USA Softball Women’s National Team visits Matthew C. Perry High School

The U-S-A Softball Women’s National Team,
or Team U-S-A, payed a visit to the students at Matthew C. Perry High School. The players talked about how they got to where
they are today. Lorenzo Brown, the Principal for M.C. Perry
High School, says he hopes his students get inspired by the player’s drive. “They all centered around one thing mainly
that they had to work hard. Some had some adversity in their life. Some had started in different sports. Because many of them have aspirations of professional
sports, I wanted them to see how much hard work and time and dedication they would have
to put into a sport in order to reach this level.” Later in the day, some of the students came
to Kizuna Stadium to watch practice game they held by Team USA. Janie Reed, an outfielder for Team U-S-A,
says meeting the students was motivating. “Seeing the students and just kind of putting
ourselves in their position and thinking about what that would be like to not know if you
are going to be at that same high school the next year and moving around and going to high
school in Japan. They may have been inspired by us, but we
were really inspired by them. Thank you to those that are serving our country
and we appreciate and are grateful for the opportunity to represent the United States
of America on the Softball field.” Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Lance Corporal Jaxson Fryar.

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