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Top-3 HPE InfoSight Pitches

Top-3 HPE InfoSight Pitches

Hey! How it’s going? it’s Markus again. So, all-time top three HPE InfoSight pitches
as I’ve heard them from my audience. Are you ready? I’m not! Okay…time for the first one. This one I actually heard quite
exactly one year ago. It was May 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand – and I was just immediately
gobsmacked by this pitch. It was so clever from every angle. What he managed to do is take
something rather complicated and turn it into a very simple easily
understandable and relatable one-minute story – and that’s what every elevator pitch is about.
And he nailed it! The premise for this is that you have to
be talking to somebody who is technically skilled enough, has to
understand the technological language but at the same time has to have a
business understanding of the industry. I would say that maybe somebody sitting on a
CTO level or around that position would be perfect candidate to use this
pitch for. So! Without any further ado… Let me try and replicate this
as best as I can. Bare with me… Dear mr. CTO,
I know how much you value your employees We both know that the company is
only as good as its employees, right? So, I have good news for you… Just the other day I met somebody
who I can only describe as – a superhero system administrator. I’ve never met somebody quite like him. Listen to this… He’s constantly talking to tens of thousands – of other system administrators
around the globe. He is learning from their collective experience – and that means that – he is never gonna make
the same mistake again – as one of them made in the past. He is getting truly better at his job
every single minute. He’s working for you 24/7. He’s never sleeping. He will never be sick. And he never goes on vacation. And the best part of it is… that he’s working for you – for completely free of charge. He’s never gonna ask for salary.
Not to talk about salary raise. All you need to do – is have a Nimble storage array and
an active HPE support contract. What do you say?
You want me to intro him to you? I don’t know about you guys but that’s
just pitch-perfect to me! Like…WOW! Wow. I still get shivers when telling the story. And actually that’s so perfect that ever
since I’ve heard that one year ago – in Auckland, I have been actually
using it with all my trainings – as an example how a good, near perfect,
pitch could be like. I can’t remember the name of the person – who told me this pitch in Auckland but if
you’re watching this – please comment in the comment fields or
send me email. I would love to link with you again. This was just just perfect. Awesome. OK, on that bombshell let’s get
to the next one… All right, so, the next one I heard
just a few weeks ago – actually in Manila Philippines – and without any further introduction,
let me dive into it… So… We all know how important
our health is for us… it’s the one single most important thing. That’s why we vaccinate ourselves, we eat vitamins etc etc… Now, every now and then we still catch
a flu or need more medical attention. But imagine if that would not be the case. Imagine if you would have some kind of
active human health monitoring system – consisting of small nanobots – that are coursing through your veins
monitoring your vitals and if they notice a dip in
iron levels for example they would be able to inject a small dose of iron to make your health optimal again. Not only that but they are talking
to other nanobots – in other human beings. and if those other nanobots
have found out – about a new kind of health condition
and found a cure for that, – your nanobots would get that information
and would be able to cure it. Not only cure it but prevent it possibly! This way our system is so good – that already today we can prevent 86% of
diseases and health conditions – that we previously had in humankind. We still have 14% to improve
but while we are doing that – when the nanobots are noticing
some health condition – that they are not aware of how to cure or prevent they will be automatically calling the
best doctors on the planet – and those doctors would come and make
a home visit and start curing you – even before you get any symptoms. This system would make you pretty much
immune to everything. And you can concentrate on your life. Worry-free. Wow! I’m loving this job! If you can make a connection between
human health and data centers – then you are doing something big. But that’s what it is! You can actually once again
make a perfect comparison – between that human health monitoring
system and InfoSight. That’s what we are actually doing – and that’s what is fantastic
about this specific pitch. Once again I can’t remember the name
of the lady who told this pitch – just a few weeks ago in Manila but if you are watching this,
the same applies to you: write a comment in the comment
field and I will – give you all the credit that you
deserve from this pitch. Or just send me an email – because I would just like to
link with you again. Awesome stuff! Onwards to the third one! This is not as much of a pitch
as it is a claim. And my claim to you is that there is no
such thing as bad luck in the world. There’s only
a) lack of information and b) failure to execute. Either one of those. Let’s take a for instance. So, I would be standing here – and there would be a server flying towards me. Could happen. So, server is coming towards my forehead. …and I wouldn’t know about it. I’m just standing here and the
server hits my forehead. I kind of drop dead immediately. And people around me would be saying
that that was one unlucky person. What are the chances that a server
is flying in the air – and secondly it’s hitting me in my forehead. Well, actually from my point of view it has
nothing to do with luck or unluck. It’s only lack of information. I did not know that servers fly – and it’s coming to fly to my forehead If I would have known
that – and I still stand here waiting for it
to hit my forehead – that would be just plain stupidity – and/or failure to execute! But if I knew that the server is
flying there towards my forehead – and I do…this… the server would fly past me – and I would survive another day. So, let’s extend this: If I would have all the information
in the whole wide world – and I would be able to act on it – I would never get unlucky. If I would know everything how
things would happen – and I would be able to use that information
to my advantage – I would never get unlucky. This is what we are trying to do with InfoSight. We collect vast amount of information – out of different software and hardware sensors, – we send that information to the
centralized cloud – and we do analytics on it using AI – and machine learning and peak
team of data scientists – and all these sophisticated things. and then based on all that learned information – we send back to the community. we send recommendations and we prevent
things and so on and so on. this is all in effort to not make our
customers unlucky ever again. There you go!
That’s it! The top-3 pitches I’ve heard about InfoSight
and all of them are pitch perfect! Now, anybody who recognizes
yourselves from the pitches – comment or email me. I will give you the credit that you deserve. That was it guys this time! And see you with the next one. Bye!

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The first one is my favorite. Hope you'll find the guy to reconnect. Lucky company who has him 🙂

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