we’re, yeah, just I could cast leisure, take concentration and then if she’s
within a thousand feet of us I will. Now, could you do it for the heart possibly
or no? He don’t know enough about it. I just know it’s a heart, but I
guess I would know it to heart. Not inside the body potentially,
but it could be inside the blood. They are so proof that it actually
is a heart and not something that’s represented as a hot or it could
be like a giant jewel or something. This like the heart of the sea, the Ruby at this. Oh yes. I
imagine the other guys come on. I imagine the hope is to get the heart
before they do so that they can’t get their friends together, not
necessarily to find them. Right. Yeah. So what should I do? You should find the thing that we know
her sword and just hope that we stay clear of her. That doesn’t trigger at all. Okay. I don’t think she’s within
a thousand feet of us anyway. I’m looking around. It
doesn’t feeds pretty far. As you look around, the one thing you do notice is kind
of emerging from the nearby Martian. It is like, you know, various degrees of some hillsides
that protrude from the somewhat damp, swampy Marsh floor. Uh, the sound of
buzzing insects surrounds the vicinity. Um, later in the day. That kind of hot kind of orangy light is
coming through the broken clouded sky. Uh, it’s not hot, but it is humid. Um, and just a little muggy and uncomfortable. You do know to someone in the nearby
rocks while you guys are conversing. Essec has made his way over there and
it’s drawing his teleportation circle on the rock and just not even caring
or listening to what you guys are. Can I get a bead on, on his mood or his attitude towards
us since we met up with him? Make an insight check. Okay. Ooh. Uh, that is a 26 good insight whispers. This might be my first whisper
throughout the campaign. Whispers aren’t sponsored
by anything, but you guys, you guys should go to the crit roll
store and buy our merge. And also, uh, what was my sponsor today?
Paranoia. Happiness is magic.
Happiness is mandatory. Uh, you should, you should buy
that game when it comes out and uh, keep a look at the channel
cause we might play it soon. I don’t know. Oh righty. Would be every time you lift
that monstrous metal beast, just as a base line,
aside from the Bailey. So from the buzzing
insects are there? Um huh. Is there bird animal noises? Is the, does the forest sound like it moves quite
a bit or is it actually quite still? Uh, well the, the area
that you’re in right now, there’s occasionally sparse
trees, maybe, you know, a few dozen yards apart. Each. The tree line of the Lotus den is
a little further South from me. Maybe about a 10 minute walk. You can see where the actual Lotus
Dan Greenwood begins and it is a dense forest. We bumped behind the group
or we tried to vamp in food. We were trying to vamp ahead of the
group. Right. Middle of the Lotus done, right? Yeah. Or did we ban behind where
they had already gone? He was told you wanted to Banff onto
the Northern side of the forest. Okay. Okay, so we’ve
put behind them. Yeah. Are there trees or is it
like a swamp with vines? Can I pull some Tarzan shit. Can I
climb to something for sure. Or a better vantage point? A, you can go to one of the lower trees or
the higher trees or in the actual Lotus STEM. But you guys, it’s a jump
to go in there if you want it to. It’s up to you. Now
let’s just go in, right? Yes. Can we see any footprints or anywhere? I’m on the CAS locate object just
so we’re all on the same page. Yes. They started at the top of the Greenwood.
We then we Babs to the same area? Yeah. Not in the middle to the
middle. More ahead of them. Yeah. I thought that’s what we were doing, but if they’re moving South and
we were trying to cut them off. So I mean that’s what I thought the mine
was to is to be ahead of them and then trying to to intercept. These are
invisible things that we don’t understand, but is that what we did?
But we bumped to the North. Um, the person who’s responsible
for teleporting you was
follow the instructions he was given, which was teleport you to the
North side of the, of the forest. Yes. That’s fine. That was done. Yeah,
we’ll track them. That’s fine. So did you want to be me? Do you
want to go someone more specific? You should have pointed it
out to him. It’s all right. Misunderstandings happen between
drought, ELDs and TIF links. And so that’s what happened. Maybe
it’s like a cold colloquialism. Yeah, maybe you can do some [inaudible].
Yeah. Okay. Good tracker, right? Oh, what pretty decent survival.
Well, aside from match [inaudible], are you getting any
sort of feeling from it hasn’t, she hasn’t left yet. If you’re, if you’re wanting to file a complaint
or ask for something else to, to help, like he’s about to jump through a
teleportation circle. That feels rude. Right. I’m the rude one and
I feel like that feels rude. What to ask them to do it again?
Yeah, I was going to do it again. No wanted to be in the middle. You got any more of those? Like how
many, how many times can you do that? I’m so sorry. I feel like we didn’t communicate clearly
pointed to the middle of the forest. That’s where we wanted to
go. Not here. They’re good. We do that. Be against assholes. He stands up straight from me, was slightly hunched position over the
rock finishing the final scribblings across its surface before he turns holding
his kind of iridescent blue chalk in his fingertips. He just spins and
those stuff is expensive. It’s pretty, it’s very pricey like do you think
like what pricing going to come? He’s going to flip this
off. Jumps over that circle. You want to grandma
Grafitti’s creditor. Oh, Oh no. I mean we were just following
where we are. I think what my, my companions, uh, trying to request, um, we weren’t clear enough. Um, which is foolish of us because
the stakes are so high right now, but we actually wish to go afforded,
pointed out to on the map or just delicate and I walk, I walk forward to S M and place my
hand on his forearm and say it’s on me. I should have, um, been a little more in the planning of this moment
and I apologize very much one of the two of you make a persuasion
check with advantage or you can each make one separately. It’s up to you because you are helping
each other forward than me. Yes. Since you are both the
two that are trying to, trying to persuade them on [inaudible]
is the back of his arm guidance. People can see that.
Yeah. It’s not like Pat, it’s saying a phrase and
a gesture. [inaudible] hello. Loves you so much. So it’s on me. How did
advantage, is that all right? Is your persuasion? It’s not as good as
Ford’s is, but it’s close. ARDS both. Rolling Oh four before total of 20 years. Put you five Ooh. 22 D four you have to roll it
before it’s going to be four. That was cool. Six and a national 20 Oh man. Oh. Why can we always roll
like this? [inaudible] 28 the, the chalk descends back beneath the cloak. He looks at the two of you and looks
crosswords through group and goes the Honeywell though. This is
expanding the limits of my, uh, prominent abilities for the day. Gum gathering. Are you going to do this? Do you wanna hang out with us until you
can regain your spells and stuff? Yeah, you can. I mean I, there would be nothing I would love
more than to not be around you. Okay. Okay. So let’s try this again. Shot. Okay. Alright. Give as far. I’m just
a little squeeze and then let it go. Okay. Yeah. He kinda like
pulls. No way. Just like enough. Go ahead and roll a D 100 for me. Gotcha. Do you 100 now. This is good. We’re fine. 91 okay. You, here’s your math lucky
roles today. All right, so it’s the familiar sensation this time
as opposed to being pulled into a void and then pushed out to the other side. This feels almost like reality kind of
static shifts and you guys are suddenly shunted, um, miles and miles to the South. As soon as you all stop, there’s like a brief moment of momentum
and your stomach kind of spins and feel sick just momentarily. As
you touched down onto even, uh, let’s see. Spongier ground. It’s still Marsh land in
this part of the forest, but as opposed to being just like a
thick watery swamp, it’s just damp, uh, kind of undergrowth and general
kind of dense grossed forest floor. Um, around you. It’s, you can hear the echoing calls of strange
birds kind of just permeating what is a very thick canopy of dangling vines, tangled branches and thick,
thick, deep green leaves. You can see faint low, uh, hints of mist that just slightly kind
of drift over large, heavy roots that protrude from underneath
and kind of a twist and not between each other as the different trees that
kind of push in and the space around you. You realize as you land that few of
you may have been a little close for comfort, some something solid, but you safely managed to make
your way here without issue. Um, you occasionally hear a little bit
about uh, strange musterers like whew. And the distance and
other creatures kind of, this is a very shit, it’s a very lively, very lived in green
other place we bumped to. Okay. So the air smells of fresh
vegetation, a recent rainfall, occasionally waves of kind of a, a
putrid Musk or sweet flower scent, kind of whips through
the air. Uh, it’s a very lively, natural, a place where civilization seems to have
not really got a foothold or if it has, it’s been heavily reclaimed over
time. As I said, kind of looks around. Well, no, I have formally
visited the Lotus den. I would not wish to return. Good luck. Thank you. Any like ruins
around here or anything? Have you learned if anything?
I have no idea. Okay. ASIC? Yes. Are you mad at us? Matt is not the right
word. I would say I’m ready to leave. Ah, disappointed. I feel like this is like three
small words and somehow come on man. One big feeling I haven’t forgotten. Then we owe you a favor and that you
wanted to talk to us about needing something. So, Hey, you’re at the
top of our list. As soon as this is done, a number of failures
I have not forgotten. Hmm. I’m not gonna avoid,
but in all honesty, be careful. Be safe to not be stupid and a goodbye. You watch as he finishes
casting that spell, he was subtly kind of signing in the air
and you watch him just fly through the canopy once he goes through a, not
like rocketing out like Superman, but like tonight just drips
up with a fair bit of speed. Some of the branches could snap and fall
from where he was and there’s a brief little bit of light that kind of peaks
through where he kind of pushed his way through the tree line.
Wow. It just a set. Now, I hate to be a negative naughty here, but part of the reason I was sort of pro
North end of the forest is now we’re here and we don’t know if we are
ahead of them or behind them. And there’s no mathematical
way of figuring that out. I could [inaudible] Oh, you
should have spoken up sooner. Second of all, we have not spoken
to [inaudible] yet. Who knows? Sometimes you are able to have a feeling
between you and your, I can do that. I also, uh, uh, we are looking for ruins. You think or you’re looking for the
hot. Well, where would you put a hard, if you were trying to keep
it safe, I don’t know. Cops would like the base
of enough true ruin. Like you sort of ruins maybe some
sort of a geological marker. Hmm. Well, I usually like to start
by asking the locals, Oh, I’m gonna take a few steps a way from
the group and talk to him or plants or both. Oh yeah. [inaudible] uh, Hey everybody. Uh, I’m don’t mean to intrude. Obviously
there’s a lot going on here, but, uh, we’re going to be, uh, uh,
sort of walking around for the, the probably the next couple of days.
And, uh, there are some other, uh, people wandering through the swamp forest right now that are, uh, their bad business are probably going
to do a lot of damage, possibly a fire. Who knows. Uh, but we’re, we’re trying
to take care of that. If there’s, uh, any ruins around, you’ve
seen any like tall, uh, manmade structures, uh, slowly collapsing anywhere around
here. We really appreciate, uh, uh, a helping hand and we’ll try our
best to stay out of everybody’s away, especially if there’s
any birds up there. Uh, if you’ve seen anything, we’d love to just get in and out with
as little hassle as possible. Thanks. That’s, that’d be great. So you’re just
talking to the, to the nature on you. Yeah. Yeah. As he
finished the conversation, there’s a slight pause and you watch it. [inaudible] little fly. Can I just
[inaudible] on his face? [inaudible] takes off fall I fly. Side note.
As soon as he starts his rain gear, games starts talking to the trees. Caleb goes into meditative state
and starts doing an arcane recovery. [inaudible] taking a short
rest. I am. Which direction was that fly heading to? Trying to pull in some arcane [inaudible] twice. Yeah, that’s 23. Great. You
watched the flag enough? Ooh. [inaudible] who is a little toad about maybe
like a while ago to choose between down knock, knock, knock.
Cool man. I was not cool. I don’t suppose that
you feel like helping. Okay. Yeah, I thought not. No, I get out. God, congrats. Like just leaping off.
Are we following the frog? Well, are we, are we, uh, taking uh, a brief short rest then what we do?
Is there any thing else you’ve gotten? Oh yeah, that was good. No, we
don’t want to sit, but I mean, if we don’t hear anything moving largely
through the trees of immense size, you don’t need props. You should try. You spell to see if we can
locate her sword. Yeah, I’m gonna I’ll do the old classic
climate tree. Yeah, they’re tall trees. Right? I’ll go see the climate
drill. Say first. Okay. Go ahead and make an athletics check for
I did. The traveler loves you so much. Ball athletics, we’re acrobatics
your choice cause you want to match. All right. I didn’t go
as well and all right, fuck plus four. You’ve got guided [inaudible]
23 plus a D four positive four. I got guidance. Terrible. 19. All right. So as you both leap
up on two different trees, about 12 feet from each other, uh, both kind of like jumping and
grabbing and leaping and spinning, you just kind of skittering up the
side using your dagger to kind of weigh yourself across there. The kind of a weird Moss covered barked
a little slipperier than you expected from just the atmosphere here. The bit of vegetative growth that’s
begun to like grow up and, and, and hold onto the side of these
trees and [inaudible] the bark. But you do manage this. Get her up there. Not does it get there a little
bit before you do? Whew. That’s to add a three next
time. All right. Deal. The
best you can. Peak up. Uh, the downside of not as, not as a bit shorter than you and you get
a little bit of a better view past the struggling parts of the canopy kid. Can
I, can I like put not on my shoulders? Yeah. And so with that, it’s still,
it’s not like a beautiful view. This isn’t the tallest tree of the
entire forest. Gives you a view. You’re just able to see through elements
of the canopy that otherwise would not be visible and peeking out kind of South
where you can see where the top of the Lotus and greed, when you know the kind of roll it looks
almost like rolling Hills but made of a deep, deep green almost in some cases
gray type a branches and leaves. You can see in the distance
the, the sky’s getting, starting to get pushing
towards the sunset. Like dusk is maybe an hour
or hour and a half off. Um, and uh, it’s, it’s beautiful and it’s
weirdly alien landscape. Any smoke, any clearing,
make a perception. Check treaties too far away. Don’t worry. I got this, what’d you say?
Perception. Boom. Yeah. Yes. 19 or than me 12 you kind of look about, you know there are a few birds that like
a small cluster of some sort of large bird, little words like
South Southwest of you. [inaudible] the wind kind of picks up
on one area and you can see kind of the gentle sway of the canopy, but it’s
a large area on a singular path. After a few minutes, not much about
a specific sign of nearby movements. That would be a symbol, but we kind of have a general
direction of the thick of the forest. You guys are in the center, more or
less a Valotta screen would you are, who knows what really
where you are and where, which way is a direction
other than anywhere you go. Anybody have any questions I
want to ask or should I just, uh, I’m going to commute and see what I got.
Okay. I’m going to ask the traveler to actually point us in a direction.
Well, what are we looking for? Well, let’s see what I can do. Any names
for evil things still go for, not really. What’s today’s Walter
numbers? A lot of, she said, good, she’s going to go kill. Should we go North or South that I can
kind of ask yes or no question. Yes. Should we go South? So
I am casting commune. Okay. Okay. So you are suffused in nature though. Maybe not the most, uh, benevolent space per se. Um, but the smell is familiar and based on
where you grew up in the [inaudible] would, there was a
familiarity to who you know, coexisting with a dangerous
bit of unbridled wild. So you close your eyes, you
focus, your lights, your incense, you begin to concentrate on your deity
and within a short time the sensation of your physical body begins to
fade and you begin to discord, operate into a, a warmer space, a
familiar space, a space of connection. And there you can sense her
presence awaiting your questions. The object we seek, sorry, is it a, is it to the South of us? You hear a breeze blow? Yeah, the breeze is warm. And it seems to, based on where you were
sitting below in like a, uh, South Southwestern direction, is it in a temple or a building? Is it a protected by something
built by by civilization this time you sense an absence of stone
and absence of mortar in absence of humanoid mind in hands instead, just natural in prison
imprisonment methods. The others who seek this
object are they ahead of us? The wind blows one some more than
the Southwestern ger direction, but it is cold and stronger. You gather. Yes. It’s to the Southwest. South, Southwest. They are ahead of us. They’re
ahead of us. There’s no building. It’s a guarded by some other mechanism. I couldn’t say. Right. We jumped this far ahead.
Um, South Southwest. Nothing manmade. What could that be?
Roots trees. Amber could be a magic tree. Should be a Briar. Could be a Swan. I don’t know. I mean there’s entire forest
feels like an imprisonment. Imprisonment device. Real offense. Yeah. I mean, you’re great. I have no, no, I don’t think they can
understand you. I’m like, really? We’re about to lose the light. Should
we move as long as we can. Yeah. To retry. Locate. Now we’re in
tomorrow, Jeff. So what would you, did you, did she say how? How far
ahead of us they were. No, no. Well I can, you know, try to locate, we can travel for a little bit
and then I can, I can kiss, locate the object and see if I
can get the beat on them. Yeah. How far is the range for that
thousand feet? Why don’t we walk? How long does it last? 10 minutes. Why don’t we walk for 25
minutes and then okay. At the end of once we think we’re
close to bedding down for the night. Cause some places probably going to get
very dangerous when the sun gets down. Yeah. And it’ll get dark very quickly in
this forest. Yeah. Should we retry it? Do you remember if they were moving
urgently? Walking with a jogging? They seemed like they were
walking with a purpose, but it didn’t seem like they were going
very quickly. It’s like, you know, they were trying to find it so
you couldn’t be moving quickly. I don’t think they knew
exactly where it was. I’ve been loving the inclination that
we should at least be trying to make up ground, but it will be loud. Well, let’s see, we’re not going to make any ground
if we just talk about you go. Yeah. And eventually they’ll show signs
of where they’ve been through. So we just just keep an out for broken
twigs. We should maybe spread out. Spread out through fine. Yes. Yeah. Call.
Okay. Okay, so you guys are kidding. A fire line. What does the
fire line order my name. Do you want me to do 10 feet between
each other? 10 feet of between. Sounds great. Sure. Kayla snaps out of his
meditation realizing that
everyone is moving and does not regain anything. He realizes
that we’re on the move. I think I should be or should you
guys like to be in second line pretty good? No, we’re walking
into a fire line. Oh okay. Cool. All right, so how far
apart? 10 feet. Alright. I’ll say, I’ll say one of you can make a perception
check and one of you can make a survival check with advantage because
you are doing it as a group all out of, I’ll make perception. All right. Helming
this, we have [inaudible] some gesture. Go ahead. That’s advantage. The
advantage cause everyone is helping them. This one I don’t have
advantage on that or you do no 25 nice roles tonight. Then the basically the uh,
the Troy bed and shake. Um, yeah, no I haven’t, I don’t
know. Don’t know how to do it. Okay. Okay. Um, [inaudible] the first dimension about
30 minutes into this travel as you guys are just starting to, to
think it’s kind of the, the cusp of when you should probably
stop searching or at least begin to, if you were planning to bed down for the
night to start looking for a safe place to go, you being a notice what looks to be a
bit of a swath of branch and divine that appears to have been cut and you kind of
glance over towards it and pick up one. And the cut is recent. You can
see the vine itself, the uh, the interior nutrients of, of the um, the, the matter is still freshly kind of
bleeding. This kind of slightly, uh, kind of milking material. Um,
and looking about on the floor, as you pointed this out to gesture, you’ve noticed there are a
few sets of footprints, um, with a faded pretty quickly to you gathered with your survival role
at least in the last day. Ah, okay. Last day. Do demons sleep? Do people who are mind controlled, they get tired or they like,
Oh it’s dark. You shouldn’t be, that’s why laughing in this crazy movie,
they don’t let them sleep. We’ve seen, gosh I be tie up though. But Jeff
and not while she’s at this old, long in the back when you saw her
that she looks sunken eye and tired, I don’t know, very pale sleeping is you’ve got to sleep. She’s got the makeup, you know,
kind of colors. Look up circles. I’m just curious cause we can try and
sneak up on their camp if we think that they might for a camp. But I don’t know. Generally I feel like, and then what, do you have enough ambush or that’s
actually a good point. In a year or two. What if we are behind them?
You can ambush can either, well we could ambush them. We could try and go around them
and try and pass them in the night. But if we are ambushing them, didn’t you say the someone had something
on their hip can be invisible and super stealthy and then you can just go and
take the skull from him. And by the way, we don’t even need to
get to the hug first. We just need to get the skull and get
away cause it’s just about stopping the ritual. Right, right. But this only makes sense if we crazed
demon people in search of skulls. Sleep. I have another idea as well.
We can do lock in flour. Yeah, right. In addition to this, we could try to just
take the skull and Yasha and if you are able to run in and
give her a hug and pull her out, we could go Yahshua’s we can
deal with that after the fact. They could take her again. She,
she hates us and wants to kill us. She’s Eve isn’t tangible.
It’s in our head. But what if we were able to
separate her from these things? No. If we have that kind of power, you don’t have that power to take her
away or to clear your mind to go with her mind. I do not know, but we have a better chance of that if
we get her away from them then if she is with them. Do you, have you ever like tried to
team like a wild or caged rat? Imagine that, but he assures
size trying to come up. I have watched you make someone vanish
and Korea puts someone to a turtle. Kayla, I can do that but I can only do it quickly
if somebody is willing to come with me. If they are not, then there’s a very real possibility that
they could go and hug her and then she would chop my head off and that would
be bad. So we’re kind of normally, I mean I didn’t know, I think could
caduceus could still bring me back, but if he could get to me to like your
head on your body experiment with that just yet, but a fortress in your head.
I like the intention of the plan. I just don’t think you or
your head was attractive. I think that if we’re going
to get her out of this, we’re going to have to be careful
on that. Doesn’t sound careful. That sounds you have to going toe to
toe does not seem like a very good idea. To me it didn’t go very well.
We don’t want to go to detail. We want to sneak in before they awake
and then just steal it and the runaway notice slow them down while we get
stronger. Don’t tell them, look, this is a to find them for
us. For any of these plans, even though they cast it. Do you
think it’s only the early ones? You still to follow these
train tracks stealth fully. If this the flip and start looking fresh or we need to, I’m going, you know like, cause I’m assuming they’ll like
they look for more and more fresh. The more we follow that I’m good at investigating. That feels
like an investigating thing, right? That would probably be one
aspect of it. Yes. Yes. Because you’re not trying to find the
tracks. You’re just trying to figure. Yeah. So can I actually do that with
one of the tracks that I see now? Uh, go ahead and roll an
investigation. I’ll give you, I’ll give you a D four for that. I see you doing that. [inaudible] Oh my goodness. I ruled terrible on
investigation checks except this time. No, it teases me every time. I
do not what you’re going for. It’s not like the entire basis
of my fucking class or anything. You’re more known for kicking ass
unless you’re taking [inaudible] all of us. Some of us went to
college. I want to fix that. All that’s a plastic small scale. So, uh, looking about the tracks there, just to point out and you guys
are following as you go through. And you know here the trees
can be anywhere from 10 to
four feet from each other at times and then they spread out a bit
at this place, this particular place, uh, you can see where the heavy
gash marks there are from. What you imagined are either Yahshua’s
blade or the laughing hands arm, occasionally scraping
past one of the trees, kind of freshly gouging from the side. And you can see bits of [inaudible] heavy
branch and clusters of leaves and uh, bits of brush. I’ve just been cut and
laid to the side as they move forward. Um, you can’t really tell how in hour where is, how fresh they are. It’s
hard to discern necessarily. Um, you do too much. See two sets of humanoid
footprints and one much larger, heavier footfall based set
of footprints. Um, footprint, same tire. Hard to tell. Was there a firm
front and then a drag veto. I thought that an empty five
hour energy drink bottle. Um, you don’t know. Okay.
We’ll keep going for sure. Yeah. I don’t think we need a fire line anymore
now that we’re following the trail. Yeah, we can. Okay. So why does your
uh, marching two by two, two by two, two by two in the front. [inaudible] aye. Oh, you okay. All
right. I’ll go in the middle. Middle next to Caleb. Alrighty. And that puts some bow and conducive
right there. It was perfect. You got it. Alrighty. Greens, blues, pinks. There you go. So pushing onward for the next hour or so. The little bit of light that’s peeking
through the broken bits of upper tree canopy begins to, to a bright orange to a red, to a purple.
Just to be safe. Okay. You Cass locate objects on Yasha so okay. Does not pick it up. Cool. I just want to be safe.
No really. So we cannot, we can speed up and not be stealthy at
about that hour point. You do come back cross what looks to be a small
uh, pseudo clearing I would say. Um, there appears to be an area where some
of the trees are a little more sparse. The ground gets less swampy and mucky
and a little harder at this point. You notice it first. Yeah. Uh, with Beauregard up second as you’re
in the next in line, but you, um, gesture as well actually
cause very fun. Yeah. Just to be noticing at
the same time as you, you do see two figures line
against the base of a tree. Conscious, dark and
shadow. They’re not moving. That’s really, Jay is not my
locate object isn’t doing anything. It’s an hour later. Nothing yet. Oh, do we want a bed down here maybe and
have a place to sleep if we have to. And a place to retreat tubes. Four people asleep against the
trail for their asleep. Are they, would you like my cat to take a look? Yes. Just jungle cat launch the jungle
cat pumpkin is there now next to me. Could take a look. Okay. Quietly. Okay. I’m keeping an eye all
around for anything. I’m trying to, I’m feels ambush G. okay. Yeah. This is something they
caught situation like it. Pumpkin rolls tells the trick
for Frumkin from [inaudible] it takes around to happen.
So, and we always a longer, we all waved down ticket
needs so we like lower, you all get low and at this
point, you know they’re like the, the roots in the forest floor is
constantly changing up and down based on proximity of the tree. So there are some ridges and heavy roots
where you can kind of get down a little bit and block it. And then
just for perspective here, like the trees here
resemble, um, you know, the sequence in the Lord of the
rings, they hide from the nozzle, that big old tree with a bit. The forest has a lot of
that size and style of it. So like half the forest floor here
is just roots with like bits of, of uh, you know, compost, decompose
in between the leaves and falling. Just for fun. I’m going to do eyes
of the gray really quick. Okay. And I’m going to cast a tech magic really
quick. Okay? You cast both of those. No one did sense, nothing magical beyond what you
all have on your person’s Frumkin. Stealth was massive. Eight from right, continues out to about 40, 50 or so feet from where you guys are
carefully as heading towards these bodies, right is from King. Gets
about 10 feet from it. We noticed this, that they’re
not moving. They are dead. They are two bodies, one that
appears to look to be, um, hassling kind of female ready skin,
kind of a tangled mess of dark hair, um, with leathers and a backpack. Um, the other figure looks to
be dragon born kinda lies, thin dragon born tall and lanky, copper scaled and they’re
both not next to each other. They’re both kind of about six
or seven feet from one another. And I think glance, they
both have a couple of very, very heavy gash wounds across
their torso and abdomen. I say as I’m staring into
nothing dead bodies one moment. And if from install range I tell
Frumkin to very carefully bite each one. I’m thinking it looks back at
you like, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t remember guys. The reaction you had to parties, let’s go check them out. Yeah, keep it, keep an eye out for the traps. Are
they at the edge of the clearing? Like it’s them, it’s the bodies and
then a larger clearing beyond them. Well, they’re uh, they’re kind of
[inaudible]. It’s, it’s, it’s a clearing. It’s clearing by comparison to how dense
most the area here is maybe about 15, 20 or so feet right now
between, uh, trees, Hertz Creek, this kind of bowl that you
can see now as you get closer, there are some stones set up. Like
there was once some sort of a, a small fire set up at a
sense, been completely, uh, put out just like a dirt and other bits
of Rockman thrown in to put out what of whatever embers there
are. And as you get close, you can feel a little bit of faint
heats to this fire wasn’t, you know, not too long ago. Other the tracks around here are chaotic
and spread out as if there was a bit of a tango. Um, make a perception check with
disadvantage because it’s getting dark. God, the traveler loves you so much. So can we go over and inspect the
bodies and look for traps around them? Let me blow my nose out. Boom. 17, 17, um, ms was to look for tracks
about how Catica was around. There was a bit of a scuffle.
Um, it doesn’t like there was a, an extended fight, but it
looks like there was, um, not like around and kind of in the
direction of where that, that tree, where the bodies are. There
was some heavy movement. Um, apparently you putting the piece
together and as you all kind of see, you can imagine that, uh, well,
whoever these figures were, they were set upon by those you track. Oh, just because we’re clocking those,
can I find the larger prints specifically and see which direction they left in and
ask not to join me and keeping an eye out on whatever direction
that might be. Yep. The direction changes a
little bit from like there, the Southwest directly that you were
traveling. And actually it’s a little, slightly more South from this point in
time and that’s where the tracks continue on. Okay. Let me keep an eye out.
I’m, I’m looking for traps right now. Okay. Hey, uh, anybody in the forest, uh, where this is some kind of
ambush. If anybody’s coming up, I would appreciate a little noise or
something. If you guys feel like, uh, just letting us know that be, that’d be
great. Make a persuasion check. Alright. Sway the swamp. Six. Six. Okay. Is
that a guidance sign in front of seven? Um, no traps. Okay.
Uh, but looking through, um, it looks like one of them was slashed
and impaled and were thrown against the tree and you could see
the tree above them. Now there’s a bit of a crack where the
impact was and as smear blood where the body come came to rest and their pipe
pockets picked or pockets unpick or get all their shit. And how, how long
did, did he spend this scene? Opponents actually medicine Chinese.
Okay. Can I help you man? Yeah. [inaudible] really good in those.
Okay. Do it well, I wrote one. So you are all straight roles as
well. Mine was shit. So roll. Well, nine for me. Nine people. It’s Cockney. It’s con unfortunately. Okay. Okay. Um, the
body’s been dead and maybe okay. Between six to three hours. Yeah. There’s a few hours behind them. Kind
of looking through the pockets with nod. Yeah. Does it look a while? She
looks for valuables and goods? I want to look for things like,
does it look like there were guides? Does it look like they were
rolling with these people? Looking through equipment, you
find a number of arrows. Um, a short bow on the halflings
as well as pelts. Uh, knives. These were both hunters.
They’re game hunters. Yeah. Um, just wrong place. Wrong time.
Yeah. Okay. Um, they look like they’re, they’re dressed for stealth and
for traveling this train bus, they, they’d live here in new at
well, um, really good guides. We know about the ruins. They still
can be. Yeah, I can talk to them. Well, we know that ruins, remember
something or where the heart is. Do you, uh, looking so you, if you
want, you can take the short bow. Uh, two short bows. Um, three daggers. There’s about, I’d say
probably 35 gold and, uh, 26 silver between the two of them
along with a handful of copper. It’s like the gold. Any,
anything else shiny? No, I guess there’s some
charms and keepsakes. Uh, there’s some like fashioned Carbone
pieces that are made into like small orbs that are all tied together
in this long leather. It’s header that kind of hangs from
the side of the armor. Um, yeah. These, these are these people that, that travel
in seem to carry an element of their, their persona and, and uh, maybe the people that they care about
with them as they travel through. So the uh, the sun is down. How
close are we pushing into exhaustion? Um, I mean if you were to
continue on without sleep tonight, you would all get in a point
of exhaustion yeah. And burn through a bunch of spells. And what
time? Yes. Uh, what time roughly is it? Well, not roughly precisely for Canada. Uh huh. You did a, I’d say
about now it’s close to him. He 30 ish. That’s not bad. I have a question. Does
anybody have like a jeweler? Anything that’s worth like 50 gold,
like a decently expensive one? Yeah. Two I do buy to that. You would be willing to let me
borrow shortly. The steroid. You use it for a magic
spell and dispel it forever. I smell it. I never use anymore. So you could have a
diamond if you care for it. I was Pearl neck was probably
need like a one thing. So if you’re not going to, I mean pearls, you just say like 50 gold, right? Yeah. Maybe save the diamond and take the
Pearl because Pearl, the Murray, no one. I have one to one guy. [inaudible] Oh, I’m a single exam and I have not used
it since fellow in Oh, thereabouts. Think those mind the Caleb fuck. Uh, I don’t use it. Wait,
that’s pretty great. I’m not going to use it like I
don’t need it for sell right now. I need the for style a little bit. Like I have it prepared and then
they realize I can’t actually do it. I’m gonna trust you. Anybody have any
questions? I want to ask these. Uh, these guys know when
this happened, roughly. We know which direction they went to.
The only information we can get is lies. Maybe know who it was. They
know where the heart is. [inaudible] but it’s
the heart of the year. Graz Dwayne boon. W [inaudible] yeah. Keto. Yes. If
they know why this structure, this natural structure is that
we’re trying to find. Yeah, it’s, yeah. Alright, I’m going to cast, speak
with dead. Uh, on which one? Alright. Are we going to as bed down
here? Take a, let’s take the half line. I’m not sure. Okay. Yeah, we might. Alright. So you’ve taken a range, the body
bits, the face of not facing forward. Prepare your ritual, close your eyes. Focus in the wild mother to breathe
life once more into this shell. So that main part, it’s knowledge. So it can be event as you open your eyes
and let the bit of a prayer escape your mouth. You can watch as
the mist on the ground. Ah, that’s been kind of growing
a little more dense. As the temperature drops closer to night
begins to swirl and become almost a funnel, like a reverse
slow moving tornado. As it slowly curls upward, it leans and then fills the mouth of
the body and the bit of mist kind of vanishes into its jaw. And then the, as the chest begins to puff
up with air, the eyes kind of look towards you. Oh, the party that killed you are
searching for them to stop them. They uh, seek the harder
Jory Ella heart of it. Demon that is buried somewhere to the
South of us or in cased somewhere to the South of us. Do you know
where we would find this? Ah, I know how tough.
The hot you speak up. Only what they has does. What did they ask you? You were approached by a
handsome man and no. Did a woman Hey requested? No, I’d shove the Wraith root tree. Okay. He told them how to reach and warn them
of the curse had cite recommending they leave it be and we have laughter and that was all [inaudible] the tough part. What is the curse
of the Wraith would trade route to the Ray throats? It says the
center of the molded Grove. I would reach in of leaf this dead. Would you add a buck than bites? Bart, stay away from fucking tree. The
molder grow for the molder grubs. They bites of bark is worse than a bar. Jokes about it on in this section, how far away and in what direction
is this tree? How would we get there? Sorry. Your watch is one of the arms
which just partially ruined. That gets the muscle tissue
just exposed and the bone open. Okay. In points in a southward direction
from where you are currently. [inaudible] last question. We think we know possibly how
to protect ourselves from them. Is there anything you can
say that would protect us? Any advice to shield us from
what we’re about to face? Okay. Don’t go. Yeah and the mist emerges from the mouth and
kind of slowly spills down the front of the chest and then merges with the
rest of the surrounding three 60 fog. Yeah, keep going. My less than a day behind them, we’re like three hours to six hours
behind them and we could get the heads of them and then like ambush stop
them before they get there. At least at least watch them go
in and they don’t know Hollywood. Get the head of that right you to doing. I almost did everything short
rest get you anything. Yeah, but we can get closer and
then rest or you know, you spell casters can take a nap and we
can keep on and some of us can keep on and find them. Yeah. I feel great
when you carry me while I sleep. I would love to catch them
as much as the next person, but if we get there every week and
we’re half at our best, it’s fun. Nothing. You’re not going
to fight them though, right? We’re not trying to fight them. If we
have to say, I don’t want to fight, can we even, are we strong
enough to even run if we have to? I don’t have the ability to take us
out of here in the way that we are accustomed to. I have used all of my,
so we couldn’t even run it for you if I had enough time. Yeah. Or if
I could do it in advance. Yeah. I don’t think that’s part of this
though, will come upon quickly. It’s unpredictable letters does no way
to control the situation like that. We should. We’re walking before of you
can rest. Me and Bo can go find them. We can’t got a little upper one.
I guess my aunt’s had of us. That’s lunacy. I don’t know the meaning
of the word really though. It’s a bad idea just to do with the moon. Lune. See this. This forest
is going to be very dangerous in the evening. Yeah. Have you seen Bo’s arms? Here’s the thing. [inaudible] seen both of their
arms very healthily on display. This group of people have
snapped away like that, so if they get to their quality, they are
gone. Yeah, most likely they are gone. They’ll wake it up. They
probably need some time. Maybe they’ll do it right there. If they get there tonight
while we’re snoozing, they could be gone by the time we
wake up. That’s what I’m saying. So one last thing. The last time urban needed
access to something. He waited for us. He needed us to open it. He doesn’t know where even around this
time he’s got the Asha needed Yasha Yasha tell him I need Joshua to get in there. I think he needed Yasha for his overall
piece of his puzzle over all thing. But we don’t know. We don’t know enough.
This is going to be an easy walk up. This is going to be, I have, I have a
funny feeling that they’re not going to, I don’t think they’re going to
just waltz into this thing either. I think it’s dangerous. Good.
I get sky again. I mean, only if we’re going to sleep, if
we’ve already done it once today, so maybe I can’t even describe. And
they’re moving instead of resting. Would that shape your thoughts or course
if they’re resting, if they’re moving, we have to keep moving. Scribing. You might as well scratch as you
see, you know, uh, a scribe can, if a scribe fails, it’s resisted, then they can’t be scribed on again for
24 hours. But if it succeeded, okay, there’s no reason why you could just
try it. I’m actually going to, going to, uh, try and use divine intervention to see
if they’re going to bed down for the night. Oh yeah. Do that before you
attend to divine intervention. All right. Go for it. Fuck, no. What do you have
to get? How does it work? You focus quietly. Okay. Take a deep breath. And as you do
that, another fly kind of [inaudible]. Ooh, chokes you up for a minute.
You gotta be the Zillow, Virginia. There is no sand or the tendon. Oh port or anything. Can I try it too? Okay. Come on. [inaudible] do it. Believe that role. No. Nope. Damn it. Okay. Once you use
it, one sip of succeeds, you can’t use it for a week. Okay. All
right, I’m going to try to scribe. Okay, so you, you stopped here in, in, in the
same area where the bodies were found. You haven’t left from this spot.
Using the little clear in here, you begin to set up your scrying ritual. Your focus takes about 10 minutes
to cast. You set up everything, nervously sitting colder and colder.
And as you sit down the MREs, all Pew skating about a foot or so of the ground. So as you’re setting up, you’re having to like shoo away in the
midst of it and set it up before it begins to filter back. And you sit
down and you guys watch as gesture. You can only really see about her elbows
up as she sits in the middle of this mist that’s kind of just drifted around
her a cold and weirdly beautiful as she closes her eyes. And
for a second you swear, you see the ms kind of move around or
like something just kind of shifted around her cat. It makes you
think for a moment. Um, it’s cold, it’s dark. And in that moment there’s that
sense of desperation and loneliness. As you focus on the
spouse and as the misc, the misconduct curls and around you, like a cloak in circle
in you, you feel the, the traveler there once
more and say not too far. And suddenly you feel your vision pulled
as his hand kind of dressed in your chicken, turns your head this way.
And as your head turns this way, it’s almost like you’re looking
from one window to another. And as you look into this
other pane of glass through it, you can see in a familiar darkened
wood like this in the shadows, that very, very faint bit
of crackling the fire light you see in the space what looks to be a very, very low lit fire in a center of stones
and sitting cross it on to kind of rotting logs that have been lumped there. You can see Oban and it’s true for them, kind of red demons, skin in
wings folded, sitting there, kind of looking at the fire, kind of putting his hand in it and kind
of letting it kind of curl around his fingers and Yasha just sitting
there looking into the flames. Uh, he reaches down and pulls up a bottle
of wine and just takes a drink of it, looks to her, you may have
some and holds it out. She reaches out without even looking
and takes it and drinks from the bottle. Then hands it back as he
retrieves that, he says, you knew the seat of darkness within. You only needed the right guy to
germinate into something beautiful. Don’t forget you were the
one to find me with a maker. [inaudible] I’ll always be grateful
and do will always be my favorite. Any glances around the nearby would
to see if maybe another heard him. We draw close to completing
our found family, becoming her will manifest striking from
the lightless realms and breaking her chains one by one. You remind me of her, a vision of her intent
walking in towards destiny. I’m proud of you. And he
reaches out to touch her chin. There’s a small spark of blue lightning
that sparks from under her chin to his hand and he kind of pulls back and she
kind of kind of recoils a bit to one side. You seem to kind of look at
his fingers and look at her furious, but a moment his eyes glow orange and
you see behind her kind of from beneath the hair, the orange glow emanate and she winces
for a second before her face going Slack once more. He now takes her chin in his hand without
a fight and looks her in the eyes and says, stubborn as you may be you on mine, you belong to her where we shall walk. No cloud or stone can touch us because he pulls his hand away. You here. Okay. Slight little. He looks over his shoulder a
bit. Keep a perimeter watch. Who knows what else is
lingering in this florist in so close I can taste it. And he kind of sits down and starts
drinking his wine a bit more and they both just quietly look into the fire a bit
longer as the laughing hand begins to lumber off into the darkness. Was the satchel still on his waist?
Did it look like a perception check? Come on. [inaudible]
come on with disadvantage just because it is. We
have dark convenient, don’t
you? Yeah. So you’re fine. You’re fine. Okay. Yeah. [inaudible] 14 routine, uh, within the fire. Was it some very terribly hidden thing
he was trying to keep from anybody? Um, yeah, it was still hanging from his belt. Okay. Shit’s [inaudible] that she
really on all of their, all of it, all, everything. Like I like to imagine
as I’m scrying if I’m hearing anything, I’m just repeating what
I’m hearing is like translating look clearly
Yasha is definitely evil and
not under the control that that was my answer as well. They’re close. What that intention are we trying to
get close enough to have you [inaudible] invisible. Get the skull are
grabbing the sack. Yes. One option. Take a drink right now. It looks
like the laughing hand just scary. The last thing he, he runs patrol. Yeah. We don’t need to probably
hit us. No need to sleep. He don’t know this to do already. He might be wondering who knows how much
ground he covers in the middle of the night. Maybe stalking him, trying to attack him when he’s
far enough away from the camp. You mean the ones hacking
the one that can’t die. We just gotta get the school
though, like you said. And if he’s just walking in a perimeter,
uh, openings in that perimeter, then yeah, if he’s the only one, you just have to be the most
silent and unseen. Remember, we have no of being with nothing. I got this, I’m going with you. I think this is a terrible idea.
Well, no, no, no, no. This out. Let’s think of South first.
Create a distraction. We can, no distractions, no nothing, no nothing.
We make no noise. If you make noise, the loving hand will be alerted
and then everything goes to shit. You have to know where he’s going and
sneaking in the big hole in his perimeter and go in and steal a thing and
then the run back out immediately. Oh, she’s right. I fucking, I’m
not a magic. Some sort of, Hmm. Well, magic bell on the bag itself that won’t alert him to
being disturbed immediately the way we used to do. And it might, in which
case I think we all need to be nearby, but I think gestures, right? I think maybe this is going to take a
little bit of observation in watching the loving hand, watching his path and seeing if it is
a specific patrol path or down so much right now. Yeah. Okay. So we all know the option of
letting not somehow go in unseen, undetected and polling hopefully if the
object off of his hip and retreating. However, even if they are close, they still have to get to the tree that
seems to have a fucking curse on it and it might slow them down a
bit. If not is detected, we’re going to try and rally to
her and half state if not worse. We could just follow them and try and
catch up to them tomorrow after arrest where we’re all in our
best form. If we do that, and I’m not saying we don’t follow it, but if we do that we run the risk
potentially of this extra being this Caddo guest. Yeah. Fighting, joining
them. So I’m not saying no, I’m just putting that on the table. What one more option? Yeah. I’m supremely confident in my abilities, especially if I have a
few more gulps of booze, but we could continue on tonight and get
there and get there first and try and get to the heart first and we will
take on the curse tree in a half state. So that’s the thing. We just don’t
have to touch the Bach that bites, allowing them to catch
up to us. Here’s our, here’s our three options that I think
that I have that we’ve laid out. Who right. Hang on, let’s let, cause
there’s pros and cons to both. I love this game. So wait, what do you mean there’s a fourth? What’s
your fourth talking out? We call it [inaudible]. I said, Oh to give a little red beat. He’s like, hug this
in short, the delay blast fireball. That wipes the wall out. I liked this. I liked this. I think the idea of getting
there before then and securing a, their, their goal before them is probably as
less of a challenge than them altogether. Especially with this one woken up. I
can fly three of us there. You can, can you fly it right now? Can you why you can fly. I can fly fly. I can fly the Carrie and I can make some of
us fly. Now I know how to do that, but the it will literally, I will have
just liked some first levels left. I’ll love one foot level and yeah, I’ve
good some shit. I’ve got some shit. It won’t be dealing with our friend Yasha
and the laughing hand and red man from Wu Tang. It’s true. Did you see Wu Tang from Wu Tang and I just wanted to know
if the Rizzo or anyone else rejoin on this or I am him down to bring
the mother fucking rock guys, so we want to do a little,
I like getting there. I am voting for grabbing that prey out
from under them. Right. I liked that. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Then you said one plan that
you’d like to understand. What I, what I prefer is getting there before
them while they arrest even though right now. Okay. I’m just gonna. I love you,
Caleb, and I always agree with you, but if we go there and get the heart, they’re three to six hours
ahead of us now. Yeah, they’re going to sleep
for eight hours, right? So we have to make up the up to six
hours that we’ve already spoken lights. Okay. And then keep going and acquire the thing
that you’re going to wake up and start making their way to us. And once we acquire the thing and we
walk out the door and they’re standing right there, we have nothing
left, no escape, no spells, no nothing. Excuse me though. If we allow me to rest
for an hour right now, I could take us out of
this place for good. Why I’m tapped in that respect. But if
we, if we restaurant hour, I can do that. And then we fly the rest of the way, grab what they want and we’re gone and
they lose the ability to prepare that button. The button. One minute, uh, let me verify some notch, uh, as a
ritual though, it would be 11 minutes. If it’s one minute
petitions around, uh, again, I’m thinking of various bells at
one time. One minute normally. So as a ritual, Oh no.
If I arrest, sorry if I one minute without the rest more. I
don’t know if complete can be done as a ritual. I’m thinking
of Liam as tiny huts. So it is, it is Miranda [inaudible]
it’s one minute if I have it. So I need to rest an hour to be
able to do it in one minute. Okay. That’s the closest thing [inaudible] we turned into flying things. We fly around them and then try to what? Fly down and find it. We don’t, but we know what we’re looking
for a tree or something. We are looking for a remarkable tree to
the South and one normal day [inaudible] not will fly on you for [inaudible] and
I will just fly and we will get there ahead of them. Okay. All right. Let’s, let’s
work out our options. I really want to talk out our options. Uh, so we have option one. Tell me
what we’re doing in an hour. I’ll start meditating. Yeah, that’s cool. Option one, we sleep now we know we’re
full and healthy and rested, but maybe face them also full
arrested and don’t face them at all. They get the head of us [inaudible]
they’re gone and they leave. Lots of downsides. A lot
of downsides to that one. But our counselors are
arrested. Number two, not, not. I do a little Raycom mission.
We head to the woods. We watched the patrol of
this guy sloughing canned [inaudible] for general
on this one. Searching. Yeah. Assuming the demon sleeps,
which it doesn’t. No, no. I think we just ran out. I’m not
fucking a set that changes it. If the demon’s sleeps better plan
if he’s awake and just sip in [inaudible] don’t do anything
to protect themselves. Just hoping the demon never finds out. But that’s also like a
hope and not lot hubs shit. So there’s a lot of hopes to them. The one and that one
should do with Caleb said, third option we go now we
don’t sleep. You don’t know. They’re even being followed out and deal
with the curse tree and probably some like creepy shit and maybe bad guys
on the other than in the middle of the night. This curse tree. I think that’s the
only option can do that. Yeah, we are, we all understand that the first option
is far safer with less risk to all of us. Yes. But if we went through
and choose good failure, the goal of the whole reason we got Dean
came here just so we’re saying it out loud, failure is what they get, what they came for and they bring back
something that what we’ve decided is our mission to present. No, I’m
just saying it out loud. Right. Cause we could all die trying to let this
one thing, instead of doing something, let’s say maybe losing it, being
stronger, coming back with more allies, living to fight another day. I’m
just saying still meditating. Caleb will be able to Memphis out also. I’ll make sure I have at least
one reveal a fi so one of us goes down, then I can, you
know, to be fair also. Um, Oh yeah. I mean like there’s not a lot of, I’ve got a little bit of time
healing. It’s not a lot I can do. I’ve got some first levels. If we go, if we fly, if we get to the way through the the
Rufus Wainwright tree [inaudible] we, we find the object,
we get it, bam out. We do not get Yahshua in that scenario
we do not get or for another day we get not Yahshua later and then
we’re better prepared. Yeah. I appreciate Caleb sentiment and I’m going
to say this comfortably cause you can hear me cause he’s deep in meditation. I think y’all HSA try a new scoop her
out as a bad plan. Bad plan. It can be. You can hear everything I’m
saying like trying to [inaudible] Carol, what am I saying? You know I says what are you drinking open giant tree
roots or not and I can multitask. I liked the, I liked the plan
of going in and trying to get, cause they don’t know that we’re
following them nowhere here. They don’t know that they need to
rush. They’re going to take their time. They’re going to pick a
move at a reasonable pace.
They’re not going to sleep. They’re not in a rush, but why no sleep? We are rolling now. Teleport out. I made it is more of the adventure we’re
talking about and then immediately get that skull into the, into the heart. Just
the heart. As we’re all in agreement, we are great risks under the ag
going forward instead of resting. Yes and no being able to do this at a day. I
don’t see that as a real option though. Right. I agree. I think we
technically have two options either getting the case
off of the laughing hand or
going ahead and getting the heart. I don’t think
wrestling is [inaudible]. All right then let’s do it. How you,
how you feeling? Are you all right? I will not abandon this group, but I do feel like it’s
quite the risk he has. Oh says I’ll also say that
that we’re not exhausted yet. Like we wouldn’t be exhausted until till we pushed into the night and
hopefully the flight I’m at, it’s like nine 30 right now. We can go till at least
like then let’s do this. I have party tills decided
[inaudible] alright. Break if it goes, if it starts to
go bad, we can tell you 45 minutes we can fly. Kayla, Wally’s meditating. All right, we’ll, I’ll short rest. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. S alright,
so take your short rest here. Yes. Gather yourselves. Make sure you have your healing
potions distributed among students. Supposed to have them. Thank you for the
reminder. That’s not foreboding at all. No, not at all. Is there anything
else we can do to prepare? Is there anything else we can do to
prepare? I was not spell casters. When we do, do we have any set
plays? What if we see them? Okay. How are we getting out of
here? He’s casting a spell. But what if we walk out of the Wainwright
tree and they’re there waiting for, are we even gonna walk out
as soon as we just get it? What if they walk in on us while we’re
down there fiddling and diddling with something? Well then Wednesday
we have terrible distraction. Well that’s probably pulled. Well, where would we put this card in a
bag. We can put it in one of the bags. Yeah. [inaudible] yeah. And we’re going to put maybe
the string around the a tree. The tree to protect us. We can now range limited range. Right. Well maybe we could just put, if we get there early we
could put like just a physical great check a little bit. Yeah. Well it doesn’t just like a trip wire
with some tin cans on it just so we could like do something new or just
keep it, Oh, those cabinets in here. My arms were just becoming
Ninja hobos and that’s fine. Okay. Well you ready yet? Kay. And hours
past our path. Alright, sure. Yeah. You guys have anything else you
wanted to prepare then? Yes, the short rest comes too close. Caleb slams his book closed in front
of him and you have regained your spell slot. I uh, heard some of that. Not much
of it. Another thing we could do, one way they are resigned could throw up
the dome while we’re there and then you would have the dome to run. Not
me. I would be stuck inside of it, but you could run into it and
out of it in case shit goes down. That did work very well with
the white dragon. So well have you in in there to
help us? Not necessarily. So thanks to our man
ASIC. Oh, what’d you mean? You can put up the dome and not be in it? He’s shown me how to realize
other versions of myself. He polished your though. Smart but do wait, I think what he’s, didn’t he say as soon as your other
version cast they style, they disappeared. Right. Um, we’ll find out. Oh good. Yes. Let’s find out. Caleb would know. He would know if he was told.
Um, but I don’t remember. Um, as soon as he cast the smell,
it’s gone. Does it? But that’s, but it still gets to cast a spell.
Yeah, that’s true. So at the casts, at their level spell
it’s gone for gone. Gone. Yeah. It vanishes. Wants
to spell is completely, if it’s a concentration spell good, it stays around to maintain
the concentration is killed or that’s a great benefit being
could cast the dome. No, no, no. I’m saying I would cast the dome and sit
within it and then you guys would have this great buffer between you and our
enemies. You could run into an out of, I could, uh, have most of our teleportation circle
drawn and you guys could pop in, pop out if, if we thought that they were going to
descend upon us and I could also help from within by using dormancy.
Okay. To a limited extent, but still, sure. I liked it.
That’s a good option. That’s fine. Like an Eagle into the future.
To the tree. To the tree. Okay. I have to, I have
to be, I guess we shall. As you, as, as you guys
prepare yourselves for this, this plot you’ve hatched to rush off
into the night in hopes of beating your adversaries to the very target they seek. We’re going to go ahead and take a break. So we’ll return here shortly to pick
up where this adventure is leaving off. We do have our wormwood giveaway
before we leave there. This is a, if you guys haven’t seen their
awesome Kickstarter campaign, this particular awesome a dice vault
and heroes, the hero vault specifically, which I think can be for dice or your
is a drawn by RMAs and Devin [inaudible] on the front there. Uh, the art for this kicks in her campaign
contains art by Devon and crystal Sally, both amazing artists in the community. Definitely check it out if you haven’t
yet. This awesome piece of, uh, what type of wood is this?
It doesn’t tend to me, but it’s so pretty on the inside
for all your dice. Um, it is, it is pretty wood that is not here, but I guarantee you it feels nice. It
looks nice. Smells nice. It’s great. Goes to one lucky winner
in the chat tonight. The word for Knight is
follow F O. L. L. O. w put it in once than
once. We disqualified ones
getting us and Canada only. It’s going to go back way back here
the winter shortly. See in a minute, got the perfect water supplies. But you need a place to drink.
Your stomach is so disorganized, your clinic to open your web page and now you’re ready to kick some button. No. [inaudible] last time on talks Mokena how did it
feel to hear Beau’s father for the first time? Ah yeah. That was weird cause like Matt’s ever
done his voice before so I was like, Oh. And then he did it and I
was like, Oh fuck my dad come. This sounds like a schmuck. The wine snob. He’s a wine. Yeah. Your opinion of your
backstory, dad and [inaudible] man, I’m like people are
gonna watch this and be like, this makes so much more sense about bono Ford setting into his new role. Does he intend to perform specific acts
of service for the wild mother or does he see things being business as usual? Great question. Wizard simulator. I have no fucking idea. I have no clue. It is definitely a business as usual. No
particular plans for the wild mothers. She did not send me a deal memo
or anything of that nature. I’m just winging it. I understand that making trees
grow or perpetuating vine. Yeah. Uh huh. Yup. Wake up to like a
noncompete bedside table. Oh shit. And the new character art, we see Ford’s
tusks have grown back to be visible. This because of gestures, encouragement
to accept them as part of himself, not struggle with their own
appearance or something else. Well, shit, Alex Douglas, I think it’s all of
the above man or ma’am, I don’t, I don’t want to assume, look, yeah, what was going on this episode we’ll
go down in history is the least informative. And this is a very uninformative
program folks. This program, I think it’s all of the
above. Yes. Gesture. Definitely calling him out and
positively reinforcing him, letting his appearance
be how it is helped. Uh, I was definitely moved by
what a not in Sam said, uh, shined a mirror on, on what my
character was going through as well. So it was all of those things. I
apologize. This probably an emergency. What, what is, what do you mean
what’s going on with my show? I’m having the middle of,
I’m on the 18th question. This is probably one of the best shows
we’ve had in the last probably 10 years. And are you guys smoking the dope? We’re not smoking the dope. Apparently
we ate all of it earlier now. There was two plates of brownies. One
of them had an X, X, X on the top of it. People just get it together. Where are you? Are you, are
you in a bed? Bath and beyond? My kids sucks. Why are you watching our show? This is
like bulbs, like 600 Watts. What the heck is going on? And that is fluorescent light than an
elementary school detention room. Why are you watching our show? Did you
finally catch up on murder? She wrote this, mr Mankey. Oh yeah. Your wife’s told me what you
guys do with mr [inaudible]. [inaudible]. All right, go back to it.
What if I just keep going? Getting higher? Steve, can you do it? I would like to thank [inaudible]
is high as you possibly can. Marisha and Travis for joining us. Episode 79 of critical role airs
this Thursday at 7:00 PM Pacific. As always, don’t forget to love each
other. Don’t worry. It’s almost Thursday. Stayed current. My friends and
remember creepy in a crime. There is D and D. hello hashed Tom on yeehaw game ranch. Yeah. Yeah. What the fuck was that? It sounds like
it’s in pain. I don’t see anything. No, I’ve been here so long. The jungle is starting to grow out of us
from even talking about losing it, man. There it is. A monkey with the horrible little fucker. What are
you doing here? Well guys, no way to greet of fellow in
men. Let me introduce myself. I am the great adventurer. Soda juice, Melissa, the shop.
What kind of name is that? Sounds pretty similar to
something I’ve heard before. Probably a name your daddy
used to Dodge child. Polite. Oh no, no, no. You look like someone put a beard.
A pubes on a piece of string teeth. Yeah. I’m just passing through on my way
to the temple. Absolve Greg’s the bad. That’s the place to stupid
frog was talking about. Why are you going there real Mary has it. There’s an ancient tome
buried with Dov Crocs. His body and ancient tone keep going. Is that shut the fuck up for one second. When you talk your mouth
looks like a rat’s ass hole. Dang. They say it’s a
tome of Rome partition, a powerful book of magic that can
transport you to another room. I’m still here. I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on living the rest of
my days out in this per se in place. This baby is tapped and I
gotta get the fuck out of here. What realm are you trying
to travel to tell you buddy? I’ll take anything and get his jungle
shit is boring as hell, man. And who? Zol crux the math. That
is a good question. No one really knows exactly who he was, but I’ve translated some glyphs I found
around the Island and all that I’ve gathered is he was the
first one of his kind. Some type of wizard or magic user. I mean that magic sounds pretty cool. I
wonder, I wonder what happened to him. Yeah, good question.
Buddha’s cardboard face. I’ll tell you what though. I’ll get a good look at him when I
pry this to move and get that book. I’ll see you suckers. And the other said, well Minnesota, don’t leave her.
You left your mine. You left your, where do they go when they go
down? I don’t know. I don’t, I’m curious to find out where they
go when they go up these clothes. Oh, there you go. That’s disgusting. That was amazing. Give it again. Yeah.
Try to pop it open. Like is it Oh, Oh yeah. I’m sure I’m
fine. I’m sure I’m fine. Couldn’t get my eyes or mouth Starship
troopers. Shit, man. We’re just like, we’re sliding. We’re
sliding. That was cool. That was cool at first silo. Hey woo.
Damn. I don’t like things. I don’t, when you give him CPR, can you
give him a little, a little help? I think boy does CPR, uh, unsmart stall. You don’t even know how
to use the chainsaw. My man, Paul, how did you set it on fire by pumps? You have a flaming dagger. Oh look, you could’ve shot those
barrels and exploded stuff. Don’t shoot it right now while you’re
sitting next to, you don’t know that those explode. There was
like four of them to hit. They since the beginning of
video games or in a forum, there have been red barrels and it
could’ve been for one purpose only. Could have been wine. Yeah. Oh, where’d you look at that
then? Get worked. You’re right. Boom. Add number three. Oh, we had to
do was invoke that subscription can trip [inaudible] number three. Oh boy. Uh, well hello there I am poo med prime. It’s good to finally join you
here in the prime dimension. Ah, I see this as the Twitch
prime relevant thing. Can a Oh, we’re in their critical role channel.
Are we? Oh, but you look at that, you got chat and everything. Respectfully. I was looking for the
prime rib realm, but uh, this isn’t too bad. You see, if you already have access
to the Amazon prime realm, you can get a free subscription to the
channel of your choice and the Twitch prime route. The two realms have a
pretty good working relationship. After that beast treaty, the prime
minister signed a few years back. You just have to, to renew your Twitch prime subscription
at the top of each month respectfully. And, uh, Hey, if you’re
already a subscriber, you can spread the joy by gifting a
subscription using the gift of sub button. That is, uh, assuming the empire
hasn’t sent that tax man here. Shop here recently. All right, well I, I’ll have to find that darn
elusive, uh, prime rib realm. Who knew the prime dimension
had so many pockets? Good luck, man. Subscribe. Resubscribe Brian fosters and not cabbage. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] and welcome back. So before
we jump into the game, we do have our winner of
the wormwood giveaway. The winner is carnival elite could the
key carnival late a carnival elite. You are the winner. We’ll go ahead and
send that to you ASAP. Congratulations. Alrighty for sweating like Lord is you have to pee again. Maybe we should take another
decade and I play it. I can’t understand your theirs fine. You’ll be fine. So your rest complete the night
now darkens the entire sky above. You can hear the heavy sound of crickets
and other nocturnal creatures coming to life out. Hunting, wandering amongst
the upper parts of the trees. The lower parts of the forest
and the sky above mighty nine. What would you like to do? I guess we should turn into big Eagles
then or some things like that is what you’re going to do. Could do some
sport and I’ll just, just going to fly. We’ll get ready. There’s
a thing as a giant owl. Yeah, of course. We don’t
know where we’re going yet, right? We’re define this thing of
the direction of the night. You have to move quickly.
Is it a full moon? A no. It takes probably like waning maybe, but I think half the dead body we
talked to said it was in a small, small clearing. Right? It’s, it’s, I think it’s going to be invisible to
big tree and a bunch of trees. Cool. Well also once we, once we see their fire light from the sky, then we know we go past that.
Good. Cool. Alright, here we go, Alison. Great. Uh, Caleb pulls out a Ravens feather and
matches a few arcane words and suddenly could do SIS four D and Caleb start
to hover slightly above the ground or casting a fly at fifth
level. Yeah. Okay. For flies, a third level or a level fourth level,
you can do an additional. All the, no, the calculus is ruined. [inaudible] more polymorph is not enough
to carry everybody. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Your
giant. Something. Cast it on. I can you a little, hold on to me. I’ll do ice or I can
carry, I can, hold on. I’m, who am I carrying?
Conduces Jessica. Do users. What about bones? Oh, and by boat. Can you [inaudible] and I carry Bowen. Not because I feel like I could do
that easier than, yeah, that’s true. And then not, maybe dad can
carry them fly then I can, I can fly with you. You will ride with me. You will fly. You will carry these two 14 but correct. You’ve got it. You
think? Yeah. I could carry both of you as a giant owl for sure. Okay. Confirmed the giant owl. Yeah. You
won’t be traveling in maximum speed, but you can, you know, you’re doing
fine. I say it’s a lot of them walking. Yeah, definitely will be a bubble of the
totally creepy things in the trees. Okay. Okay. I’m riding up front. It’s the two feet were side by side.
I know I’m right in the front though, but there’s no, it’s not to carry you
in the way that is comfortable for you. [inaudible] by, no, where’s the
[inaudible] I just told you, don’t look at me name. I’m mad at
you now. You didn’t fuck than I do. Just to remind you. Yeah. You guys
are traveling polymorphing fly. Yeah. Correct. Alrighty. Holly,
move lasts for an hour. Fly lasts for 10 minutes. 10 minutes.
Oh, why don’t you just follow for him for him, Horton. I’m
super, I could Holy fuck. It’s falling apart and we
haven’t even gotten out of camp. I’m just double checking
whole fuck me running. No, we can still do it. I can. I can call him off if I can and
I can do giant Eagle and I could, we wouldn’t go as fast as I would
like, but I can take conduces and not want to take these two, but
it means a slower speed, but still faster than walking. You want to do giant Eagle
or giant giant owl Eagle. You’re going to be an Eagle.
Should they be an Eagle? Can one of those see in the dark? Well, I was not really good at seeing in the
dark. When you check your fucking stats [inaudible] I know what real owls are already to burrow out. I would like to think that people who
are writing or doing the most of the looking out, how do I find it
again? I already, I do have dog. Cool. Where’s Zoe? Here? It’s creatures. So you guys are
polymorphing mean. You said Kayla. Who are you? Uh, you’re
the giant Eagle vision. I would have dark vision can go, but I’m going to do Eagle because I feel
like an Eagle has a better chance of carrying conduces or not. ELLs are [inaudible]. They’re both Janice. Yeah. [inaudible] strengths.
16. What about a, Oh, I don’t know if there’s
giant Al stats. 13. So Eagle is categorically stronger
than that? Yes. Okay. Okay. But owls have nine 50 is a giant
reindeer man. So I’m going to the dog. I’m not, I don’t weigh a ton, but I am
big. So he cut out soon in the dark. Either kind of Eagle seeing the dog. You can see as well as any other creature
that doesn’t have dark vision. Yeah, but if I recall it, how will I will
leave problem you have to officially? Yes I do. I do as well.
So you have goggles? I have goggles. I’m good. Always [inaudible] go to the visit
with Sandra [inaudible]. You do have an advantage on
wisdom perception of China. A checks to see which means that
counteracts the disadvantage. Should be just a straight rule for you
in the dark or perception? No. Okay. How, how’s their stealthy? They are right. So the giant Eagle, which is the larger
the two I’ll say. Yeah, that’d be, you know you are carrying could do CIS.
I’m not conducive so not right now. Not, Oh I got little sticky things. Shit. [inaudible] stores. There
we go. Got a ride up there. All right and then Ford and bow on the, the Al train right on the left foot.
Is that OK with you in the left foot? I mean it feels a little like
the driver’s seat, but it’s fine. I’ll take the passenger claw. Where in the UK you are good.
Oh, we are in shore hos. Yeah, I’ll take the right [inaudible] you need
to shut up once we stop wherever I need to be stealthy. So she’s got that stove shut up. Fuck right. For what Bo could do SIS. Well you have to be on the
lookout. Keep your eyes peeled. Give us some guidance and stuff. I can’t
see anything. So here’s my question. Are you guys moving at maximum
speed or are you moving stuff? Lee, you can make a style check out their
way, but if we’re moving full speed, it’s disadvantaged on
self-checks because you know we’re making, we’re in there. I don’t know what high above the canopy
of trees we got to get there man. We’re also, I assume not gonna make it, we’re gonna do a little bit of curve
around where they think they are so nighttime over their camp site. Don’t worry.
We have no idea where they are. Smoke the BLT, smoke and fire light room. Like if we were doing plan
B with the laughing hand, then I would say the goal would be
stealth. But since we’re doing plan C, we’re just trying to get to the tree.
I think the goal is speed. Right? We definitely want to not,
what are they going to go do? I’m gonna to see two
birds over them. Yeah. Then I’ll give it a shot in the dark
and I’m moving way fast within them. I think we should wait.
It happened so fast. I think we should do it as
quickly as possible and okay, let’s go make a berth around
them. I don’t want to [inaudible]. If I see the campfire, I’m not going to go directly over us
if we see the campfire. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. We suck at this, so we’re not five
years. You guys transformed. Yeah, and also a, this is Caleb’s transmitter
ability to not use the spell slot. He just could, he can polymorph
himself once a day. That’s right. Yeah, you’re correct. Alrighty. To level
one more to the Eagle is with them, it’s pretty great. So transforming into
a giant Eagle and a giant will die, which is stealthier the
Eagle, which little stronger. It can move a little faster,
but you will have to, either you’re going to move ahead of
the owl or you’ll stay in tandem. Okay. Alright. So traveling through an overhead, you both grab your
respective party members and pushing through uh, the canopy of the
forest. A little difficult at first, finding areas to squeeze through.
Uh, even this opening here. Yeah, there’s a lot of branches that are all
kind of reaching out and creating kind of a net, but you break through
and smash across them. Sending splinters of various bits of
wood and bark flying as you both emerge into the night sky over the
local STEM, Greenwood, the moon, high up little bit of white light that’s
going to trickle across the slightly shifting forest or the breezes
that occasionally push through. Um, you are above the space looking in
the general direction of what you were tending to travel. So you both go into a slight dive and pick
up using the wind to your advantage and try and continue pace. Are
you going stealthily or speed? Do we see the fire light from above? Uh, make them make a presumption. Check
each of you disadvantage for your body? Yeah, I mean I’m, one of the last things I said was
I’m just flying in my ride then yes, then you can, you can try it from
your space. Perception perception. You can guide me.
[inaudible] 20, 22 total. 20 total. Hmm. Well as
a group check for this, two people are kind of helming the
perspective on, huh? That’s okay. Um, so 19 and which has a
total of 22, 22. Okay. Uh, continuing forward for the first 20
minutes or so of your journey in that direction, you do not see any sign of any glow or
flame speed because you’re all high. Doesn’t mean you’re near enough
to see anything or that you know, it’s magically operates through
the tree branches above it. It is, it is deep within the Lotus
den beneath you. Okay. So you do not see anything. Okay. Okay. Let me fly in the direction
that we know it is and keep an eye out for
the tree. Full speed, strange trees, full speed
for a bit. And then like, you know, if it feels
like we’re going too far, then I say slow down so we can
look a little bit, but okay, well let’s put it this
way. It was between, uh, there are about three to
six hours ahead of you. You’re not entirely certain how far
this location is a days drop to shovel. Right? So we were given a little bit, um, so you’ll be able to catch
to get ahead of them, but you will not within the hour that
you have transformed to be able to make a days worth of traveling. Right? So you will gain some
movement, hopefully enough, but you’re uncertain at this time. If it’s where it’ll be a
half an hour full speed, full 40 minutes, 50 minutes as it gets close
to when I’m gonna pee, then I’ll land and cast it again. Uh, if you guys want to right before you begin
to land and make an additional series of perception checks, who’s telling this to have you can
make it or one of you can make some advantages that, okay, I’ve got an idea.
Oh, I can’t, yeah. I can’t help you. You, you have disadvantaged in your whole load of shit. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, 1111. Okay. As you begin to descend towards
the tree line, knowing that the, the loss of your polymorph
transformation is imminent. A, you glance ahead in the direction you’ve
been traveling this entire time and you unfortunately, even in the dark of night, can’t make out enough detail that
tells you where the transition would be to the, uh, wait, my perception, sorry.
It’s different for a giant owl. It was actually, um,
Oh, that’s right. Yeah, it was a 14, 15, sorry.
15. Yeah, much better. How old was Al’s BYO?
That’s the way I did it. That, that makes a difference. Um, as you begin to just hit
the top of the treeline, looking up ahead and you can
see it’s a ways off still, but the way the bit of
Moonlight is hitting the canopy, you can see where the texture begins
to change for just a small pocket, a ways away, um, where the canopy seems to dip and
you can see what looks to be a few, a hundred, 200. You cannot apply how many but like kind
of thin Spire like a tops of leafless streets. Okay. Gosh. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Stole away is
true. Still base traveled from you. Good to know. Good. You now have an
orientation of the recognize you. Okay. Do you don’t have to recast,
you just can sustain this. Are you going to go again? I just didn’t have to spend
a spell slot the last time, but this time I do and I will. Okay. Same. Hmm. So you both Lynn and
you cast again. Why are there all right emerging? You, uh, headed back up through the canopy
where you landed originally, uh, into the sky and traveling that direction
again, growing closer and closer. Full speed herself. Did
do we see fire light? Make a perception check if you’d like for you from there. Am
I doing an advantage? Is anybody helping what
is going on? Oh yeah. Pick better dice shouting loudly
to the aisle across the way. Oh, it was like a belt. A 16, no, 17 thank you. 17. Okay. They’re on the
same throwing the same thing. Yeah, continuing on. You don’t really
notice any sort of firelight. Okay. You know, even the, it was low. Um, so you are unfortunately able to make
out any sort of details as you’re kind of looking down, continuing forward, coasting above the wind blowing past.
You’re still fee I will feathers. Um, there were a few
glancing down below as well. There were other birds and other large
evening flying creatures that are, you can see are kind of looming ahead. And a few of them began to kind of
turn the notice the size of you and the clustering of the two large flying
creatures and seem to veer off, um, large flying creatures. What do we get a sense of what these
other large flying too far away to make out? Any specific details? Yeah, just you can see in the distance
there like things that fly other hunters, other nocturnal predators,
somewhere you rehearsed nemesis as an Eagle. I’m going to start
looking for any abnormal tree. Anything larger than the
rest. Anything that stands out. Any fly forward, continuing head point on this
buyers when a we landed. Yeah. Okay. For the next hour of
travel at full speed, um, you’re not going to get to it. You’re
still going to be a ways off from it, but it’s getting closer and you, now that she’s pointed out to you
and you guys are getting automated, you do begin to make out that element
of that transition in the canopy ahead. Um, you travel for the next hour or so. How do I do it three times in a
row? It’s ridiculous. All right. You continue onward. Towards the end of the second hour
as your polymorph begins to threaten graduate, um, it began to descend once more, looking for a gap in the canopy
around the Rican safely land. Keeping an eye on theory, you know,
like laughing hands or get buyers, get buyers. Anything scary? Make one more perception. Check
all I’m in a role with you. Yes. Natural toy. All right man. Are you
serious? Roll like that. 19 for me. Okay. What was the total? I’ve been told 22 is
the total. Okay, great. So as you’re coming down into the canopy
and looking on your, probably about, you’d gather on foot another hour, hour and a half of travel before you
reach the edge of this Grove. Yeah. And just as you’re kind of
coming down to the canopy Ford, you kind of look down and see
if faint little glow under you. Can I go up that a
minute before it passed? As you pull up and pull up a bit, you
look in the canopies too dense here. Make a perception check to see if you
can find a place safe at the land or the canopy isn’t completely cluttered. Yeah. To now about, Oh that was so cool.
That was so called ultra cocked ultra. Oh boy. It doesn’t look [inaudible] good. I can’t really tell what it
is. I can’t quite natural one y’all [inaudible] it is just dense clustered
trees and branches. There was nowhere to land other
than the place you just were. You can’t find a place you can do. You can try and just dive into it and
take it or you can try and push on. Oh, fun, isn’t it? Oh, we’re having a distance
between us and that thing. Just try to get as far away from that as
I can and like get low on by the key on top of the canopies and just hope that
we can grab onto something. If, uh, if I break in, you technically will know precisely the
second that it’s about to go because you have a perfect sense of time. Just have
the gas light on and I’m like, Ooh. [inaudible] that’s exactly what it feels
like. You’re not quite actually legal. I’m not Caleb’s. So that’s
kinda iffy weather. Yeah, I mean a moth, Tucson drapes. So I think giant triangles are or not, but it doesn’t have to keen
mind feet that Caleb does. I’ll say to know when
it went well as casters, you know when it’s going to end
like it doesn’t like you wonder, but it’s like you’re in the
last 30 seconds and you’re like, do I do I try and land safely or safer
now or just continue to push on until it runs out. What are you
doing that’s four rounds. You’re gonna move a
little far in four rounds. I’m just saying I’m going
to push on until the last six seconds. Then I’m going to
try to find a landing. Yeah. Caleb actually eggs her on with his
eyes as an Eagle. Okay. Put on my gun. You guys are on go down. You can see
no. Both birds are going into a dive. Kind of coasting right over
the top. You’re getting, as you guys are holding off, you can
feel for them. You can feel the fringes higher. Bowels are starting to scrape the
bottoms of your feet and went past you. You can roll one unfortunately. And you cannot find any place
that looks safe to land. You’re either gonna have to push into
one of the the canopies or you’re just gonna lose control as
you’re all moving at maximum the plan. Wait for the last [inaudible] 10 seconds and pushed down and then
just jump out of the airplane the last minute. Every pull your flaws. Yeah, I’m going to slow it started to slow
in the last 10 seconds, but yeah, I’m going to try to push the edge. Okay. And right as you do, you get to the very, very edge sloping and you
both of you lose your forms. Um, Caleb reaches into his coat, pulls
out a piece of feathery down in casts. Feather fallen. Everybody except Ford. Oh no, no. Don’t get forward.
[inaudible] too late, too late. [inaudible] forward. There’s
only so many people I can get cast by the fall on him. Okay, so you all appear and it is, takes six seconds to cast a spell. Oh
shit. Wait, what’s the reaction though, right. [inaudible] reactions. So no, it
is a lot quicker. God. Um, let’s try, as you guys are, are toppling even at a slower speed in
order to try and slow down at this speed you are creating at, you’re still moving at a pretty decent
pace before all of a sudden you all begin to tumble in the air, two feather falls
are released and you all begin to, Jen probably hit thousand branches.
You don’t take any damage. Can we swim? We can see
each other. I’m holding, I’m holding up this and [inaudible] you guys are hitting like, like moving
through the trees and tumbling down. Like you’re not taking damage,
which is the good news. Yeah. Probably like the fall. Yeah. Like,
like, you know, you know when, when parachuters come into trees,
like it doesn’t kill them instantly. They don’t all of a sudden come
out of a horribly thrashed, unless they did a really bad there, but
it’s not fun and it’s not super stupid. Yeah. You’ll just be falling. It’s 60 feet a second or something
like that. I know. 60 feet around. So it’s like your route.
So it’s 10 pizza second. Yeah. So yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s let
lending a parachute so you guys are cheap through the, through the
bowels and the, the branches. Um, I need everyone to go ahead and make
an acrobatics check for me please. Oh, you don’t know. 15 [inaudible] 15 I can give, I could’ve given
myself, I did. I gave it to myself. Give me guidance. 19 1915, 15, 14, 14 highest. Okay. None of you take a heavy
branch to the chest, you pop up about getting hit and around
and eventually kind of coast to the point where you break through the bottom
part of the canopy before coming to a rest on your feet. It’s
still a hard landing. Like
[inaudible] you still impact, you kinda have to tumble a bit and
then catch yourself skidding to a halt. Kind of a couple of you bump into
a tree, Harbour the shoulder. It’s plugging a bruise, but not
enough to actually, you know, physically damaged yourself. But you all kind of come to stop scattered
a bit amongst the base of the forest. Can I see rather than my heel and turn in the
direction that I saw the campfire and just look. Can I see you listening
for the laughter? Yeah. All right. Go ahead and make
perception checks. The two of you hands up fast. That’s what that
I’d trays on everyone right now. Yes. Thank you. Natural 19 2121 you kind of listened
carefully and look out there. Nothing Oxys on them. I saw the camera. You listen as they all name. [inaudible] can louder. We’ll get you guys going stealthily or
are you moving quickly? Okay, so it’s slower speed.
That’s pretty slow speed. So everyone go ahead and take
a standard stealth check. It’s dangerous to be heroes
to dangerous. Do they hear us roll a blessing to the trickster.
Oh, blessing of the drink. It’s an advantage on your [inaudible]
25 you did plus 10 it’s your problem. Get your ass in gear. Rolled a three plus guys for myself, which is 12 plus 10 so 22 it’s actually
not too much. It’s not bad. Three don’t, but I haven’t rolled above
six pretty much all game. I know I rolled a 17 on the perception
check. You thought it was not for me. It was not my perception. Check gone. Well I rolled an 18 so (304)
013-0520 five all right. Okay, so you guys are carefully, quietly moving through in the
direction of where the forest was [inaudible] take it. Yeah. She, her branches
break and shatter. You hear a nearby solar tree topples
over amongst others. The heavy sound cracking. As you hear shifting laps that fade. Everybody comes me in silence. You guys stop or you’re continuing to
move. We get here being quiet. Go ahead. Should we just wait? Just wait a week. We’re going out riding
your head. All right. [inaudible]. Okay. You see kind of wandering about
15 feet off through the forest. The whole King shape of
the laughing hand. Oh slashes through this large cluster of
tangled net leg vines that just also flap onto the ground with each step. You hear like four or
five weird swirling laps. Can I, can I in this moment
of quick, quick breath, can I use divine sense to
sort of keep tabs on him? That thing? Yes. Yes.
Divine senses. What? What’s, what’s the range on that 60 feet
celestial feed done dead within 60 feet. Alright. Yeah. You immediately blip
as you focus for the first time, since you were given this
blessing from the wild mother, you close your eyes and you feel this
searing burning sensation to the immediate right with laughing hand is and the
second one about 50 feet behind you. What is that? Is that [inaudible] can you see the laughing can turn around
and look back from where it came from? Okay. Let me again is marching in the direction
you guys were traveling and in the direction of where you are, you can see kind of following in the
path of the laughing hand Oban and Yasha also now continuing their Trek. Okay. Wait, are they heading back to their
camp or where they were headed? [inaudible] the worst
thing that can sell shit. No, when you say goodbye
to someone too soon. Okay. Okay. But if we’d started running Oban
was in the direction we were heading. Right? So if Obama Obama’s
behind you guys. Okay. The laughing hand was a little bit ahead. He was not marching the direction
and it looks like Yasha and Oban. We’re slowly catching them. We see
them now. We see Oban and Yasha. Now you guys don’t see them. You noticed and kind of glance over your
shoulder and see why 50 feet behind. Oh, we should give a
birth like a white birth, but we need to mirror them to this thing.
We need to watch and see what happens to it. We’re not gonna. We’re not going
to get there before them. Okay, so we got to go to plane too. Let’s just, we just base alongside of them for bed, knocking through the plan and the
weekend, just like [inaudible] waiters and walking. Now this isn’t like
sneaking up on someone who is asleep. It’s like a moving dream. A
mission like jump on it and go, let’s see. Things that
aren’t visible. Yeah, no. Do you know you read books? If
I read anything in a book demon, you could make a religion check if
you’d like. Can I do that? Sure. [inaudible] 11 super-low bull shit for me to 17. That’s great. Seven 12. Okay. In your studies with S with different
celestial and or fiendish entities that have a modicum of power and station
over a lesser versions of themselves, some of them can and often do see things
that have been cloaked for the sense of personal preservation, uh, both in devilish and
demonic circles. You know, lesser entities are always looking to
undercut each other to rise up in station, especially when it comes to
the devils as well. So some do, not all of them do super concrete info.
Hey, you’re just fucking coin toss. He flies up and lands up in a tree
and kind of looks around, Oh shit. Looks up at where all the
branches have broken. Oh shit. Still redraw follows the eye line of
where they broke and the impact in the dirt. You guys were dealt with four days. I don’t think it was. Do it
and then just run up and go [inaudible] I need points in the direction
of where you guys are and then where we are of where, where you guys landed. You guys are probably moved
and hit off to the side, but you can see now they’re
piecing together. What did you say? What were you saying? [inaudible]
you go. He should’ve said orphan. If he sends over or for maker then
he’s by himself. He’s in the end zone. He’s on the tree but I can
go. Sure. I can climb or invisible climbing and
stealing. Sure. Chug. Do it. Do it. Do it. This is such a bad, could I not believe you
just suggested this? I’ll go and visit but glad I didn’t
want to do this. [inaudible] what? We’re there now. How, how far away is
he? What chase will that last again? If I walk away? Great and
you within like 30 feet. 60 feet are going to be
that far. I mean that close. How far is his tree from us? His tree, he’s probably
about 45 feet up in the tree. About 40 feet up the tree. How? How far is the base of the
tree from where we base it? The tree from where you guys are
right now? I’d say about 60 or 70 Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. That’s
where the laughing hand is. You’re trying to go after
the laughing, you know, trying to go after Oman
in the top of a tree. Why the heart has the skull
laughing hand. Oh boy. Oh, mine’s got this scar. It was old. Wait, wait. You can still hear the laughing hand is
ahead of you guys and it’s kind of like just circling, looking around and waiting
for the other two facial questions. Yes. How far away is the laughing
hand? Obama’s there are 60 feet away. [inaudible] do I even force, Oh fuck this combat. Is it combat? God I hope not.
Is powered by dwarven forge. I hope they do not power this combat
check [inaudible] for John there. Check out the latest and [email protected] I
know this is a terrible idea, but Marcia and I have been whispering
all night about how I don’t have about being corny for combat is really hard. Yeah. These trends are all going to die, but so you guys give it to me. We’ll say for the purposes of
this gland here. Well no, I had a, I had had a series of things I can
adjust based on where it happens because somebody thinks about it wrong. I have like a bunch of maps based
on what happened tonight that can be repurposed depending on where
you handle. So improvisation, you guys will say I’ve all found your
waste to hide in this vicinity. You can, you can tell me where specifically you
way would’ve gone to hide if you want to, but it depends on where. Yeah, yeah. Also, where did we land?
Where’s our impact craters? Okay, sure. Yeah. No came from this direction. This
is really, there’s only these trees. Oh is up in here. God, yo shout. The laughing hand is a waste. This little base somewhere big. Right. And the Asha is over here. [inaudible] anime yell. Yes. Yeah. So
what are you guys doing? Crying. I’m literally crying.
Crouching down. All right, now the cover that this, I think this
is going to fucking work. You go after. Yeah. I mean all, all this is
your history. Fuck. High percent. As soon try, because we don’t
want to have to move. Right. As soon as you snap, he’s probably going
to feel that you took the shit right. Screaming, fucking bloody murder. And then we’d go and then you have
to just run and then we have to run. Let’s try and find a rendezvous
point and get the fuck. Oh yeah. Right, right. Well, the latter part seems like it’s
fairly obvious outcome at this point. Well, he’s outgoing and visible. You don’t want to be the one that gonna
start rushing and get down on her knee and starts inspecting the
impact. Looking up there at, well a Obama’s glancing and
looking down, what are you doing? Invisible and then going gonna start
clocking around a counterclockwise. Okay. Go ahead and roll stealth check. Okay. I’m still, I’m still within your,
I do. You’re too far away. Well, I mean I’m still within your posture
trace range, but you won’t be leaving it, so you do not get the benefit as you
continue to stop it. Just roll natural 20 golden with that. All right. Queen. You have to seize the
opportunities presented to you. Tara behind the Asha in this direction. I am the tree. I’m
going to get this. Yeah. I don’t know how far much movement I can
use on this while still being stealthy. So it slowed slow going. It’s like it’s the shirt here. Full
footing. I’ll still keep creeping on. The bonusing just turns around and
looks up towards Oban and says, it looks like they went this way and kind
of points in the direction where a lot of you ran to hide. Oh boy. Oh man. Just like happy to go. Just
fucking music. Just when [inaudible] discovers the on
tracks, it’s kind of, maybe it’s [inaudible]. Hopefully
she’s role keeps ticking. He has to run this direction like a jog in
the direction of where the laughing hand is essentially and heading that way. Um, you’re gonna try and climb the tree,
not just try to climb the tree. Oh wait. Spider climbs is spelled, I’m
going to try to climb the tree. It’s better if time will break your
concentration. Yeah. Climbed the tree. Vaguely. Make an athletics check or
acrobatics with disadvantage. I’ll say, cause you want me to
do this stealthily and carefully, I’ll tell you that athletics
could be like a careful client. Acrobatics is going to be a lot of leaping
from place to place and there would be really hard to step
through that terrible nine. Oh you get about 10 feet up on the tree
and there’s no handhold and you’re just like fuck, I don’t know where
[inaudible] 10 feet of the tree. How many more feet till I
get to Oban one 30 30 feet. 30 30 yeah. Yeah. That’s five
feet. Makes difference. 30 feet. Okay. And can I see that thing
hanging off his belt? Uh, from this current perspective? Make a perception check with this
advantage cause he’s up in the tree. You can just know he’s there. You don’t
have a good durable two threes. Yeah. You have no, no visual range
whatsoever on all you can. All you know is he’s up there and you
could hear his conversations with the Asha, but from this perspective on the
side of the tree, you can even see him. Yeah. Because you could like do a
little May’s hand if you just see, just sit and wait for a couple seconds
and just see if there’s any other changes in the scenario. Yep. Shit. Huh? He uh, yeah, I was, I was rolling
to see if when he began to, to notice anything else and so when
y’all should moving forward and with you taking your sweet time down there to try
and figure this out a little too long and he begins to dark and land
on the ground next to Yasha. They both continue their walk forward, but you can see now there’s paranoia in
his eyes and starting to see the tracks in the ground and he’s like
looking around and right now we’re, we’re Ford and conduces are hiding. They’re like 10 feet away from
you just walking by if they’re, if they’re walking by I’m
and to turn invisible. Okay. The second that I even feel like
they can see anywhere where I am, I’m going to turn into this wall. Okay,
so you vanished for one round. Yup. All heading. I will slowly
start to climb down that tree. Okay. Then follow balm. Okay. Uh, you are moving stealthily so you weren’t
with dash or whatever. Okay. Yup. Bone section. So you moved your,
you’re moving normal speed. Yeah. Cause you move half speed going
stealthily but then [inaudible] okay, well they’re not, they’re also dashing
cause they’re not trying to be stealthy. Sure. They’re trying to
go for time for sure. So you are not keeping pace with
them. Okay. They’re moving away. Five moving away from us though
there they looked around, they, you guys are in your radius. You rolled
some pretty decent stealth checks. So even as they’re looking around, they don’t make out your location and
they moved from search to now try and find out whatever these creatures
are that they’re assuming are ahead of them and they go into a fast
jog in the direction of laughing hand that’s okay. And move on
through. Go. Okay. You, we know where they are. They don’t
know where we are. That’s an advantage. I’m gonna creepily be right next to Ford
without him knowing and just be like, Hey Bart, the fuck
should I keep going? No. Stay will stay with us. Stay close. I can, I can keep after of them. See that it’s always better
when they split up together. It’s more dangerous to stay close.
They know now there’s no surprise. We need to, we need to
have them handed them Dave, some clothes being so sort of
OJ. Can we wait until they are, let’s call it 50 to 60 feet before
we try to whisper? Yeah. Okay. And you, you do here at the, at the edge of kind of that visual range
as you’re waiting at your Oban given orders and keep your nose to the air, it can’t be too far. Whoever they are. And then they continue forward
in the direction of the Grove. Wait, was I wait frontally weird trying to talk
to you when I don’t know where you are. We should try and follow them.
They’re moving at a quicker pace. We should match pace. And then what if we, I agree then what? The longer
that we try and follow them, the longer, the more likely the chances are that
we’re gonna fucking fail and they’re going to notice us. So, and I’m fine with that, but it’s just like we should have a plan
where we are either starting a fight with them before they
reach their destination or
waiting for them to complete their plans, which might turn them from three
to four [inaudible] all right, we can’t get there before them.
We can’t fly there. We can’t rest. The only option we have is to go at
pace with them and when we’re coming, not not wait for a moment
to create a moment we need, we need to send the two of us in front
or three of us in front of them and three behind to make some sort of a distraction. When they turned around to
face the ones behind them, the ones who have flanked in front
can go and strike or do whatever. Also remember this n***a grabbed this
call assuming that he’s gonna just fly immediately. Remember the
tree has defenses. The coops, its advice was to not go. So if the
tree has an [inaudible] defense, something that would weaken them first. That could serve as a little
bit of a buffer for that. The way that they fought for
you. Just start right now. I could send the Oban back to his home. Are you able to do that
as well right now? No, I don’t have that powerful anymore. I use the [inaudible] powerful
stuff with being an owl. Can you send your shit back
to her home? No. Y’all show is of this world. But Obama’s not, if I am lucky I could take
Oban off the playing field. Put the resistant, but yeah. What if he succeeds then I have to
be closer on for something like that. I need to be about 50 or
60 feet away from him. So I actually don’t hate this
plan though. Thank you. Um, because who can make
um, um, image as well? I can in book D plus D
I can major in image. I can make a silent image that’s
going to be me. He knows who we are. He’s going to be looking
for us if you’re invisible. But if Caleb makes him an
image of you being there, he might not suspect that
any of us are missing unless you can see through all the
invisibility or the image or any of that stuff. But we don’t really know that.
But ideally when the [inaudible], when the back team makes some sort of
a distraction and they spin to find out what it is, that’s what
we, that’s when we strike. So what I’m saying is we line up, when you give them that Avengers
lineup with, not included, but it’s an illusion, not an
invisible knot is sneaking up. And while he’s doing
his bad guy monologue, because bad guys love monologuing
and we’re like, he, Oh, we’re going to fight you. You’re road in here with
us and you’re doing that. But there’s an illusion,
not the whole time, but the real knot is sneaking
up and stealing and shit. I just realized how confusing my name
is and all of these conversations. You got that. Okay. Let’s assume, let’s assume that that
terrible idea works. How do we get not and the rest
of us out of here immediately. One minute for the thing that
Caleb does longer or you longer 10. Right. If that’s, if I had it
prepared, I don’t ever prepared [inaudible] teleport circle
teleport. Not I’m not the head. Uh, but that’s one right
then. Yeah. If we, if, if we or I were able to
swipe the skull skull, yeah. Then I would assume they would
send some folks after me, so all I have to do is run around for
59 seconds until you guys can get ready. Dodge three people, one of which
can fly fast. Have you seen me? Can you seen them? I’m
invisible sometimes too, but invisible not would be
stealing the shit. Right? Like God was soon to be out. Susan season. Maybe illusion not could
be the one trick singing. This is assuming they can’t
see Ron through all. I can
also make trust you fly. Would you be able to
fly faster than Obama? Their movement in, by the way, are our
[inaudible] calling. They moved on ahead. All right, we’re gonna. We’re going to keep following [inaudible]
a baby at about eight maybe behind maybe something is going to present until
a hundred feet. Okay. To keep visual, right. To keep pace behind them. You’re going to have to be at the same
jog pasting between stealth checks to be disadvantaged when the
moment presents itself. It might be an emergency and
we won’t have the jump on them. That’s all I’m presenting right
now is if we’ll moments we run. If something happens as we’re trying to
keep pace with them and just it’s going gonna take one of us to snap a stick and
for that fucker to turn around and look at us. We keep paced and then how far
away can you make your major image? 120 feet. What if we keep pace behind
them and then you throw it out, we’ll drop stealthily. You throw out the image in front of them
and then not you run up from behind and grab it. Yeah. [inaudible] involved. We use the image to flank and then we
just run into that and you need a minute in a one stationary place.
No, you need 10 seconds. So in theory of course stationary, we
should get to the outside of this tree. I would assume they’re going to get to
the outside of it and assess it. Right? They’ll stop for a second.
Feed them to that. No, you can make the image come
out of the three or something. That’s what I mean. If they get to
the tree and they stop and assess it, he takes a minute to prepare. We
wait. We conjure we, we string art. We’ve tried to go for go, but what I’m saying is we could still be
hours from the tree and the longer that we pace them, the longer
that we’re tracking them. The more opportunities with each footfall. 103 has to a learning
distance wise because you have
gotten close enough to see that you’re probably about an hour travel
from the age of the growth from do we think we can stock behind them for an
hour without making our impressions now a hundred feet. I think that five of us can be 300 feet
behind and only one of us needs to be within a hundred feet. Making sure
that there, how long does passes? It’s 10 minutes or 10 minutes and I can’t keep doing it. No,
cause we fucking came out here. I’m telling them to
have no stuff. Just be, I think we have element of
surprise sooner rather than later, but that’s just me. Do
you want [inaudible] take them before they
get there? Let’s do it. I think we’re going to die in minutes. You throw out to major image
Caleb style costing you prep it. Retrial decluttered them for as long
as we can. Knock goes in a long time. 10 rounds an insanely long time. But
hopefully the major image can do that. Most of the heavy lifting. Right? Assuming they don’t just instead of
talking immediately charge, turn around, turn around and shortcut us, murder us. Is there any other way
we can get away from them quickly? They’re faster
than I miss being the Druid. But what are you talking about? Are you
able to turn it into an hour again? No, that’s done. I’m done. I
literally had Jack a shit. I have the ability to
revive you guys if you die. If one of you one person
I can run real fast. That’s all I got. That’s assuming that that
the left or doesn’t take you potentially to try to, you know, command them as many holes
cause to improvise with. Yeah. Are you guys, so you’ve been moving to try and keep
pace with them while you’ve been having this conversation right? Yeah, we
should roll a disadvantage for so. Okay. You’re not keeping pace if you’re
stuck giving stuff away. Right. How do you move stealthily and the gap
continues because they’re not moving stuff fleet or you keep pacing and
roll. Selfie, disadvantaged work. We’re keeping pace. We’re keeping pace
but far enough back that you like, we would have to be real
dumb for them to hear us. Where are you cutting paste them? What are the distance you want
to keep like [inaudible] what? 200 back a hundred feet
still within spell casting. This is true. A hundred feet
of solar in your shot. Yeah. Terrible studio is 300 feet. I can hear from the other side of
the studio if someone does 300 feet. All right. You guys jog up to
try and keep what you assume. It’s about a 300 foot distance from
them without visual range on them. Just pushing in that direction. They want to make stuff to
check some disadvantage please. Well, disadvantage 17 cocked,
right? That is cocked. Yeah. Rip almost. We don’t have and
we don’t have password tracing. It’s not cotton corners [inaudible] but this is just the straight
roll for you cause you had advantage. Do we still have passed without a
trace that’s only going to be gone and probably 20 okay.
Natural 20 who? Let’s go. That balances. Kayla, maybe. I
don’t know about that. Just pain. I don’t know. Just manage. Right. You guys push on for about 15 or 20
minutes or so to where you can, you just catch up within probably about
200 feet of them to where you can begin to hear their movement and
their shifting and their, the jogging kind of snapping of twigs and
moving over our brush and the slashing of bits of, of, of heavy
foliage that get in the way. [inaudible] at that point you hear them all, the footfalls kind of stopped
for a second and you guys stop and you could just barely make out through
the little bit of of Mueller that’s coming through the trees. Oban
kind of hand up like this and goes, I had something now and hunt them. We’re going and him and Yasha continue
to move on in the direction while the turns around and we don’t want to fuck with the hat
and now kind of turns around and kind of just glances around loosely
in the direction you guys
offer. Give us the handler and he’s just kind of moved Zig zag brush room with even deployments
separated and then we keep going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do it.
You see the tree now nearby, it takes the blade and kind of like
rich. Originally I had a, and I’ll, I’ll summon the star razor sword and
I’ll reach up and point at my eyes, roll back and I’ll say, Oh, the greater Damon. Okay. As you, as your eyes roll back in, the energy flows into your
eyes. Uh, well first off work, just a reminder. You need to look at
the, um, the components of the spell. What does that mean? Uh, what are the great way to introduce
visual concept it previously we’re looking it up afterward. One of the, one of
the challenges of summoning demons. You could look at the, the
components of the spell course. Have I ever had to look at the
components? Probably just didn’t. So now you got it. Now you’re on
some [inaudible] work wires. Yup. Requires a vial of blood from a humanoid
killed within the past 24 hours. Can you take my blood right
now? [inaudible] we were chill. We were just by some humanoids.
If he knew that he needed it, you could have gotten blood from a
dead humanoid, but we didn’t have one. You did come across a freshly killed
humanoid rolling intelligence check for me for see if you would have remembered. I’m saying just realistic standpoint
to have to have thought about that in advance. Well, I mean if Travis [inaudible] two 22 yes, I will allow it. I will say in the time that you’d come
across these bodies knowing the danger that you were facing and the
components required for the spell, just just as an optional precaution, you took a vile of semi-quantitative
blood from the courses that were left behind. Can I still sleep without
the rest of your party knowing? Wow. And so you can look through all the
rest of my spells and figure out what components. Fine. All of this. Yeah. Cool. So I can help you. It’s not, the sword was never an arcane focus or
whatever. Not fit physical components. Uh, can’t get around the,
the one, the ones that, uh, certain you can use like focus for
some, but if it’s like a big spell, then, then it’s like you have to have
a symbol for a focus on some of them. Things have fucking [inaudible] components
only if they’re worth something. Right. Well this isn’t worth
something. Actually this is a, because like you could
have a component bag, like you have a component
bag I do too, right? Sure. But then it’s like special items or
so fucked. Next time we’re in a town, we’re just gonna stock up on the weirdest
show. I haven’t, I need spider legs. Me, I’ve made a point of getting weird shit
since the beginning of this campaign. Eyeball and an undid
eyeball in case in a gym. If it says 50 goal, if it’s got a coin value for certain, you have to have that shit
eyeball and Cayston. A gym. Yep. We did a hamburger helper episode. You can’t have a focus for some
things. It doesn’t have a cost, but then it depends on the
other. Yeah. Go know how to play eyeball. Eyeball. Jeremy Crawford. Tweet it as a response to create the
circle and the summon lesser or greater demons spell you need the blood
mentioned in the spells description. A focus cannot substitute
the material of the blood. Jeremy Crawford just read that.
No, this was a November 27th, 2017 I searched it. Oh wow. So it does require the material
component costs for that, but you have it because you rolled high
enough intelligence middle thing that you had the apricots, you took the
measure to do so in advance. Okay, so Dan love them. We’re going to break that down after
that show cause I’m confused and curious but will after the show. Sure. It does state in the spells description
that it consumes the blood spot. But anyway, we’ll go with
that afterward. It’s fine. You were able to use the spell in
this instance as you close your eyes, concentrating on the vengeance that you
had kind of subtly promised to these two that you found dead and slaughtered
in the center of the Lotus den. You expend the vial of blood that you
took from their corpses. And in doing so, this darkened circle appears, whereas previously kind of red
energy, some of these demon forward, this has a dull kind of vibrant
green verdant color to it. And as the circle swirls, as opposed
to these like jagged arcane ruins, they’re almost like curved
Elvish. And as the Belger emerges, its skin is actually
kind of green and black. And where you saw once for
these jacket elements here, it seems to have almost a, a Fe quality to its appearance. It is not the demon that you had seen
previously summoned by forward as it lands. You see the laughing hand glance over
in the direction of Ford originally, the big toothy grin curving across its
face as it begins to lumber towards you to close the distance. The Bulger appears to its
sign and it turns towards it, um, to fight. It’s going to turn on the Belgrade and
it turns out it and immediately just goes in and starts hacking. Let’s go ahead
and see how this combat plays out. What are you guys doing around
sneaking around? All right, so you’re making it,
you’re going to sell. Yes. That means you’ll move with a dash 60
feet and a turn for the base of you. So it’ll take you about four or five
rounds before you can even really catch up to where it is since you’re about two
to 300 feet back. Does the heads up? So the laughing hand is not going to
tote over the ball. Go rough. Sure. We’ve run wide. Should
we run wide and fast? I mean it’s the laughing
hand fighting a ball girl. We’re going to be running away from where
the Malay is and swinging wide to try and catch up and run their parallel
initiative for the Belgrade. Okay. Uh, 1515 okay. Bulger goes
first. Hey, so just run. You guys are running wide, running wide. We’re trying to step lightly as we’re
running now we’re running wide. Yeah, it’s one or the other. It’s binary. Okay.
So you guys are going into a run now. Just continuing off to the side kind of
at an angle to not immediately following the path of Oban and Yasha. All right. Uh, so I can be dashing through this area. It’s not the best terrain at
a, at a strong speed. So, uh, we’ll say because it is heavily forested, it is cause we difficult trains here
at a half speed for a lot of this. Um, so that balances out. It’ll take you
about three rounds to get past him. Nevertheless, Belgrade goes
first. Well, you guys are ready. The borrower girl can innately
cast the following spells, requiring no material components. You
will cast and visibility on himself. Okay. That’s his action. That’s his action.
Yeah. Is he gonna try and move away? He will, uh, loudly, loudly run in the opposite direction of
where he sees, uh, the group running. You got it. That’s the first couple footfalls he goes
in and takes a swing in the direction as he sees it, vanishes at heads that direction and kind
of swing with its large wide blade arm with disadvantage because it
isn’t visible. Uh, to, uh, 18, uh, bam hits. Okay. That is 21 points of slashing damage. Okay. And
the vulgar needs to be concentration. Check the role. Constitution saving throw first fight in four episodes.
None of us are in its 18, eight, 18. Yeah. Maintenance.
Concentration. Okay. So at Lumber’s off, it’s now the laughing hands turn. What’s the movement speed on the
a Bulger 40 feet as the speed, the laughing hand he catches up to where
it thinks it may be is going to swing wide in the very, the general vicinity
of where it is it’s gonna make uh, uh, two mainly attacks
with, with a blade arm. Uh, disadvantage is going
to be a 14 to hit. Uh, mrs mrs goes wide. I was gonna attempt to do a slam
attack on it would disadvantage that is going to be a 20
to hit. That does hit okay. So the Bulger now takes 14
points of bludgeoning damage. Okay. And used to make another
constitution saving throw. Uh, that is a 17, 17. Okay. So it maintains concentration is
still invisible. You guys move wide. Another full range of
movement, a bow and uh, uh, not are ahead of the group because of
the, your speed that you’re traveling. Unless you want to stay on pace
with the rest of them. Nope. Okay. You guys go in that direction.
Uh, Bulger, it takes his turn. Ah, the bar girl will move 40 feet again
away from the group trying to draw the laughing hand as far away as
possible. And it will use this spell. He can use once a day. If you
could do a visit or twice a day. This one is once a day. He will use phantasmo force to
have never used this before. Um, it’s concentration, so he’s going
to lose invisibility, which is fine, but it’s an intelligence saving.
Throw for the laughing hand. We’ll okay first make a wisdom saving. Throw
for the Bulger now. Oh for laughter. Laughter. Starting to burble
out from in spotting 18. Okay. All right, so continue
with, with your spouse. Uh, you’ve used phantasmo force help.
Where does it make, what do you make? Like you can make Y you can
make, uh, the laughing hand. If it’s successful, you
can make the laughing hand. Imagine any like see something
and believe it is real. Whatever you want it to be. And he’s on fire or that he sees the
mighty nine or [inaudible] yeah, yeah. There’s, yeah. Here he sees a big ass, a laughing mouth that is zooming in on
top of him and starting to bite with uh, rows and rows of teeth. So phantasmo force, [inaudible] force. Do you know what your spell
save thing is for this bold, bold new guy? It is. It
is a, it’s DC for 13, 14, 14, 14 but that’s intelligence. Save is really dumb. I will check
this thing right here. Yeah, it would do psychic damage. You craft an illusion that takes
root in the mind of a creature. You can see it doesn’t say anything
about knowing language 60 feet. The level to illusion. How did you get access to
fantastical [inaudible]? It says once a day you can cast untangle
or Fantasma you’re not casting it. The Bulger is, sorry. That’s where
I got confused. Okay. So yeah, intelligence saving throw a 20. Oh wow. That’s a smart hand. And the vulgar
is no longer invisible. That’s right. Lost and spelled. Yeah, it does get attack opportunity
against it as it runs past disadvantage on, cause it was a
miserable start of it. That is a, uh, 19 hits. So it does take, uh, 14 points of slashing
damage from the blade arm. The growth continues to run
that direction. Alright. The laughing hand for its
turn, as it slashes away, it looks down at the ground for a
second. It’ll after it goes irate, begins to echo. I’m from the shadows. The second I start hearing that where
we within 120 feet still, you’re back. Yeah. I’m just gonna use my last action since
we’re 120 feet to cast a ball of silence around the laughing hand. Okay.
So that’s okay. Sure. So the, uh, it doesn’t, it does not.
It is stationary. Yeah. Yeah. Just right where he started listing.
Okay. So the last bullet after goes quiet, but from the shadows, you see three shadowy hounds that
you had previously seen it
some when you first bought it to emerge and begin to scatter in
the direction of your truth as you were running. Yup. Yup, yup. Oh damn. I thought that might’ve stopped
the spell. It’s not a spell now. That might be true. Um, that’s fine
cause that’s a, it’s an ability. Sorry. That’s all right. Um, so that the
shadow hounds are now fog of war shorting your direction. You can just barely see the movement
through the darkness as they’re darting between trees. And you hear that getting louder and louder as you guys
were running arching around the side and the hounds and trying to keep up and
keep pace with you all. Um, for us, yes. Where we are. Cause you guys are running’s not stealthy. You guys are full on sprinting at
the edge around, away from him. So you are very much, you are very
visible, very audible. How close are they? Uh, at this point now
if you guys went on the, I didn’t say about he went this way. About a hundred feet from you or a
hundred feet? Yeah. Okay. So just, just be aware of that, that that’s
coming. How many, how many? Three. Three. Uh, all right. So the laughing
hand is going to go ahead of him. How many Bulger’s taking his turn? He will use his for a full 40 feet of
movement to run and he will use his ah, running leap, which is an additional
40 feet. So 80 feet total. Well I guess if he runs and
dashes and does his leave, is that just 80 or is it also 40 40 and
40 we should say he has a thing called running lean. Vulgar was long jump is up
to 40 feet when it has a running start. So it’d be 40 and then he
could jump another 40 for
80 feet total movement or is that like, okay, so he’ll
do that and bang his chest. I’ll come on rolling. Intimidation check
for the, for the Bulger grass. What would the
intimidation is what? Charisma. Yeah. Well done. Call miles.
[inaudible] automation 13 months. 13. All right. It’s the
Boulevard runs 80 feet away, leaps and lands and turns
and beats its chest. The hounds that circled off to the side
and the silence that encapsulated and stop. It’s laughter. The laughing
hand looks at the bulgur. Uh, what’s the direction of the hounds are
going smiles and goes and gets chase after the hounds. But you guys are, so let’s go ahead and get into the
map here. Oh gosh, John, yet. Oh shit. Mother fucker. What can’t be said about dwarven forge
that hasn’t already been said. Yes. Wharfie it’s for warranty. He was low
on it. Points. You can check out more. Dwarven forge. Sean, I’m going to distraction to you guys to
the point where he’s not between you in the path. You’re traveling. Yeah, that book, if you don’t mind. Yeah,
of course. Thank you. Oh my gosh. So, Oh my God. You guys are all
running on this end here. You still invisible, right? Yeah.
Because you haven’t done so. You’ll be, you’re ahead here. Probably a little ways above Beauregard
a little bit further ahead. We’ll see. You guys have all caught up about there
with Callotan Yasha. Sorry, Kayla. Gesture and Caleb all
keeping in pace there. All righty, so we got this. Yes. Yes ma’am. Here
we go. Always the cheerleader. Do we are they are Oban and
Yasha anyway. Where are they? Because you don’t see them there. They are pursued by the laughing. We’re already hundreds of
[inaudible] hundred feet behind them. When they were running in the dark, we
were like, what do we do? Do we do this? Do we that? So if we, if we run
in check with them, they heard, heard you guys make a noise. They gave laughing hand his
order and then they ran ahead. Nothing hit you guys
waited for with laughing. Hand kind of came forward and stuck the
space again. And that’s when you summon. So they’re not super ahead of
you, but you at the moment. Right now as you’re focused
on running, you do not see, but you did an arc around this way and so you’re on a, you’re on a side
path nevertheless faster than us. Let’s go ahead and roll initiative.
Oh shit. I’m going to barf. I know how, boy. Well, we’re not going to kill them.
[inaudible] we just got to stop it. Thank God we have all of our spells.
All right. Slow it down. Something. So 25 to 20 so 20 to 15 1519 just waiting this up. Wow. Oh cool. Cool. What did you do or rolled? Two ones. Alright. Fuck is
going on. You were having a rough night. Okay, so that brings us to 10 to 15. 15, 13. Alright, Kayla. Fuck man. But 10 to five, eight, seven. Jesus. What’s the play here gang? Do we stay and fight? Just your first
run as fast as we can. He’s faster. You’re running double speed. 10 15 shots. We’re bringing everyone and bringing
everyone into one. But if we stop, if we stop. So you’re focusing on weird, linear and accurately like leaning
into his distraction and fighting the laughing hand and letting them
get a head start. There’s no good. None of this is good.
There’s nothing good. No. This area is thick forest. It is largely considered
difficult terrain. Uh, so the movement is a little slow. Remember he can jump but
you guys are double B. You guys are done double
speeding forward. Uh, so that’s your double
movement to their gesture. That’s your go the laughing hand. How far away was he from us? Is
he, he is over this. Okay. Okay. Okay man. Also there’s still a
creature chasing him, I assume. Yeah. There are three shadow
hounds heading this way. She uses no bluffing. Hand takes his turn runs in gyms. All right? So that brings it
to not double dash run forward. Okay, so 2015 man put you out there as you’re
kind of pushing through the
rough terrain and having to jump over it. Some
bushes and roots and the, the harshness and difficult floor
of the Lotus. Then Greenwood itself, Eileen ever can run 30
feet, 30 feet while 35 feet. Oh 35 feet total. But then
it’s half speed. And you’ve,
I’m saying it’s part of, that puts you at about
15 feet per movement. You can use your bonus action to
dash and go into something of course. So there you got to get you
to there. All right. Uh, there’s not the hounds turn. They do not suffer issues
with the rough terrain like they get, not quite, but they’re laughing at the heels
of Caleb [inaudible] and Ford. What’s the range from us? I’d say there
are about 20 or so feet behind you guys. Uh, that brings us to cabooses with Caleb
on deck. What are you doing buddy? Um, no, we got to fight them, but we
at least have five pounds. I’m the Fox man might run math
is right while we run. Yeah. Are we double speeding here? I’m, I
suppose I’m keeping with everybody. Fuck. Why am I in that next to this
so far? Um, [inaudible] what was their teleports way? Sorry. Um, how, how close are they at this point? Is
that like how close are the hounds? [inaudible] behind about 20 feet behind
me and they are way faster than I am. I can tell. Okay.
They’re not, they’re not, they’re not held by the difficulty
of this forest terrain shit. So even the double speed,
they’re gonna catch up to, you’re going to catch up to
me next round in my mind. You, you fought them before and you know, they
weren’t extremely powerful. They were, they were, you know, fairly annoying and turn them
against their master or anything. But I do produce this. What’d
you doing? Um, I’m going to, um, I know how I feel that would be considered
the laughing head. A monster. Uh, he’s considered a creature.
A monster. Yeah. Um, I’m going to cast Bain on the
three of them since they’re right, they’re right there. And to sell currently
matters. You get the cold sweats, Bain on all three of them. You guys,
they actually do have a save against it, I should mention. Oh right. So
wisdom, charisma, charisma. Oh, they’re terrible at that. So cute. Ale 16. Nope, they’ll, all
three of them are Bain. Okay. I’m gonna take my full movement in
whatever directions. Seems like the, I just put a cover, there
will be hell and uh, yeah, the finishes you turn could use
a secret Caleb Europe. That’s mine. If I was doing my full movement and like
use my bonus action to do the moment. That’s as far as I know. You can’t use your bonus action to
move then the rogues can do that. Yeah. Got it. Man. I would like to run on
a diagonal this way. (510) 152-0530. It’s rough terrain. Oh, rock train speed.
Okay, got it. Yeah. Um, cause you’re having to jump over all the
shit that’s been growing and filling in the bottom of this file by
tripping and falling out, um, in an optimized spell book. But the other book and I start
casting and muttering, uh, arcane woods and cast
banishment on the laughing hand. Oh, the laughing hand?
Yeah. Okay. How long should a capsule of what
are the, what is that? Is it a 17, 17 wisdom
to we’ll save it. Is, is charisma. Charisma. I
remember he had hired really central 19 plus a lot. Sorry
Don. Sorry. That’s fine. Plus 11. Is that what you said? Plus
a loss. A lot plus a month. Alright. You’re up where his but isn’t always the appearance. Sometimes it’s just force of terrible
person. Personality and presence. Will I will both. Uh huh. Hmm. They use pack tactics too. Do
you remember that? I will, uh, run him that diagonal. Uh, five, 10, 15. I can’t see this. Where’s my about 30 feet from the
hand? Uh, I’d say you’re about 30, 35 feet from him yet. Okay. If I’m 30, I’m going to try and cast charm monster. On the hand and the hound
that is nearest to him. Oh, interesting. Make them your friend. Okay. Charm monster wisdom. Say yeah. Seven Oh one that is a a nine. That’s a failure for
the hand. For the hand. Game changer. Okay, let me look up the specifics here. Lordy so badly. I’m not taking
another break. Laura lasts for one hour. It is
concentration. One day our game changer. It’s concentration. That’s when you
have to protect for [inaudible] it does. So with advantage you for
companions are fighting it. Now you’re in a spell for me. It’s been fighting a ball
guard that was summoned by you. Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, that’s still a yes. Okay, got it. Okay. Okay, so the creature, the next
time he was charmed by you here, here, here, go ahead and make a [inaudible] check. Adding your spell attack or spear
spelling modifier, which a Christmas bonus is incredibly challenging. The reason
for that are known for this reason. Oh God. Nine you’ve been rolling
so well. Your asthma. Yeah. Plus Chris modifier. That’s a
four. Lots of five. Oh hilariously aye. You got some fucking luck
tonight. Um, okay. So that’s okay. So the spell continues through Charmaz
successful ho what might’ve been an attentive, Hey, can you get some
Florida bonus and it didn’t get it. Does it get like legendary does have
legendary resistance of section? What are you doing with your assets?
They don’t know. You don’t know? Regardless the spell works. Yeah.
Tell him to dome the goal of his. Yeah, I can. I mean, can I say don’t attack my
don’t attack my friends. Call the call off your
wards. Alright. So as you, as you stand there putting your
hands forward and say that the, the laughing hand cannon comes
barreling up towards you. [inaudible] and it’s just staring right down at
you and stands at about roughly you’re guessing at this about 10 to 12
feet tall. [inaudible] sweat, drop C uh, the hounds which are falling, did run past you and then curve back
around showing the hand what we can. This is an hour. I’m going to stay
right here at the turn of the group. Some go who? Half an hour go. This is an opportunity for what? Comedy. And that’s two things. [inaudible] bricks. Nobody attack it, the
to talk it. It’s not a, it’s not like you can’t,
it’s not a control spell. Are you guys still running or are
you saying the second justice? I’m just talking to him
before we, before we break, like everyone else is still running. Okay. Are you running with the
rest of your pre staying put? I will ask him to say to run the away
in the opposite direction as fast as it found thinking obeys you. It’s just
friendly to you? Yeah, she’s friendly. It’s not dominated. Yeah.
Can you ask it? It’s name. It’s name is gamma. I don’t
want him to talk to me. That’s how that should happen. [inaudible] I guess we can, what are you
doing guys? Just go, let’s go. Let’s go get roid the stay you [inaudible] I’m gonna I’m going to walk
after them as they are darting and I’ll watch with the hand is doing. Is he staying with me or is he
staying where he is? No, he’s, he’s traveling with you guys like as
they’re all running and if you’re running with coming with us, let’s go.
Good boy. Don’t trip and fall. Okay. You can tell him he’s [inaudible]. I think you can ask him to, I
think you can ask him to do stuff. Fuck Oban Oberon’s a piece of shit
and nobody at fight Oban with no, I think you would understand charming and
creature means the creature treats you as a friend and and your,
your intent as a friend. That doesn’t mean that it follows all of
your commands and it doesn’t mean that hates anybody else in it sees as an
ally. So why don’t we just tell him that, that we need him to go on a mission.
I need him to come ask him as a favor, go check something out or to go check
it over to come with us and protect us. That’s not going to last. If he
gets bonked in the head, it’s done. [inaudible] an hour or if your
companions do anything harmful to it, it doesn’t say anything
about his companion. No, but he won’t attack his friends. Yeah.
No, I don’t want to just protect us. If other creatures attack him, he’s still
charmed. It doesn’t break his charm. It’s any of you guys or you do
anything so we can say, Hey, don’t let your other friends hurt
your new friends. He won’t. He, he that will get, might
get weird. And again, it’s, I’m just bringing it with me. I
need to see where we’re going. Yeah. Okay. You guys continue. You’ve marked off to the side and
you’re kind of circling around the path. Hold on. He’s going to be able to overpower
whatever it is you’re doing as a parent. That’s a fair point. I’m going to, I’m going to stay 150
feet behind you guys. Just 150 feet behind
you. You need to be in. Do you need to be near it for it to work? He’ll figure that out as he was so bored. Maybe he doesn’t need his dogs anymore. Maybe you don’t need your dogs anymore. Have you tried to convince him to get
rid of some n***a persuasion check? Um, definitely tapping you for guidance. You’ve got God 21 with God as you’re running it looks back at, you can see like the grin and its chin
and you see in the secondary mouth and the open up here and as it does it raises its nonbladed hand
and kind does like this motion and you watch the hounds running. Just vanish into smoke and shadow and
then dissipates as the fog and mist slowly coalesces. Cool. Keeps me going here. I’ll keep
writing, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing, stop, keep running. Just keep
running. Just tree planting. We have enough to turn
around to him and I’ll say what my friends and I are
doing is very important. I saw you keeping a perimeter earlier
and there was expertly dotted. You and I will do the same form of wide
circle that stay at least within bear eye shot of, of where we
end up. No one gets in. You’re the first line of defense. It just cuts the arm through one of
the lowest nearby trees. The tree lands on the ground. That’s okay. And they continue, continues kind of running off
in the direction following
your instruction. Okay. All right and I’ll try and
catch up to the group. Okay. You guys are running and as
you’re running you could hear the the laughing hand with like the
distant weird phasing chuckles. I think as we come up we
should get stalled the again, they’re going to think that nobody
could get through the loving hand. He’s not back yet. There’s
fighting in the distance there. They’re not going to be thinking
that we’re, we’re getting to them. What if he leads the charge? The
loving more behind him. Yeah. I’m trying to attack his friends,
but he could give me a nice little thank you to hearing
him. Oh and not us. Huh? Can you give what you’re laying
down? [inaudible] ourselves. Just use one. The tools at our disposal. Who’s leading this journey through
the middle of the forest by the way, I’ve been running this whole
time. You’re invisible. You’re not guiding any mountain in front
and bowlers probably in. All right, so bow and jester banish him. I could send him away if he
thinks it’s a good idea. Yes. You [inaudible] send him
away. That’s a good idea. Laughing and is currently out
of ear shot of you. By the way, he’s using cold to rush off and is
now like giving a wide perimeter. I think we’ve got an hour to get in
and out. Okay. Go live loving hands, not coming back in an hour and
still give. It’s dealt with already. Are we going to sit back and
fiddle around with one hand? Are we going to go catch up to our, our our quarry where we’re running while
we’re talking, we running every step. We take with every word when we speak, we are getting 50 a
hundred feet away from him. So you want to turn around and
go home. He’s taping a perimeter, walking all the way around. Yes, he is doing basically you guys are moving
this direction. Yeah, he is running. He’s doing kind of an opposite. Kind of opposite of what
you guys did slapping him. No, that’s no, we’re good. We’re good. Let’s just go like Obama wouldn’t have
been able to go find them and get them to that. Sorry, I didn’t mean to stab you
in the throat. He’s got one banishment. Let’s use it wisely. Plus if he resists
that or whatever it’s coming from, Megan is one thing, but if we resist it, then it breaks and it counts
as an attack out of the night. He’s out of the picture. Moving forward, fast pace. I need jester and Bo to go ahead and make
a survival check to try and guide the rest of the party through
this forest at a decent pace. Let me not be shitty. Pretty good. I would attack you to teen. Oh,
you’re tapping me to tap. Well, if you’re close enough. Yeah. Well I’m keeping up. You couldn’t come
up with, Oh, never mind those too fast. There’s too far ahead of
you. 1825 okay. Anyway, you guys are making coming point on this, helping guide through what seems to be
the paths of least resistance at times. You’ve managed to gain some speed
at times that still pulls you back, but you’re able to to keep a
fairly decent travel forward. Thankfully the jungle here is
very dense in the canopy as well. There are many vines and many tangled
brushes means it’s difficult for a flying creature to, to continue to move through unless it
breaks through the canopy like you guys did before. You don’t know, but you’re moving as fast as
you can in that direction. You continue on for 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Perception checks for
uh, two of you towards the front. Uh, front would be probably
actually not. And uh, Oh, regard. You guys are the ones for the
stout. Your perception sucks. Does that, yeah. Yes. I’ll help you. I would say that you
are disability her. No, we’re not sure. It’s mine. I’ll take your
help ma’am. Even yours. He sounds shut up for a
second and went away. Yeah. Doug, sorry, I’m, what’d
you get? Mersch 14. Yeah, it’s still not rolling. I
helped her. Oh, it’s 14. Okay. [inaudible] I don’t have anywhere
to put this into [inaudible] hands. That’s fine. Part of me doesn’t
want combat [inaudible] or not. I can’t do any, so I know, I know. Continuing on forward, you don’t see
anything. You push on 40 minutes, 50 minutes listening for anything as well. At about the 45 minute Mark or so,
you begin to see the trees change. You begin to see the
atmosphere of the Lotus. Then shift around. You can see bits of rotted
vegetation on the floor. It contains trapped gases to where when
you step on some of these passions and it releases this kind of hissing sound, it sounds like a death Mon
or a slow whispers and for
our first moment it freaks you out. You can. He move forward and these little patches
of like weird trapped gas are amongst a bunch of broken ground and rocks like
I like a shattered Cordy and the trees, the leaves rapidly begin to just vanish. You see just barren, petrified trees. They’re extended branches
extremely crooked and like
building and nodding around each other to form what looks to be
almost like a series of chained together trees that are holding this
dense canopy where the, where the branches grow smaller
branches to grow smaller branches. The corresponding, you see that this
capillary type system where the, the dark canopy were leaves normally
cover as replaced with just a Bramble mess of overgrown branches. Can I get a a beat as we’re running on
the sense of the gas that we’re stepping on, is it sulfur, mega nature, nature [inaudible] 1414 it
doesn’t appear to be sulfurous. It seems to be some sort of a,
a rotting vegetation byproduct. Whatever’s corrupting
or or or causing this, this section of the forest
to be the way it is. It’s part of the decaying process
that happens beneath the surface, probably in the roots or something below
the actual trees themselves that is causing this to rise up and
in some places become trapped. Okay, so pushing on forward, trying the best
you can to push through the terrain. Thankfully the heavy bits of completely
grown over and Moss covered rock began to subside as now it’s just slippery shale and cracked ground. The bits of moisture and Marsh
that occasionally greeted
you through this forest is nowhere to be seen and you just
rushing rapidly through this darkened lightless for the humans
as well and fear bog light. This region of dead
trees, you could use this. Yeah. Any of this reminds you
of the blooming Grove and the route that you’ve discovered on
the grave? We didn’t have rock. We had no for taking. It’s different.
I assume it’s different. It is this, this is, this is just a, this needs
to be a dead portion of the forest. The several year wood is a
heavy, corruption is still lush, but like the leaves turn purple,
gray and it is a very vibrant, angry growth of something that is sinister
in the nature of the actual forest. This is just the ass while I’m traveling
by moving quick move here too, right? Yeah. You’re still running. You’re still making your way through
best you can in that direction. I’m not touching any trees.
You hit the button. Yeah, you hit it about the 50 little half past
70 minute Mark. Make perception check. Once again, not end or
regard. I’ll help you again. Okay, so you have a negative to your
perception to them yet. Can they guide on the guidance my clothes at all or are
they super far ahead or too far ahead of you? Oh, great. 15 I helped help me. Oh got you. As you come apart a head of the group, you push through a couple of additional
trees and look over the edge and you can see one tree that looms
taller than the rest. It’s not massive. It’s base, it’s thin, but it’s twisted and
spiraled upward in there. It looks like a series of dead vines
have choked it and then just died on its body to the point where it
looks like a mass of uh, like striations and rope that gather
into this thick, tall, leafless tree. All of its hundreds and
hundreds of branches all seem
to reach out like smaller arms and fingers. Um, it is notably a paler starch blanche
with white color against the other trees that are just kind of dead and a little
more gray without the coloration of the rest of the forest. The air is noticed noticeably colder as
you get closer towards it and as you, you glance past, you see the tree and
at the base of it you can see both Yasha and Oban, Yasser kind of jogging, just catching up in Oban currently and
like inspecting the base of the tree. How far back are we from?
I’ll give you a little gun it. He hasn’t gotten it yet. Okay guys, can I just tell you about dwarven so in 10 minutes it’s to break. It’s a fantastic company that makes a fine product and
if you don’t go to the fucking website, I’ll kill you. It’s late. Guys are a lot of stress. You can
do a lot in 10 minutes though. You can do a [inaudible]. This is approximately the location
of the street and where you see Oban and is that stuff on
there? Is that Sesame seed? This is just the broken shale. Sure.
Almost there. [inaudible] how did you, how did you do that? As best as I’m in, I’m enjoying the experimentation
with various other texture, terrain. Things added on top of the mask
as best as with layering is Greg, you don’t shavings from
our old apartment. Wow. That’s a throw standard. Yes and not the rest of you are traveling
when you’re on a budget about 40 or so feet behind them. You have a
budget, but you guys actually, you guys probably be on the Sykes.
You’re not too far from each other, but that’s, that’s the
view you have currently. [inaudible] I, I of course immediately relay
this to the rest of the team. So you wait for them to catch up? Yeah, I stopped. See it. Look at not be
like, can you go and visible? Of course. [inaudible] fuck the fuck. How
are we going to stick to the plan? Stick me and visible. Go swipe the thing. Yeah. Oh, Poland flies off about
10 or so feet. Oh geez. Now inspecting the base
of the tree. Do this now. Before the rock shut out. I’m
going to go and visible now. Visible cow. Cow, cow, cow, cow. There you go. Can I
run up behind that one? Okay. So you guys are not
caught up to both regards. You’re all kind of essentially
the space here. Yeah, he’s looking at the fucking
tray. Okay. And so, uh, just just going to move up right
behind here. In the absence of a plan, I’m going to start
moving up the side. Okay. And I’m going to, um, 35 mirror, mirror knots movement, knowing that she’s going invisible
and Flink on the other side. Okay. Let me make stuff check.
Yup. I’ll tap you before you leave. Thank you. Oh yeah. And then I’ll touch you as well.
The floor blessing of the trickster, which gives me an advantage.
Thank you. Double tap. Hail. Yeah. Caleb silently holds up a piece
of chalk and looks at Ford. What, what prep it. I’ll start drawing. Yeah. What are
you drawing? A teleportation. Okay. Where are you going to [inaudible]. Ah, I will back up 10 feet high
end. That tree there. Here. That could use, but I’ll go behind Medusa’s back five more feet and start
to draw on the ground. Okay. Yeah, I right. Use the chocolate. You’re
beginning to build the circle. Go off. But I’m spending the components
correct? Correct. Okay. Could use this ward 2029 for self, for boat, a flank to the mirror
mirror. Not the gray. I’m gonna prep. Invoke duplicity. Okay. I’m 25 step right. You got it. I’m in a prep behind this three to step out from behind
as soon as I would not. You got it. Um, all right. Ford could into use another divine sense
just to focus in on my sense on where they are. Uh, the range of those 60 feet. It is 60 a week to start in a sense.
Any fair enough? I will. I will. I know that I’m not close enough.
Give me know what it’s new. Let’s start to figure it out. Now you’re
figuring it out. Okay. Um, I will, I will also move to the where’s not, I will move to the right because you
don’t know. Closer to the direction. Not would hide behind that
tree. Fucking mitigated. DMI will also roll up Frumkin
out to chase jester’s feet. Did you give me a blessing on the
trickster it was for, I started off. Okay, that’s fine. It’s poor Frumkin mini. The legs are so Friday’s going out with my
cats. I don’t know. God damn it. I know. We should have
ordered them in bulk. [inaudible] this one would do a better
job than you on your assessment, Laura. I’ll use the alcohol. I’ll
use your pepper. That’s fine. Don’t want fucking dog.
You’re kidding me. 1817. We locked dogs. Alrighty. Don’t cats moving a bond bonds. I’m moving beyond
to be not be seen. Yes. So yeah, for wholesale check as
well. All right, good. The cats moving was yesterday, so
yes, 24. Got it. Could you say, what are you doing? I’m staying behind the tree and we going
to be ready to try and hit people with heal or otherwise. You’ve
got to go shooting. Very
smart. We got it. All right. At this point, Oban is now up to
the side of the tree, um, from my, it’s a little, little
far to see the details, but it looks like he finds a portion
of the tree that begins to like fit his hand into it. Oh, snap. He’s fucking
found that he’s found that already. [inaudible] finger fuck in
the tree. It’s in the tree. Yes. Yes, yes. Like down in a dungeon
because I don’t know that we gotta get to them fast. Y’all. I was going to stop and turn and
just kind of keep an eye behind him. Now and just like looking outward doesn’t
see anybody right now cause you’re all hidden behind the things. Damn
it. But it’s keeping a watch. Can we stick with the plan until we get to
another round of actions? Closer. Okay. Fast as I can being stuck. I have
to check it again. Oh you do? Yes. Draw 32 patients. Circle 32 all right Jim.
Mark your second round. 10 rounds. Sticking with
gesture. You got it. Mama. Mama, mama, mama,
mama, mama, mama, mama. I’m just curious cause we all get one
more round right after this round. It’s go time, right? [inaudible] and then so non would go time
means we didn’t see good points. So you’re all doing your own thing. You’re still going with the
plan of communication here.
Yeah, no, I know. Yeah, I’m yeah, I’m going to be
making a hold. Sinai duplicity, majority of that last round. Oh okay.
So that’s, she’s there. She’s there. The plan that we had before was someone
was gonna make a distraction while I go swipe this thing. I can’t do that. As
far as I know. That’s what I’m holding. [inaudible] whole inside of fight
that his last, his pen around. I, I mean you gotta listen no
teleportation circle app. Yeah we have to wait a few rounds
of the teleportation circles. Gonna happen just one minute. I mean, never had a fight ever. Should I drink just to make
duplicate out and just go for it. But it’s already been, what time
we’re on round two more rounds. You would, you know where Bo is? Nivo,
are you getting closer or are you just, I am mirroring your movements. Well I know she’s invisible and I know
she’s creeping up them leaves moving. I’m going to keep creeping
up knowing that that was fun. That was the plan that we made before
[inaudible] get out and cast Peter chill weapon that from her and try to bash
a bone over the head and get him. I am trying to signal signal everyone
to wait cause I see where the teleportation, can he hold the
circle by the way? That yeah. Uh, once he can, when he completes
casting the spell, you have it. Like he can wait for the final
and draw it. I can, I can, yeah. I might say I just tell all old the last
line I’ve said that many times all out. Just I’m Del [inaudible] that we will
have the time to try line one note away. I’m getting ready to drop this fucking
teleportation circle and join the fray. But right now I’m drawing. Yeah,
you’re the, you’re the bill, right? So art faster. So you’re moving around this way.
Yup. I’m gonna keep me shift. Go, go mine. Making them self check. They
fed our stealth. Good. The advantage. Cause you have many trucks read then maybe you still have good Maricia Ray
should wait. Right? This wasn’t good. The trick store to the wrong
door. It went so bad. Right? Is it advantage or disadvantage or
advantage? An advantage. Advantage. A 2021 okay. Yes. 21 plus plus two. Not noticed yet. Closing the trickster and auction
for an hour and uses it for a visit. An action. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Alright, so you, so you
wouldn’t be able to do both last reps. So now you create your notebook.
That’s got at all. Alright. [inaudible] anything I’m trying to do the, I’m just watching Katusa psycho
son, you’re holding shift, you know C O bond is now like kind of
up to the shoulder in this tree and it’s like you S you can like hear
him kind of loosely in pain and then, and then you watch the tree shutter and suddenly he gets trucked,
pushed out of the tree for a second. His arm kind of this like weird mist
drifting off of it as he floats back about five feet or so. The tree now it’s roots kind of don’t
pull out of the ground aggressively. You washed them, just kind of
drift up like they’re nothing. And the tree sort of comes to life.
It’s many branches become many arms. You see where that kind of not hole, where are going to put his arm remains. But you can see there’s this kind of like
ghostly teeth on the inside, no eyes. But the way through tree is now anime. Oh, the tree is the
Gazi assassin or is this [inaudible] get it out by the
tree, which could be great fights. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. Be
cool. Be cool. Boat. We can, we can let this play out for awhile.
Maybe I’m have to leave in higher. Is he holding anything visibly?
Uh, you don’t know. You want, okay. That’s right. I’m drawing.
Can I see if he’s gone? If you want to take your
turn and can try and take a look at it. So thorough a Yahshua
turns around and draws skin. Gorgeous. Now it looks up at the tree. So now we’re gonna go ahead
and roll initiative because
even though you’re okay, there is a combat happening. Even
if you’re not in trouble. Let them do what ties you
gross. Let them fight. I’ll show gross. I’ll
know. Really. I mean, I don’t, I have, I have a couple of
interesting things. If things go South, you always do, things will go South.
I mean like maybe this little, taken them up a bit when possible. 25 to 2024 woo. Woo. And it’s just the beginning of
Brown three for me. Okay. All right. 25 20 all right. Where am I now? 20 to 1590 Whoa. Whoa. No, no, no, no. 1918 for me. Shit, half a bow and a Caleb is 19 from my drawing. Your driver gesture is eight
to 10 K native Chester today, Joel [inaudible] 15 to 10 13. All right. I know I’m not okay. I can do
when I’m drawing on 10 to five [inaudible] three [inaudible]
board. Would you rolling? I rolled a 13 three I roll it to one max three I mean to be fair. Third clerk
a low enough so it’s great. Not your at first I will move closer and use my action. Maybe. Maybe. Yeah, I guess
that’s fine. Yeah. I’m invisible. I’m invisible. But there is, it’s fun. We’re not going to listen to what’s
going on here though. They’re just close. Their eyes are in. Yes,
Mr. Flores. I have. I’m so happy that these
get used. [inaudible] no, I know, but time is of
the essence. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll move up seven more rounds
and I will use my [inaudible]. I will use my action to perceive. That’s to see if I can
perceive the bag in, in Oban. Okay, well protection check 1919. Uh, it is still attached to
the side of his, his belt. That’s not loosely attached. It’s a fixed pretty well cause it’s an
important film. Locked or anything or no, it’s just, it’s just not like
tied to it loosely, you know, trimming around there. It’s, it’s like strapped with leather straps
30 feet above me, 20 feet above me. He’s right now about 52 bucks. Yes man. That motherfucker
can’t do it yet. Wait until, get my clothes on the ground. Yeah,
you fail. He knows. Okay. That’s right. That’s right. Okay. That’s fair. But
he’s phase fighting a tree. All right. So how was it your turn? That is my
turn. I’m low. Caleb, you’re up next. Where are you doing? I’m drawing.
I’m drawing, but regarding, I am going to two seconds of drawing or fourth round. I’m going to hold
my action around them. Can I, can I, can I hold my turn pouring? You can hold
your action. I can’t hold my action, but I can’t hold my move. Correct. Start. Can people feel
when you put a hex on them? Yeah, I’d say so. Yeah. You can shrink like most spelled. There’s not
a lot of spells that happen. [inaudible] move just around
a little bit. Just here. Clear crouch. Hyde hold my action for not
so you’re still stealth. Still sound low. Okay. Steltz
holding your action till what? Um, until either shit hits the or. Shit hits the fan. Okay, got it. Okay. That brings us to a gesture. M Yasha Yahshua is going to go ahead
and rush up. Skin board. You’re out. She is going to spend her action to her
wings emerge with the giant necrotic fleshliness fallen ACMR wings emerge. She roars angrily and goes into a
rage and that’s her turn. Justin, what are you doing? She must
be stopped. [inaudible] I’m, I’m hanging out. Okay. We’re just waiting.
Yeah, I’m waiting until, all right. It’s any buff. Anybody can. I
can’t really, but I have no, cause I has also the Ray through
tree. Oh boy. Now it’s kind of, it’s, it’s its roots kind of. It’s weird.
Like the roots almost go Slack. Like they’re weird wooden
tentacles and drifts through Yasha. It becomes incl pauriol for a moment. Oh, nothing. Spiritual photo drifts around this direction and is
going to go ahead and make a attacks on Yasha who is raging. I had a definitely hits
two slim both hit gosh, it takes 30 points of living damage
reduce to 15 cause she has Rachel [inaudible] big mofo, DRI. Yup. I’m
keeping track for hit points over yet. Okay. Ah, all right. That finishes
the Ray through the tree. Uh, that brings it to Ford. Um, I do
nothing. You’re nothing. You’re wait, hold on. It’s turning.
Oban is going to drift. Take that. Whatever that was that
fell. I’ll deal with you later. Some lollipops. Huh? Isn’t
your demon ogre still alive? Right. They didn’t fall. Pretty school Bond’s going to drift down
and attempt to place its arm into the mall once more. It’s still trying to get, he’s trying to get the hardest [inaudible]
cause we can like puts the arm in a second time and it’s now
going to be [inaudible] and I feel guess my constitution,
he’s exceeded. So take your time, take your time. Get it right. Okay. Kill that fucking pissed off. All right. Ghost winces in pain. Once more and he’s going to attempt
to the contested strength. I’m sorry. It’s a DC. Come on, turn your mind. CTC chair.
Come on. Approved. Come on. Giving tree. His hand emerges. What looks like clutching
some sort of a dull, glowing blue stone. That was easy. Pick your hand. The tree still stands. Okay, good. But that’s his action is
to pull it from the mouth. You can see outside of the
mouth on this mist kind of did you held your action, right?
No, I didn’t know you couldn’t go. He has nothing. He was meant
to get a 20 more feet up. So that’ll put them at 30
feet off the [inaudible]. What do you do? Piece ish. That’s a range. All right. See he’s not holding his hands back
in the way and he [inaudible] and he’s looking down at Yasha. We did it. We did. It looks up kind of to the sky. We did it. And that ends his term.
That brings us to treat. Doesn’t get to a reaction attack
against him or immediately. So that was, you have six rounds left, six
rounds, six rounds, seven. So three seconds. How many feet away as though
this happening and uh, looking at this year, probably
about 70 to 90 feet from you. Okay. Fuck. I’m still seeing him drawing
and I’m holding. I’m just okay. Dong actually just, uh, just
for fun. I was gonna do, I tried to do this earlier. I’m just
gonna do a, uh, trying to detect on dead. Just, uh, just to see if, uh, I was
going to do an eyes or the grave. Okay. Actually, yeah, a very, very strong
undead presence from that tree. Gotcha. And from the object, what’s the range on that? Um, 60
feet. You probably have to get closer. Actually I do that, but nothing, nothing,
nothing other than the tree. Okay. I can tell the trees on denim. I’m just
seeing if there’s anything else around. That’s fine. All right. Not your up. I’m going to move right under him. Okay. Yes. Come on. I mean, I got to do this right. They’re
going to back out of here to do it. Yeah. Okay. I will cast MEJ hand. So your visibility
drops, it’s not appears, eh, hopefully. Hold on. Looking up at the sky and
this morning in his joy [inaudible] hands. Does he have a weapon right now? It doesn’t have a weapon?
No. He does have a uh, saints for a pillow bat. Yeah. He does have a long sword that he has
chief so he’s got one hand for it. But yeah, he wasn’t even trying to fight
it. He was just going directly for, and then bonus action
with major hand. I will, I will try to untie that bag. Okay. And go ahead and make a, uh, I don’t know
what I’m, it’s a themes. Tools check. So add your 30 modifier
plus your proficiency. [inaudible] terrible. Uh, uh, [inaudible] 12, 12, the MEJ hand kind of reaches up
to Chuck and it’s not moving. The leather straps you feel have a good
angle on it looking from underneath and you’re not quite sure how to mess with
it from the sinus. Not doing anything. Oban is like looking up, kind of work,
glances down and looks right towards you. Hello. This look of absolute surprise. Hits his face blown. Does it feel like shit’s
hitting the fan? Oh, definitely. When I was holding my turn. Yes. So what’s your action? You can’t really do much. Pretty [inaudible] in the BFV speeding. [inaudible] do you want it a
dash to get closer as your held action? That would be kind of your thing for going forward. You have to
declare what your action is. You’re holding it just as a heads
up. All right. Oh my, Oh man. Five 10 52025303545 right friend in
this moment and movements. 45 52 now art is it. Oh shit. Oh shit.
Usually all the way up to y’all. Shit. He wants to, I can move all the way up to Yashi if
you want to or you can [inaudible] okay. And I go hi. She’s like looks over
it and not the wings. Unfurled the when the fuck though the
mist kind of gathered around her for American and blowing slightly and Chico. Sorry. Sorry. Alrighty. So hold on. Yeah. Shut tree. Old bone Caleb Europe up kill you Mark
off a fourth round. Fuck no. Does that, what your was that your held action? I was holding my action
until the shit hit the fan. It was nuts. Turn the shit, hit
the fan. And now it’s our turn. It’s back at the top of the round. Go.
You go first. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. My number twin do it. I N hoping. I’m hoping that maybe if I go toe to
toe with Yasha and square off against Yasha, maybe Oban will see that as a distraction
and not can continue her plan. And I’m gonna [inaudible] square off and pop pop
against Yasha. Go for it. Well, confidently in
your, in your actions go no playbook, no playbook. Oh, okay. Oh, first roll sucks. It’s
a 12 second role is better. 25 second, attack those damage. I’m gonna use my staffy
Q and a K 11 damage crack. It hits her in the side. Her body barely ships the
rage itself into the blow 20. Yep. Or 18th, sorry. Yeah, she was
the stun. Just so my bonus, uh, you said you wrote a section yet. Flurry of blows pop pop SAC one and act two. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, I rolled in Nashville 19 on
the first one. So 29. Yep. Um, that is a six on the dice.
So 12 total studying strike. All right. Come on. 16 no, you got to hike because tuition
savings ropes are very [inaudible]. I thought it was a WIS. Nope.
Sign strike. Starting strike. She is a barbarian. Okay. Second one. A second one is 19 to hit, I think does it. Seven damage. Seven damage. All right.
His hits are like, she’s just shrugging them off walls and stunning strike again. One more
time. Okay. This is a bad idea. Burning through all my
points. Uh, 20 yeah. Sorry. On 13. Oh boy.
It’s my turn. All right. The finishing photos go
Caleb, you do anything. You can walk it off a fourth turn. Uh,
no. I don’t see this as a feasible, I shoved the chalk. You don’t see
this by the way, just so you know, you’re hidden back here. The
tree line is blocking everything, but it’s up to you. If you hear the sound of this fighting
and you do what you want to do, go for it. I, that is what I’m going
to do. I’m most shove the chalk away. I’m going to abandon the
teleportation circle. I’m going to move at a diagonal this
way to see what the fuck is going on. I know how long I have to, to draw this circle and I don’t
believe it’s going to happen. Okay. So I’m going this way. Do I see the fight happening? Yes, you do. I cast, uh, I pull out molasses on my hand and drag
it and cast us low on Oban and Yasha only [inaudible] and y’all show
only on, okay. Uh, that was a what? Saved 17 dexterity, right? Um, none of that’s correct.
I think it is slower. Okay. Where is it? Where is it? Wisdom is wisdom. Okay. Gotcha. 17. So, uh, 20 he succeeds. Dammit. Yasha 21. Oh, really? Hi.
Sorry. It’s fine. I’m out. I’ve given up on the teleportation
circle. I don’t know. Right. It happened. Okay. So just six rounds. Was it, does it matter? And the cat is too late
now you’re your exits out. Yeah. Uh, Oh boy. Alright. Jester, you’re
in. Y’all shop when you’re, Oh boy. Oh boy. That is, yeah. I’m going to have my duplicates move
out from behind the three. Alrighty. And I’m holding the, the 50 gold diamonds in my hand. I’m going to have my duplicate pull
out what looks like another heart. [inaudible] and she’s going
to walk forward and cast, um, insight, greed. What does that mean? Oh, so she’s going to make the, it
looked like she’s holding the heart. She’s going to say I have it. Or
if she’s not going to say shit, she’s just going to hold it up and walk
forward. Awesome. So insight greed. I’m not, that is a wisdom save of
17 of any creatures that I
choose within 30 feet of the spellcaster who is duplicate jester,
she moves as far forward as she can to get them within range. I don’t know
if Oban will be within normal range, but the tree and Yasha potentially
can you over 30 feet, right? Yeah. I can move her up a, yeah, 30
feet away from me after 120 feet. So they have to make a wisdom
saving throw. If they fail, then all they can do is try
to come towards the thing, the heart. Okay. You will Ms. Obama in this.
Just so you’re aware. Okay, so y’all all make sure save
done. No, that’s a fail. All right, so y’all shot, who was blade in hand about to turn on
Beauregard looks back towards you and suddenly and just kind of like one hand
goes out reaching towards the heart in illusory gestures. Hand means you
got it. What about the tree? Oh, you’re only tracking the
trees. Well that’s right. Tree 15 I believe that’s a fail as well. Yeah.
The tree also looks down towards you. The creaking sound of it’s wood twisting
as it glances downward and it looks like it’s also looking towards the
illusion, right? Yes. Yes. Great. Alright. Y’all show for her time. It’s
going to go ahead and you move up. Do rod, does she read my combat
range? She does Sentinel. All right, go for it. Ooh, Ooh. 27 27 that is my God. You’re coming back. She’s, she’s on. She’s super hon. Just 12 damage. Oh dammit.
Alright. Y’all shut up. It was also noted, determine
the scope. Let’s see. It does. I don’t see, it doesn’t say anything about attacking. It says, well, turn it in this
way. You preaching nothing, a charm by you until the spell ends
or until you are your companions. Do anything harmful to it. All right,
so y’all show as y’all should go, just run towards it. Turns back and
looks right at you. Even more furious. Drum spells, man. It’s a bitch. Doesn’t say it doesn’t
say that on this, on this description. So I would’ve, yeah, I would’ve said it. It says when you guys present the jam
Tuesday number of creature within range 16 on a wisdom saving through.
I’ll be charming to you. Does anything happen harmful to me.
Got it. Sorry. Yeah. Well fuck five. But she stays there. She and
she either turn. Alrighty. Sorry. That’s okay. [inaudible] okay, now [inaudible] y’all
should drop the charm. Before she had taken all of our
actions, so she’s going to turn on you. So we took the tree out of the play.
Reckless with the transplant. One thing, letting them, yeah, there’s not
funding us. That’s going to be [inaudible] and everything. It’s
kinda the most about 23 to hit. Yeah. And it gets no 18 misses. You suffer 13 points of slashing damage from the
skin Gorge are attacking Yasha and because of her necrotic shroud, you take an
additional 10 points in aquatic damage. So 23, terrible. Correct. Fuck man.
That 61, right. Okay. Alrighty. Fuck. It’s now the rates turn, the Wraith is going to spend its turn
moving towards and trying to grab the gem from the illusory jester and does nothing,
which frustrates the fuck out of it. Or it makes another wisdom
saving through. Well, yeah. And it’s just like looking at it now and
it’s like trying to reach forward and couple it or anything, so it just kind
of stays there. Forward. You’re up. Uh, I will, uh, move 30 feet out from behind the tree
and advanced towards Oban and Yasha. Uh, I will, what is the
distance from me to that group? That group you’re looking at about, uh, like 80 or so feet to Oban and 70 or Sophie? Asha does not do much. I do. Um, I will, uh, look that bad or the Papa. Uh, with my bonus action, I will um, speak the command word to the star raiser
and say godless VAR and caused it to emit this blue glow. You watch the runes along
the sword bringing the light
up with this blue radiant and glow that now begins to
project off of the sword. Out to arrange is not as glowing
beacon of blue rating energy. And I will fire a to a blast of
elders blast at O bond at Oban. Alrighty. Uh, that is a 16 and a 23. Um, the six 16 misses, but the 23 minutes, uh, that is [inaudible] uh, 11 points of Eldritch blast damage. All righty. 11 points to Oban. You got it. Finish your turn for, does he
drop the heart and the skull? No, a is now Oban stern Oban having
this sees the fiddling with it. Shit looks around you. Him glancing around for any
sign of the laughing hand cause we’ll find him later. He’s going to go
ahead and soup down towards the Asha and he’s going to go ahead and reach out
and say, come on up. We have work to do and he’s going to go ahead and
attempt to go plain shifting. There’s only two of us that can stop this
and I still only have two spare slots chips. Yeah, countless. About you have
one most the range on Carver stone. Let’s find out 60 feet. I’m too far away. 0152020530 354050556070 feet away. Is that a range? All right, because that grabs Yasha to theirs because she’s
stationary from Sentinel. Nothing doesn’t matter if you
change at all. It’s for the best. We would have died if they
would have stayed, so, Oh, some bad roles. Nope. That’s okay. That’s actually okay. The best it could be.
Honestly, [inaudible] have
died down 100% of every day. You get that fucking murder, but
you still have a pistol, giant tree, and then we have to hide so that the
laughing hand doesn’t find this. No. Caleb can do the spell right. You have enough time now
you can do a teleportation. Can we kill him? The
laughing ham over here. He keeps talking about weird
pass and his, I think he, I think he went to the
laughing. Yeah, I don’t, I think they love to be plain shifted. If you plain chips you
use on it’s another plane. I don’t think we can take
the laughing here either. Say yes and damage. We’ll all be working for the laughing
hand before the end of that fight. We got to safely try and
get out of here. Yeah. That is not that we teleport
the laughing hand back to uh, with what your hos, well, what’s the
next step on combat action? What does, what’s going on? What’s
the tree? No people there. The tree is just staring at
gestures. Spell. Yeah. Uh, but we’ll come around
to that. So not Europe. You watched Oban vanish or the Asha. That’s okay. Dammit. Are we trying
to kill this tree? No, no, no. Get away. Cares about. I will disengage and run as far
back towards Caleb as possible. Okay. Men unless the Oban grab
like a gallbladder and didn’t
actually get the heart. Yeah. All right. I mean the laughing hands
are friends still. No, he’s not. Not anymore. One hour.
He’s already been an hour. He’s about an hour. You got about three minutes and then he’s
going to realize he got messed with by us, but he’s also on
the outside perimeter. We just need to not waste time
circle and finish it too though. Alright Bo, Caleb, I’ll start making my
way over to the circle. I think I used all my moving to get there. So one thing of moving and I will start
to draw. Alright, so another minute. Beginning in the circle.
Oh, we start over. Well, I mean I’ve drawn on the ground, right? Do we pick up where we left off
or do we realistically, yeah, no. Do I have enough chalk to
do it? As you walk away, the sigil kind of vanishes for a
second. Do I have enough shock to do it? We’ll say yes you do. Okay. Alright.
But you don’t get to just continue the, the spell. You are in the process
of undoing the four of them. You have to do it over
again. You got it. All right. Oh boy. Guys, is the tree pissed off at me?
Do I get a sense that he’s mad? The tree is currently focused on
gestures. Duplicative [inaudible]. How does it feel about, huh? I
in disengage and ready for the to the seven and went and do
it. Do I need to disengage? Am I in his melee range? No, I’m
not going to spend a key point. I’m just going to run. I’m going
to gouge my eyes out with my stuff. Pencil. Wait. I know. That’s how every
accident has ever happened. Yeah, don’t do that. Yeah. I’m very [inaudible]. [inaudible] your husband. Not even a
sharp pencil. It doesn’t have sun damage. Okay. My mom had to getting my shit. [inaudible] it’s all good. Okay. While while it is this thing is
distracted from the minute that you come straight in the spell, but you give
me just enough time to prepare. Okay. The circle [inaudible] so as you
guys go and gather near Caleb. Yeah. The tree is still focused on the, on the illusion that you kind of stayed
within the range to maintain nice. Right as the, uh, that against the fade
and the tree turns on the very edge. You can see running lumbering
out of the side of the darkness. Laughing hand. Well, three, you finished the circle. [inaudible]
are you guys all Russians? Yup. Asana. All right. You all vanished back to
the core of the dynasty. Satisfying. Well, I don’t know. I’m okay. Close to a window as we were
going to get, which is most dead. We could’ve gov could’ve gone there. It
was closed away from getting better. No, it was, if he rolled really high and
trying to pull it out of the tree, I didn’t know how long
it’d take him. I’m sorry. Pretty quick. He did
all things considered. This is as good as it
could have went. Well, where does it go? What would
have been to us with the [inaudible]? This is the best. Losing
this is the best losing we could have had. Well, it’s true. That is correct.
I’m okay with the best law. Okay. With a good loss. But definitely a loss. Humans are pissed off like, you
know what, we’re not dead. No, we have a short amount of time to make
an impact and we love to make our Mark on this world is gone. Well. Shit was so stressful. I was ready. I did still
have turn, undead and blind. A lot of spell slots. Left
group font. I have to, I have my auto turn on dads.
Caleb to fight. Yeah, we know. That’s why he fucking abandoned the
teleportation circle and [inaudible] all those rounds. That never
fucking happened. Okay. Everywhere live. Everyone
made mistakes except for me. I feel pretty confident and just breaking a pencil
in the tiny shards over here. Small pieces. Yeah. Well guys, I mean we’re alive. You’re alive. You’re alive. And we’ll continue this
in a couple of weeks. Fuck no, it’s fine, man. Dammit. I
know. It’s frustrating you. Sorry. Your sword finally make it glow. Lightsaber up. Lightsaber down by Denine hasn’t had a victory in
some time. Yeah. Mighty night socks. The big no fucking no. I keep a fucking chattering fucking
puzzles, huh? Everyone loves it. Loser. We’re good. Mini TPK moments
in that though, you guys are really sweet. You guys bought some, somebody scraped whatever fucking things
that avoided some serious challenges here. Remember the idea was to get there
before they did and get out undetected. We were in their shit the whole
time and we lived. That’s okay. That’s all I actually, if we
had gotten here before them, I, I deeply believe we could have pulled
this off. So if we got here before, that didn’t happen. Still feel like we should’ve pulled
it off when we had the chance. Man, we should’ve swiped as shit
before we even got here. The with three hounds would have shown
up and we would in one room when we can always guarantee a victory
when we died on Wendy’s food. [inaudible] for whatever the fuck that is. You always win with Wendy [inaudible] don’t even know. So
insane. The humbling began. Yeah. The humbling is
here. The humbling is here, but we’ll continue the next leg of
this venture in a couple of weeks. Until then, we’ll love you guys. We
love you very much. And is it Thursday? Mondays, Thursday. [inaudible].


HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
0:30 Sam is paranoid (sidenote: this game looks awesome)
2:50 Laura is wet after that performance
3:55 Fall programming update (I’ll try to stamp Undeadwood, sleep is for the weak)
5:25 Wendy, you don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into
6:45 Laura’s merch update
8:45 Intro cinematic
10:20 Episode Starts (wow)
17:15 Horse informants
28:00 Registering a complaint with Essik
31:25 Essik really wants to be done
36:50 Caduceus asks for directions
38:45 Matt does a good toad
40:10 Race round 2
48:25 Troy and Abed handshake
52:20 Everyone likes Jester head
53:00 No toes
54:10 Beau is not a name taker
55:15 Tired footprints
55:45 2 by 2
58:35 It’s called The Old Forest, btw
1:07:05 Jester scams a 50gp pearl out of Beau
1:09:10 Speak with dead
1:10:45 Pundead
1:17:30 Shifting the mists
1:19:15 Yasha an Obon
1:25:50 3 options
1:27:00 The Wu Tang clans roam the plains of Wildemount, canon
1:32:15 Rufus Wainwright
1:32:55 Multitasking while meditating
1:38:30 To the tree
1:40:00 Break Starts
1:50:35 Art Montage
2:03:20 Break Ends
2:03:45 Laura speaks her own language
2:05:30 Plan is ruined part 1
2:07:25 Plan is ruined part 2
2:10:30 Calling shotgun (shut up)
2:19:10 Professor Thaddeus is still out there
2:20:10 Breaking out of polymorph
2:22:30 Out of gas
2:23:25 Bumpy landing
2:31:30 Saying goodbye too soon
2:34:15 Teleport now
2:36:00 Oh no, Matt has a map
2:38:45 Nott seizes the opportunity
2:41:20 Mage hand
2:47:45 She’s just figuring it out now?
2:58:40 Don’t know how to play? Jeremy Crawford’s twitter
3:02:20 Demon fight
3:12:55 It’s been awhile
3:14:25 The chase
3:18:40 The Laughing Hand is a funny guy
3:19:50 Laura has to hold it
3:22:00 Fjord changes the game
3:26:55 In context, the deforestation is okay
3:36:35 Sam makes a great argument for Dwarven forge
3:40:55 Frumpkin’s legs are broken
3:49:05 High stress shenanigans begin
3:51:50 Always support Yasha’s rages
3:57:55 Beau can’t do much
4:11:00 Fight over
4:14:15 Beau gauges her eyes out live on stream
4:15:40 No, it didn’t actually go very well
4:17:10 Sam did nothing wrong, ever
4:18:40 I could really go for some Wendy’s
4:19:25 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 8th of Dualahei 836. Sam’s flask is a meme of Laura flexing with Sam in the background, labeled “Me, my flask, Laura” Sam’s conspiracy board says “Who is the lady in the red dress?” “Fluoride is good for your teeth” “Dinosaurs or just big lizards?” “The government” and “Helvetica”
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

Caduceus is supposed to be able to communicate simply with nature, and Matt has not once done anything with that. Kind of disappointing.

this episode i think highlights the issue with target fixation. they fixated on a single thing so much they didnt allow anything else to be an option despite there being alot of other potential plans. All in all despite my disappointment with the overall decisions that were made (no specific person cause no one really had more or less say. they did try communicating equally) im just glad none of them are dead and hope they use it to find out what to work on.

Marisha, yet again has paid no fucking attention to anything.

Just sitting there saying "dope" in her head all game.

2:50:00 the whole spell components thing (or most of 'em, not all) can be avoided by having an Arcane Focus.. minus components with a cost. I sure hope Fjord and Caleb consider this in the near future Nevermind they LITERALLY go over this the moment after I typed this >_>

😆 you would think that someone who is so invested in this Critical Roll thing would try to put forth the effort to learn more about the game. M. Ray Sue!

Man that ending was PAINFUL! but the fact that they can fail does make their victories feel all the more earned. Still hurts though, especially when they were SOO close!

People tend to forget a rather important part of Pass Without A Trace is that you…well… pass without a trace, you leave no trail and cannot be tracked so if they wanted as long as they didn't make enough noise they could have sprinted.

Essek has become the real MVP NPC of the whole campaign with the amount of shit he has to do for AND put up with from the M9, and those fuckers can't even muster a 'thank you'? I love them, but they all need to be slapped.

And it only took him like 60 episodes to turn his luck with the dice around

The dice gods have finally showed him mercy

I have been very disappointed in the last few episodes dragging on, decisions being horrible, no cohesiveness to any decision made, and constant talking with no action. They literally let a beautiful opportunity slip away. This episode in particular was so frustrating, I cringed so hard and i wished Marisha stopped trying to take control. I wonder if anyone else feels the same? I play D&D 5e, have played D&D 3.5, vampire and dragon star. I dont know how they could screw it up this bad. Ive been in hyped battles with 9 different players and even the loudest one could be reigned in by the party. I think they would all benefit from chilling out and talking among themselves about teamwork instead of individuals constantly trying to control everything. I think things did however work better when Fjord was somewhat trying to be in a leadership position. Now Liam and Talesin are just trying to keep sanity and logic on the table.

Somebody else pointed this out, but this episode was terrible, because it was just Matt railroading the players and retconning things, and ignoring the players' choices and action, to force one outcome. Matt said they would overtake Oban in that hour of polymorphed travel. Then they polymorphed AGAIN, to get even FURTHER ahead than Matt said they would be with that first hour of travel. The tree was a day's travel ahead of them on foot, and Oban was 3-6 hours ahead of the group, on foot. There was no possible way for Oban to have made it to the tree in those two hours. He was AT LEAST 18 hours from the tree. Then, after they polymorphed a SECOND time, the spell happens to end right over Oban's camp? Even though there was no way he could have moved that far ahead in that time? Matt railroaded them into combat. He had a series of events that he decided were going to happen, no matter what the players did, and that's really terrible DMing. The players were clever, and were going to avoid the combat Matt had in mind, so he changed his mind, and moved Oban right up near the tree, to make it so that they'd have to fight him anyway. I'm miffed.

Y'know, I think t'was time for Matt to fudge some rolls. The built-up dissatisfaction from this villain is getting too much. The plotline needs some positive resolution, it
drags as is for way too long.

pro tip; if you do not feel comfortable or happy doing what you find yourself doing, you're probably not That Person.

Poor decision after poor decision. They might as well have skipped the last two episodes for all they accomplished.

I'm pissed off too, but for a reason I don't see anyone talking about. When Polymorph was wearing off the second time, and the M9 just happened to come down on top of Oban's camp within a minute of the 2-hour mark, did anyone ask themselves, what are the odds of that? Two hours of flight, and they just happened to come down on top of the bad guy's camp after all that travel distance? Pretty close to zero, I'd say. The only explanation is that that was a DM decision on Matt's part. A way to "spice things up a little" as it were. Which means that Matt Mercer alone is COMPLETELY responsible for the entire [email protected] that happened afterwards. Not something he intended, I'm sure, but something I hope he remembers the next time he decides to make a dice roll-less decision that could have easily gotten the whole party TPK'd.

Instead of constantly being negative towards everyone else's plans and ideas, maybe Taliesin could try offering some solutions of his own?

Why didnt Yasha get to make a wisdom save against obon's "fiendish charm" when she took damage from the tree or Boe?

The quality of the captions has really gone downhill since the introduction of the live captioning. Other than that, it's a great episode, as always

its so heartbreaking how Caleb is so adamant about getting Yasha away from the people imprisoning her – like of course he'd be the one trying so hard to get her away from her abusers and slavers because thats where he used to be, and he doesn't want that for her any longer that she has to endure it

I’m sure people have mentioned it somewhere, but the “summon greater demon” spell’s components can be replaced by an arcane focus. However, you can choose to draw a circle to protect yourself from the demon that you summon. If you want to draw said circle, you need the component because it is considered consumed by the spell.

I love them I do but they took way to much time talking and "planning" this was 100% they're fault and could have been avoided

Sometimes these experienced players seem like Noob idiots with piss poor planning and indecision. If this is Matt's attempt to replicate "actual game conditions" I think it's a disservice to the cast. By now we should be seeing more definitive, good choices from this cohesive group.

For the first time ever, I can fully and confidently say that Nott had the best plan xD What has the world come to 😉

I’m at 3:23:46 so I guess I’ll find out if I’m right soon if it’s confirmed in this episode but I believe the extra role Fjord had to make to charm the Laughing Hand was to overcome some kind of magic that Oban was using to keep it in his Thrall. If the Nein are lucky Fjord actually broke that magic which means when the charm ends while the Hand will probably try to kill them it will also try to kill Oban.

I love this episode just because of the end 2 minutes where everyone is angrily making jabs at each other but all in good fun. Thats how you can tell it was a good session

ESSEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK I just want him to be happy what do you need baby a hug, some chalk I'll give you everything

I have to say I'm kind of pissed that during the ending not once did Caleb considered to throw a fire ball and disrupt Oban

Matt, you're a great DM in most ways, but you very blatantly railroaded them into combat here. You went back on what you said to the players about how far they could go in that hour of travel, when you realized they could cast it twice. And what are the odds of them falling onto Oban's campsite EXACTLY when those two hours of travel end? SERIOUSLY??? The players were clearly trying to make this a fast mission to finally be ahead of something for once. They did everything right. It was they best possible plan of action. They even risked pissing off Essek to beat Oban. But you decided to ignore all of that and place everybody into the same location, to fight, and you put Oban at the tree RIGHT as they show up. What a coincidence. Come on, man… :/ This was really not fun to watch. I was so excited to see them pull off stealing it right from under Oban's nose. That would have been awesome. Not this. The constant combat is a slog, to boot… The strategizing and cleverness of the players was fun to watch. But DM determinism is not fun; especially when it completely disregards what the players do.

Loved the episode but man…. A lot of "what the hell are you guy's doing?!?!" Players did well with little planning and a lot of bad rolls on their side…… But one that's of many things that keeps me watching!

Aw damn. I feel really bad for M9, they really need a win at this point. Like an actual win. :(( I understand what it feels like not to do well in a session but they make the wins all the more sweeter. It could have been worse and maybe have led to another death if it had pushed thru with both clerics having the few spell slots they had. They did their best. :'(

I have genuine trouble believing Laura and Liam aren’t siblings.

Laura: “Maybe if Frumpkin’s mini was better he’d be better at literally anything.”

Liam: “You shut your mouth Laura Bailey.”

Okay I feel like Essek has a soft spot for Caleb and Caleb was taking advantage of that when he made it clear "it was him asking". Like, yah it's important that they get where they need to go, but they need to make this up to Essek. Especially Caleb

What was the blue book Matt looked in when the discussion of giant creatures was going on? Was it the monster manual? It looked really cool.

This is the third time the Mighty Nein have been on the back foot against Oban. He escaped when they tried to crash his secret meeting and when they chased after him they ended up simultaneously losing Yasha and helping him unseal the laughing hand. Finally, after spending all their resources catching up with him, they could only watch as Oban quickly and easily got what he was after.

Three encounters with Oban and they're in an even worse state than before. I can see why that would be demoralising, especially when they've put all other threads on hold to deal with him.

As a narrative I actually kinda like seeing the M9 hesitate and panic when they are afraid. I think it would be cool to see the M9 grow from this and establish (loose) roles, such as leader, strategist, healer, vanguard, specialist, etc. It would minimize everyone talking over eachother, and also potentially give characters a new way to develop into these roles. Just a thought. I don't want them to meta game this, just thought it would be cool.

The better title should have been “Waiting and Failing”. So many bad decisions this episode revolving around waiting. I understand the fears of a TPK but they were way too cowardly and cautious this episode. I hope going forward they realize the mistake but it didn’t look like it at the end there.

Am I the only one who feels like Matt made a mistake in his timing? Yasha (including crew) killed the hunters around 3-6 hours earlier when the scry saw them at camp, are two hours away at giant owl flying speed (so presumably more than two hours walking speed, but at least two hours away), are seen sitting at camp at 8-ish at night but not sleeping, and are done with camp 3 hours later (1 hour short rest and 2 hours flying) in the middle of the night. It was too much time for a short rest, but not nearly enough time for them to get a long rest and way too quick to have been just a reaction to them falling through the trees. So did Matt intend for Yasha's group to have been taking a long rest through the night and just messed up the time and had them get up way too early? If not what were they doing at camp? If that was a mishap it could have made a huge difference in the outcome of this video if the MN had a few more hours. I know it is just a game and mistakes happen. I am not upset or frustrated, just confused and wondering what happened.

Can someone go thru and calculate the probability of Matt's rolls that dude almost exclusively rolls above a 15

Is it me or does everyone (sam in particular) seem really young looking today? Did Talesin do some rejuvenation ritual to deliver his immortality unto the others?

Matt was generous there I totally wouldve let them go off and fly and have their spells peter out on them,I wouldve been like, you guys have been playing for how long now? You should know to read your spells.

The Mighty Neins problem is half the team are sometimes liabilities because of character choices. BEFORE I go further, let me state something very clearly.

I do not blame Marisha, Sam or Laura. They chose to play problematic characters but it's roleplay and sometimes it's fun to play atypical heroic types. Beau, to be blunt, is a stubborn asshole. Loveable sometimes, but still a jerk. Marisha plays her very well.

Jester is a chaotic type who is ignorant of social graces and often says and does stupid things. It's the character. Shes literally a jester and is played well in that way by Laura.

Nott is an impulsive drunk and once again, is played well by Sam in this way.

The thing is, when you have half your team often doing counterproductive things because that's the way the characters would act, it makes encounters harder.

Vox was heroic and classic D&D tropes. It's easier to consistently succeed like that. The M9 will never succeed as much because they're misfits, not classic "heroes". Again, this is not slamming the players. If anything it's harder to consistently role play so many character flaws and be consistent. I just hope it doesn't bite them in the butt eventually in a permanent way because they have been very lucky a few times that they came out of things whole.

I really hope the Nein get a good win, and soon. There has been very little combat lately and they've been handed two heavy losses by Oban. You can tell by body language, especially towards the end, that the players are frustrated.

I know as a DM above all you want your players to feel like they accomplish things sometimes because if games are a series of losses it becomes much less fun.

Hoping Matt has some encounters planned that aren't so near impossible so that the Nein can get some mojo back. As is stands they didn't get anywhere in the Empire and have now taken two huge losses against Oban. They are going to end up wearing out there welcome with the Bright Queen of they don't start making some forward progress, and fast.

I thought in the last episodes of Talks Machina, Travis said that there will not be an episode this week, as they are all out of town. I'm so happy I was wrong!

Wow. This was one of those sessions.
This is how you know you're watching real D&D. No scripted show would spend 90 minutes arguing like that.
They're still a great group, but it happens to everyone from time to time.

Damn it's a shame Nott couldn't sleight of hand with the mage hand on that grab attempt. I mean it's basically pickpocketing.

Dunno about you guys but I'm really getting tired of all the "GUIDANCE! GUIDANCE! MOTHERFUCKINGGUIDANCE!!" absolutely every time someone attempts anything at all.

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