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Trump pitched shooting migrants in legs, NYT reports

Trump pitched shooting migrants in legs, NYT reports


Guys he also said that he wants to kill every second born child. I interviewed over a dozen white House staff personel they all confirmed it

Swear to god CNN videos are crazy you would think it’s Saturday night live but they are seriously reporting the stupidest you would have to be retarded to believe stories ! National inquirer would be embarrassed at the lack of journalism and morals !

This is a perfect story for the CNN viewers. Not too complicated for them. Not too many moving parts. Could be put on a bumper sticker. Trump is a racist. Trump colluded with Russia. Trump has pee parties. Trump said shoot immigrants in their legs. Trigger the emotional and irrational. Don't matter if it's true or not. Lefties don't fact check and can be strung along with no evidence for years. When it becomes to glaringly obvious that they're on the fourth course of a nothing burger they go back to the same place (CNN, MSNBC) to see what's on the menu.

If these comments dont speak to the level of sadistic behavior that 45, will stoop to nothing will. Taking the children, is a good thing considering what he wants to do for his klan. The browning of America has them so scared they will do anything. I pray he is impeached immediately

These peoples order of operations are all off. How can you talk about the president as if you are sure he said exactly that at this stage. It’s absurd. What if two people told the news you beat puppies then the news reports on it and comments on your character as if it were true to the entire country. Not cool. Bad journalism. Not news.

Can't wait to see the MAGAT's defending the Trump Alligator and Snake filled moat with flesh-piercing electrified fence and leg-shooting border guards!

Trump is a peace of shit President and that the news people's are making more money off of him i love it #ImpeachTrumpy and we need Andrew Yang to be the new king now!!!!

Honestly, I think that he does what people can’t do. Sweden is having immigration issues. These mass immigration is causing issues in kind countries. Because they are not people who want to adopt the new culture they are taking over. It’s true the data and results are showing. Maybe he speaks a different language then we do? Maybe we need to look at these policy’s without the feeling and use facts?

Where is the video proff of him saying that… because CNN AND NEW YORK TIMES HAVE LOST ALL CREDIBILITY TO ME IN THE PAST……..and this is the link

when the migrant caravan was trowing rocks at soldiers at the border. And trump said they can defend themselves

Again CNN and NEW YORK TIMES making things up again 🤔😅 FAKE NEWS 💩

"Because if you want to stop people like they are animals, maybe you do put Alligators in." Alligators or snakes??? Yeah, that would probably stop 'em. I know they would stop me. So, yes. Why not?

Man, cnn is going for the lowest of the low. They even said there was a Loch Ness monster spotted at the lake. This lie started from Nancy Pelosi. CNN is full of shit.


Put simply Trump can’t handle people saying no to him, he has always gotten what he wants even if it meant bending or breaking the law or ripping people off and now he sees him self as a king which has amplified his behaviour to new levels, the presidency to a man like Trump is like steroids to a body builder when they are on it they feel all powerful

Why spend money on reptiles when we have space lasers? Is America going full retard…never go full retard bruh….

The same NYT that said Trump colluded with Russia? The same NYT that gave into the thug left because they didn't want them showing Trump in any good light?
You're right we should listen to the idiots at the NYT more often…. NOT!

Wow, here we go again. I am not denying these quotes were ever said, but these reporters are acting like they have irrefutable evidence any of this went on. CNN when will you learn. These are accusations, not fact, and it further destroys the credibility of CNN to comment on it like it actually happened beyond a shadow of a doubt. Furthermore, those people who support the President will actually support him even more if he actually did say it, and independent voters in Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio will actually see this as just another typical comment which they themselves have said to their friends and family whether serious or not. What REALLY gets me though is how do any of us know this very comment was not stated by any other President. Who knows how many comments were said by Obama that could be just as blatantly illegal and if taken out of context could seem insensitive or even irrational. When will CNN concentrate on reporting the news and not heresay or conjecture. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and yes FOX, are all biased.

This is not fake, it most likely happened, but so what. I'm so over all this biased conjecture from CNN and FOX. All I want is to concentrate on the real issues that affect our country, like stopping regime change wars, ending the BILLIONS given to a military complex, stop the 4 BILLION we send to Afghanistan every MONTH, stop pimping our military to the Saudis, Medicare for all and protecting our environment. We need a leader who can rise above the rhetoric and has the dignity and integrity that is necessary. Tulsi Gabbard for President.

Man this news Outlet is such a bunch of freaking Liars bunch of morons I can't believe you're Clinton clown network is still in business Rachel Maddow you're dumb as a box of rocks

LoL sounds legit to me it must be true it came from a leftist anti trump news source quoting a book who's author heard it from third hand unnamed sources.

Invaders attacking our borders are not immigrants !!!!! Get a life ! We, people , American people aren’t stupid !
No country is ignoring invaders , invasion is an act of WAR !!! Read history MSM , that’s how Hitlet was doing , invading country by country , he didn’t asked for permission.

Corrupt media, especially corrupt CNN is doing damages by spewing fake news all over the world , you are polluting airways by lies , by undermining our countries political standing, dummies, you are an enemies , domestic enemies, polutters !

Only CNN can create this preposterous BS. Same MO as Schiff. These lying dogs are called Media? These people are the ones that are angry and frustrated! They are programed liars. This is just preposterous….NOT EVEN BELIEVABLE.

Thank you Mr. President for your excellent job performance . I vote for you on 2016 and I will on 2020. LATINOS for TRUMP.

I thought the White House had all the alligators and snakes working with him😂🤷🏽‍♀️ come on just get him out already! The Other countries must be making fun if the Greatest Country USA. He was bad since the start.

It's quite evident our present POTUS is a THUG. He is a low-life. Proof positive. The gutter language. His low tolerance for the least of all of us, meaning the insignificant in his estimation. His mob-like assaults on opponents. Execute, shoot them in the legs, beat the 's..t' out of them as he addressed a police academy in reference to those who break the law. DOES ANYONE REALIZE HE IS SETTING THE MORAL COMPASS FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE? RIGHT FROM WRONG? THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER. THIS PRESIDENT IS A DEMAGOGUE WHO RELIES ON THOSE WHO SUPPORT HIS OWN SHORTCOMINGS ON RACE, TOLERANCE, DECORUM. READ YOUR HISTORY BOOKS, TRUMP SUPPORTERS. WEARING BLINDERS TO THE FACT SOME OF YOU ARE ENCOURAGING THIS DEMAGOGUE. STAND FOR YOUR NATION NOT SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO RULE ALONE.

His issue he ran on was that MEXICO was going to pay for "the wall." Let's please NOT forget that. All the rest of his insane ideas and rants are just that insane, dumb and illegal, not that he gives a shit about law or the Constitution.

The dumbass reporters should be n jail.. Go on live tv and repeat what someone told them they heard and that person heard something without even thinking about verifying a report b4 going on live tv and lying on president.. Should be illegal for brainwashing these ignorant gulable people that watch this fake news show.. These are not reporters they are novel writers and actor…

It sounds like they combined jokes and a bunch of other things from other conversations together to make him sound worse for a headline.

when is this rat trump over? where is all this so-called power this country has .how can one old lying rat and the lying republican rats take a country over?

I heard he suggested that soldiers throw the migrants to the ground and fart in their faces until they yell uncle and agree to return to where they came from. How come you are not reporting that???

Uggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t take this crap anymore! This country has lost it! Why can’t we get rid of him for stupidity and ruining the country and being an idiot! Come on!!,

Wow. Why does CNN spend so much time with this BS. The conversation should be whether this madness help with IMPEACHMENT and how. Can we try to explain a madman?

This is insanity but also incredibly entertaining. Just waiting to see when he finally explodes, I'm sure it would be epic. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned Hunger Games Initiative as his master plan 🤣🤣

I wonder how many officials have started laughing at something Trump said thinking it was obviously a joke only to then be stared down and later fired via Twitter.

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