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Tom Sox Pitcher Jared Wetherbee on Tom Sox TV

Tom Sox Pitcher Jared Wetherbee on Tom Sox TV

Today on Tom Sox TV we take an inside
look at one of the rising superstars here at the Charlottesville Tom Sox –
left-handed pitcher Jared Wetherbee of the Elon Phoenix.
Jared’s had a phenomenal start to his summer he leads the team in strikeouts
of everyone that’s left here he’s been the solid starter all summer long he’s
here when it started he’s here when it’s ending and is a great arm out of the pen
for Coach Hunt. For Jared it’s all about getting a little bit better this season
just trying to perfect everything he had a great freshman season at Elon he was CAA
first-team he was the freshman of the year at Elon University down in North
Carolina so a lot to build on for this young left-hander so here’s our inside
look at left-handed pitcher Jared Wetherbee. So to start it off you know
there’s a lot of similarities that people can put between travel ball at
the high school level and summer ball at the college level what are some of the
similarities that you’ve been able to see in your time here in Charlottesville? [Jared] I mean you know obviously you know the grind portion of you playing
a lot you’re playing in an environment we’re not really particular you’re not
really uh there’s a good comfortable the beginning at really too familiar with it
I mean you play with a bunch of guys that you know come from all walks of
life come from all different levels of play in college and it’s just it’s a
real great time you get to meet a whole bunch of new people know a whole bunch
more a lot of places where my summer but you wouldn’t really know you wouldn’t
really know where where people go I mean I haven’t there was some people just to
give an example of Jack Morris like I never even heard North Greenville and Jack’s
been hitting the crap out of the ball for us so it’s it’s really good to see its see people coming
from all corners of the country. Everyone comes to summer ball with something that
they want to work on something they want to perfect something that they would like to
have better to take back to our College coaches is there anything in particular
that you really tried to focus on and hone in on here with the Tom Sox? I mean
I think it’s just becoming just an overall better pitcher and you know you
take a look at that from all sorts hangers you can talk about you talk
about command you can talk about you know you can talk about predictability
you can talk about keeping runners on there’s a bunch of things I mean
obviously there’s always something to work on and I think for me it’s just
sort of been taking everything a day at a time taking a look at film and seeing
what can i what can I do to get better whether that’s finding better location
my off-speed or overall command or keeping runners on Of course you work closely with all of
the different pitchers here you know the McMullen brothers Justice all of them together is
there anything in particular to grab for maybe with hey I might use that when I
get back to Elon something that you might be able to use going forward in your career? Yeah
absolutely I mean it’ll be like I was saying earlier these guys come from from all
sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of styles of pitching and you know just to
be able to the two guys years off a little bit about what they do that’s
effective for them and see if I can play that into into the way I pitch and I
think that’s another great thing about summer ball is you can talk to guys who
pitch who pitch similar to you who have a different style than you and you can
pick up just about anything you want not only from the coaching staff but from your teammates as well. Before we let you go kind more of a fun question you pitched in many of the parks in a
Valley League this summer what has been the favorite Park for you to pitch in this
summer so far? Favorite Park to pitch in yeah I don’t mind C-Ville Weekly all that
bad I mean it did stays pretty consistent I mean you go around the
Valley a little bit there’s some fields where that it has its good days it has
two bad days but you know we take we take we take pride in keeping this field
team this field ready to go every game day and it’s been really great to pitch
off this mound Thank you for joining us. No problem. There’s your inside look at left-handed pitcher Jared Wetherbee one the rising
stars with the Charlottesville Tom Sox I’m Zach Hamilton and this has been Tom
Sox TV.

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