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UA players prep for Friday’s “Red-Blue” game

UA players prep for Friday’s “Red-Blue” game

pasta color today September 25th it was the first practice of the 2019 2020 season for the Arizona Wildcat basketball team it’s crazy how early college hoop starts now I feel like it was yesterday that Midnight Madness marking the first basketball practice of the season was on October 15th hey Arizona basketball practices are closed in the media but we can show you some footage of last year’s red blue game which includes a dunk contest this season the line cats will be whooping it up for their annual scrimmage game this Friday that’s right after just two practices boom and it’s time to compete in front of a packed house and the Cal Center but hey the cats have actually been working out together in limited form since late June I caught up with the most prized incoming freshman on Arizona’s team point guard Nico Mannion he tells me he has really pumped up about how well the Arizona Wildcats need to Pete we’ll hear from him tonight at 10 o’clock we’ll be right back [Applause]

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