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Top 10 Beginning Golfer Mistakes

Top 10 Beginning Golfer Mistakes

good morning special day to you we have
a special guest in our video today let’s go alright I have my friend Rosie he’s
gonna join us today you’re a first-time golfer right yes very first time please
today’s video is about first-time golfer mistakes make sure you take care of now
you’ll be fine also rosie has a cool youtube channel she
does great videos about teens and moms and teen moms yes go check me out link
down below so I’ll leave a link in the description below for her be sure to
subscribe to both channels and hit the like button if you like this video now
let’s get to the top mistakes mistakes of golf let’s go okay Rosie you went
about a 75% refresher at 16 degrees shoulder tilt headed at 16 degree angle
hands are at 8 degrees Fahrenheit and you got that and then the ball position
goes at 14 parallel to all right here’s the deal
tips and instruction are for the driving range not the golf course okay
once you are on the course instruction stops otherwise it’s gonna be a a long
miserable day for first-time you ready you’re gonna need this hi Rosie
you ready got a 422 yards par 4 go to it good luck yeah okay here don’t be afraid to tee up
as far forward as possible even in the fairway it’s totally cool okay Rosie can
only hit it maybe a hundred yards so she’s gonna play this par-4 from 150 be
a lot more realistic a lot more fun for her shot smoke that one let’s move on
here comes tip number three okay this tip we want to tee up every shot you
have okay don’t strike oil on the golf course just get get everything fairway
tee box get everything on a tee it’s gonna be a lot easier that shot brings
up her neck okay so tip number four is this she does not get a mulligan or
extra shot that that’s gonna just won’t be here all day so we’re going to take
the ball put it where she might have hit it if she had hit a good shot which I’m
gonna say is like on the fringe or something like that sound good let’s go hold on Rosie hold on this is six-five
okay uh this tip is do not do not let the new beginning golfer use a sand
wedge or something crazy when chipping use a hybrid or the putter
it’s gonna save you a lot of frustration out there my shot well the rocket burns over hold on hold
on hold on hold on this will be tip number six come on
Rosie never never let the beginning golfer
play out of the sand trap it’s gonna be a disaster out here look sorry right
there here’s your hybrid give me that I’ll rake you go hit your shot all right I think we need tips number seven okay
tip number seven is this we’re gonna give Rosie a three-putt maximum so after
three putts she gets to pick it up we move on to the next hole don’t you have like a tip number eight
okay Rosie good fit not a good part it’s okay you’re a beginner we’re learning
here’s what we’re gonna do I am going tip tip number eight is this I’m going
to put the flagstick where you should try to hit your ball just to get your
ball to because that you probably don’t know how to read the Greens very well or
the speed that kind of thing so as the experienced player in the group take it
upon yourself to just help out a little bit okay that’s how you do it and that
the other one went in the bunker that’s not good this was much better yes let’s
move on love that tip here we go I guess it’s
time for tip number nine okay so this tip is adjust as you go Rosie’s been
crushing her driver I got so we moved her back a little bit if she’s not
hitting it great we’re gonna move her forward so tip number nine is just make
adjustments as you go to accommodate for wherever they’re at that day hey what’s
this number ten tip number ten is uh get your mister short-game merch link in the
description below no just joking tip number ten is have fun out there all
right yeah don’t take things too seriously and if if you’re the guy
playing and you’re just going crazy and trying to be all serious she’s gonna
make her time miserable all right everybody thanks for watching
hope you liked this little video if you did hit that like button be sure to
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already and go check out Rosie’s
channel link in the description below what do you think I think great thank
you brother anytime all right love you guys see the
next video okay I told you that the ball you gotta back up you gotta back up no
no this way this way there you go great


Loved the video and the tips. My fiancee has just started playing and has been frustrated on the course. I think these tips will help move the game along and will keep things fresh for her and not so long for me lol. Rosie is quite the golf partner Mr Short game!!!!!

Tip #1 practice your golf game at the driving range. Tip #2 If you still can't hit your ball with some consistency at the golf course refer to tip number #1.

Tip number one….never take a begining golfer to the course itself….take them to the driving range instead. Sorry Mr. short game…double bogey on this video…but, do a video on an actual lesson….i think that would be a win, win for everybody.

Great video Tip #1 is a must . Take them to the driving range a few times before the actual coarse . The rest are very good tips I will use on my boys when they are ready to join me. Rosy you did a great job please don't give up and keep playing. Hope we see a follow up video of her progress. I think it would help many beginners seeing a first timer evolve into loving the game .Thanks again for the great video

Best tip for beginners: start at the driving range and don’t go to the course until you can hit it kinda consistently.

Story time: I went to the driving range for 4 months before ever stepping on the golf course, and even after all of that, I still shot a 118. However, a year and half later, through hundreds of hours of practice im breaking 85 almost always. And 80 on a semi regular basis. Practice works people!

Great vlog Matt. That made me laugh. I’m an experienced golfer and I sometimes hit the ball like Rosie. Have fun!!!

She is absolutely gorgeous, but I agree with other posters that say getting lessons first and spending time at the practice range is necessary to avoid frustration and slow play. Only problem is that astroturf is considerably more forgiving than real grass in terms of fat and thin shots, so even if you play well at the range, you might still be in for a surprise on the course. Basically learn the fundamentals and then pick an easy course on a week day to get some experience. I like your chivalry and agree with most of your tips. Beginners and high handicappers need all the help they can get.

merry christmas to you and those you love mr short game ,u2 rosie and you did pretty darn good in my eyes

A few times a year my buddies and myself will bring our wives out. We play best ball as teams to keep things moving but I really like the idea of them hitting from tees every time

Did any of you care about the golf tips? Seems most were more interested in Rosy. Too many creepers. 🤨 Hopefully your wives/girlfriends don't read your comments.

Probably the 1st Mr. Shortgame video I could not watch until the end. Swing and a miss on this one. Still gave a thumbs up though because I appreciate your content and your passion and enthusiasm for the game. Looking forward to more golf tips, reviews, and humor in 2020!

Mr. ShortGame, this video is totally worthless, and the music is stupid. You should have taken this lovely lady to a driving range and shown her the basics of the golf swing. No wonder you've lost to Mike Reifuss four times in a row. Golf is a mental game & sometimes, as this video proves, you seem to suffer from brain farts.

Ignore the naysayers Mr shortgame! Grow the game, golf is played on the course and the sooner people are introduced to the course the better.

These are great. You're not playing the US Open. And if anyone on the course gives you a hard time, tell them to get stuffed 🙂

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