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Top 10 Supervillain Freakouts We’ll Never Forget

Top 10 Supervillain Freakouts We’ll Never Forget

Villains are used to losing but sometimes
they get pushed over the edge. Of a cliff! In some cases. Today we are going to be taking a look at
those moments where supervillains got pushed to far either by their own expectations or
by heroes constantly raining on their parade. Come on, heroes! Give these supervillains a break. Everyone deserves their day in the sun. Right? Today we’ll be counting down the top 10
supervillain freakouts we’ll never forget. Those times when supervillains just couldn’t
deal and resorted to a toddler-like ultra supervillain tantrum. Or just reacted very poorly to a situation
out of instinct or intense emotion. Who are your favourite supervillains? What instances have noticed them behave like
the sorest loser? Let us know in the comments below. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Doctor Doom Loses His Cool and His Cape In Marvel Super-Heroes vol 2, issue 8 out
of the 90s, we get to see the brilliant Doctor Doom take on Iron Man and Squirrel Girl. While he handily manages to defeat Iron Man,
he underestimates Squirrel Girl, just like Iron Man does earlier in the comic. This turns out to be a big mistake as she
gets a bunch of squirrels to sneak onto his ship and attack him, nibbling away at his
armor. Not only does he start freaking out, trying
to fling squirrels off of himself which is admittedly pretty funny but he then loses
it to the point that he decides to open his emergency hatch on his ship and so that he
can escape by plummeting to the ground. I love how when supervillains get embarrassed
they just say screw it to their own safety and do whatever they can to get out of the
situation. Poor Doctor Doom also loses his cape in the
process. How embarrassing. 9
Dormammu Gets Trapped in a Time Loop Dormammu gets annoyed into losing his cool,
in the MCU’s film Doctor Strange. This is a huge villain for Doctor Strange
to be going up against, especially in his origins. But Doctor Strange is kind of mystical progeny. As he proves when he goes up against Doctor
Dormammu. He causes Dormammu to give into his frustration
when he continues to time loop his defeat to Dormammu, continuing to come back and asking
Dormammu to bargain with him. The villain’s response to kill Doctor Strange
each time in anger out of being trapped. Finally Dormammu is so annoyed that he demands
to be set free to have this stop. Doctor Strange is willing to do so in exchange
for his world being free of Dormammu’s torment forever. Surprisingly the supervillain is so bothered
by the loop that he agrees. 8
Lex Luthor’s Plan Backfires In the original Action Comics series, Lex
Luthor comes up with a brilliant and deranged plan to try and trap Superman in another dimension. The plot involves having him fall in love
with a clone of Angela Blake, and then having Superman kiss her on his wedding day, whereby
both will be transported to the L-Zone, trapped forever. This plan gets set in motion after wiping
his memories of the actual plot so that Superman will never suspect Luthor. Unfortunately Superman escapes, leaving Lex
to mourn uncontrollably the loss of the terminally ill woman that he still loves. Normally, I’m looking to blame superheroes
for these freakouts but really Lex has no one to blame but himself. 7
Harley Quinn Snaps at Duella Dent In the new 52 we were introduced to a character
who claimed to be Joker’s daughter, despite the fact that her name more makes you think
of Two-Face, Duella Dent. When Harley Quinn and Duella are forced to
work together on the Suicide Squad, the two constantly bump heads and show a distaste
for one another. This fued comes to a boiling point when in
the New Suicide Squad series, Harley is accused of being too weak for the Joker by Duella,
who wears the Joker’s old skinned face on top of her own. Harley tackles her threw a wall and throws
her into oncoming traffic before pummelling her into unconsciousness, warning Duella that
the Joker isn’t a game and showing that she snapped as a result of thinking Duella
is basically a fool for liking him at all. This fight ends with Harley victorious and
declaring to Manta that she is helping Duella and that she is a psychiatrist. This might be one of my favourite freak outs
of Harley’s as it feels so deserved. Duella can be majorly annoying. 6
Edward Nygma Becomes a Killer in Gotham Get ready because this one is a sad freak-out. In the television series Gotham we get to
explore the backstory of many of Gotham’s dark characters. One such character is supervillain the Riddler
who is Edward Nygma at the time, a forensic investigator. He loves a woman named Kris Kringle who is
being abused by her boyfriend. When Nygma finds this out he tries to put
a stop to it. The effort results in a fight with Kringle’s
boyfriend,Tom Dougherty, whom Edward Nygma kills. Feeling pretty good about what he’s done
he confesses this to Kris as well as his love for her. She does not take this information well and
calls him a murderer, stalker and psychopath. Nygma does not take well to being called a
psychopath and he snaps. The two get into toa fight and Nygma accidentally
suffocates and chokes KrisKris, simply trying to get her listen while he attempts to explain
his actions, resulting in her death. himself, resulting in her death. 5
Carnage All Day Every Dad Cletus Kassady is a deranged serial killer
who is basically constantly freaking out, all day every day. One of the biggest buttons you can push for
the psychotic serial killer is trying to cure him. He really does not respond well to people
trying to understand his mind. Let’s just say if he were a killer featured
on Netflix’s Mindhunter, it would not end well for the FBI. One particular example of this is when a psychiatrist
tries to understand Cletus’ thoughts and mind in the comic Carnage: Mind Bomb. This does not end well for the psychiatrist
who Cletus infects with his own mind, giving him a taste of what he wants and turning the
psychiatrist into a cannibal as a result. And when guards come to save him from Carnage,
he attempts to eat them. 4
Kingpin’s Fury Kingpin’s anger problems are well documented
but especially highlighted in the Daredevil series where we see Kingpin freakout as a
result of some severe PTSD. As a young boy his mocked by his abusive father,
who also often beats his mom. One day he snaps. While his dad is furiously beating his mother,
he grabs a hammer. His dad looks on it him in disappointment,
asking what he plans to do with that hammer. When his son gives him no response he turns
back to Wilson’s mom to resume the beating. It’s then that young Wilson Fisk snaps and
smashes the back of dad’s head in with the hammer. Feeling a surge of confidence and anger, he
continues to break down, frantically dealing blow after blow to his father’s already
smashed skull. And so the crime lord was born and you almost
feel bad for him. 3
Mysterio in Far From Home In Spiderman Far From Home, Quinten Beck seems
to be a supervillain who has everything figured out. That is until anything in his plan begins
to go wrong. We then see just how fragile and frantic Mysterio
is. He desperately wants to be seen as a hero
and though he is a charismatic genius who can fortunately find a way to spin anything
in his favour, when he faces off with Peter’s Spider-Man we seem him lose it to the point
that he risks his own safety. He taunts Spider-Man with the EDITH tech glasses,
forcing him to walk down a hallway filled with illusions. But Spider-Man closes his eyes and we see
just how powerful of a power his spidey-sense can be. Frustrated as Spider-Man gets closer and destroys
his drones, Quinten questions as to why the drones are not firing at Spider-Man. The system responds, saying that Quinten himself
is in the strike zone. He yells, urging them to strike anyways. As a result he gets shot and we see him die. But does he? It’s Mysterio, so who really knows. 2
Magneto in X-Men Age of Apocalypse While I’ll be the first to admit that Age
of Apocalypse had it’s issues, like this scene where Jean Grey shouts Apocalypse to
death, there are a few things that the movie did well. One I really love Michael Fassbender as Magneto
and the backstory they gave his character in the film was heartbreaking. Erik saves a man in the mines with his mutant
powers and is found out. As a result he is captured when soldier threatens
his family, giving himself up. Turns out his daughter has some mutant abilities
too and sends a flock of birds to attack the soldiers. In the chaos, one of the soldiers accidentally
releases an arrow which ends up hitting and killing both daughter and wife. Erik loses it, shouting up to the heavens,
and uses a locket to single handedly kill all of the soldiers. 1
Joker in Death of the Family In Death of the Family, Batman gets the best
of Joker for once. Now, you have to remember that the Joker is
a character who has been shown to take on Scarecrow’s fear toxin without seemingly
any problem. Revealing that he’s really not afraid of
anything. In fact he enjoyed his exposure to the fear
toxin. Eerily enough. But there is one thing that Joker seems unable
to deal with: himself. Or more specifically his true identity. In Death of the Family, Joker plots to take
out the entire Bat family, in an effort to mess up Batman and obviously bring the two
arch nemesis closer. This plot however ends in his ultimate demise. Joker is about to fall off a cliff when Batman
grabs a hold of him, saying he can’t go like that, by accident. Batman then confesses he knows Joker’s true
origins and whispers the name of his former self into Joker’s ear. This results in Joker full on flipping out. Putting his shock buzzer on Batman’s mouth
and causing himself to be dropped to his demise below as his former face also falls off. This is during the time that Joker had his
face skinned and then wore it around just to look even more terrifying. Ick. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. Which supervillain do you think has the most
dramatic freakouts? What are your favourite freakout moments? Are they sad, do they come from rage, or do
they just come from supervillains unable to handle the defeat that is thrust upon them? Share some of your favourite freakout moments
in the comments below. And while you are on your way down there,
remember to share, like, subscribe and turn on that bell so you’re the first to know
when we have a new nerdy upload. This has been top 10 nerd and I’m your host
Amanda McKnight, reminding you to till next time to stay nerdy, YouTube.


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Super cool list, as usual, Amanda. No wonder Boston wrote a hit song about you back in the '80s. Any Lex Luthor freak out is a freak out I love. My fav ? In Totality…when he thought Joker was in the process of murdering him after he let Joker revise the Legion of Doom HQ. Had him running faster than he'd ever run from Supes or Bats. Then Joker revealed that he left him alive to suffer at the hands of The Batman Who Laughs. I'd love to see more Lex Luthor ownage like THAT !!!! Smug li'l SOBastich

the reason why those guys had bows and arrows was because they couldn't use any metal because they knew magneto has the power of manipulation of metals so therefore any standard guns would just be useless against him.

Amanda McKnight—Loved your video. And although I fully understand why you chose that particular Wilson Fisk freakout. I fully expected you to talk about an earlier one he had in the series where he killed a Russian Mobster all because he embarrassed him in public. Now that freak out was very graphic and to me illustrated how brutal Fisk was as the Kingpin. Always a pleasure seeing you host a video Amanda.


Lex Luthor's freakout in Superman/ Batman Public Enemies was great. Clancy Brown's reading of it gets me everytime I watch it. "GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS ME!" 😆

Sorry, I refuse to take any list seriously that has Squirrel Girl in it. She is little more than comic relief and not very good at that. Garbage.

There was an interesting moment Harley was taking out guard and almost manage to do the same to Joker, to prove she was fully over him. Or when she was changing personas and didn't know she was sending letters to herself to a point she was sent back to Arkham. Think it was the series before Gotham Sirens.

The Joker one isn’t accurate he is so terrified of hearing his own name he zaps Batman and suicides before Batman can say it. Which is actually worse. He can’t hear it out loud

Okay so hear me out, I am an avid reader to keep myself entertained I make up voices of characters I'll give you an example I never read carnage without reading cletus Cassidy as bobcat Goldthwait, read any joker as mark Hammel deadpool as a mix of van wilder and ryan reynold in waiting you get the idea anyone else like me or am I a freak?

Lets go and arrest the master of magnetism. Should we use bow and arrows? No. Lets use our metal guns. He will never suspect that!

What were they doing with arrows? Why didn't they have guns? Umm idk, maybe something like Magneto being able to control and manipulate any sort of metal. Just a guess

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