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Water Bottle With Filter For Travel | Ecoflo – Most Advanced Water Pitcher Filter On Earth

Water Bottle With Filter For Travel | Ecoflo – Most Advanced Water Pitcher Filter On Earth

Ecoflo. Most advanced water pitcher filters on Earth. Is your water safe? How polluted is your tap water? Every year? Millions of Americans. It’s sick from water pollution and in some cases, suffer long term effects. Human bodies average about 60% water content, so high quality water is a fundamental stepping stone to good health. Besides being a good practice for everyone, drinking filtered water is essential for infants, toddlers and pregnant women, as well as anyone with special health concerns. Mike’s bottom line . If you are trying to take care of your health, you must pay attention to the quality, all the water you are drinking and using for cooking. The government is not discerning enough about the quality off the water come into your tap nor the pipes used to transport it there. Are you drinking tap water? Pre treated drinking water can contain viruses or bacteria. Here are some E p A. This Steve bacteria that are found in water and their effects on your health. Arsenic occurs naturally in water or enters it through pollution. The National Research Council estimates that people who consume water containing 20 ppb off arsenic on a daily basis of an increased risk of developing brother lung cancer during their lifetime. Cryptosporidium is known for latching onto people’s intestines and giving them DIA. Government run water filtration and treatments only removes 90% off the cryptosporidium from the water . There are even acceptable levels. E. Coli and fecal coliform are bacteria whose presence and indicate water contaminated by human or animal wastes, causing short term health effects, including crams, nausea, diarrhea, headaches and Maur. They may also pose a greater risk for people with severely weak immune systems, elderly young children and infants. In the case off of E. Coli, it’s allowed in drinking water as long as it doesn’t appear in Maur than 5% off water samples in a month. Cory not only leaves a distinct and unpleasant taste in water, but it’s also a highly reactive iron that combines two other chemicals and create damaging particles in your water. Some studies have linked coronated drinking water to color, rectal and bladder cancer. Lead can get into water through lead pipes, which are still too prevalent across the United States. Lead can damage the nervous system, reproductive system kidneys and can interfere with absorption off essential nutrients lead is especially toxic for children, as it can cause irreversible mental damage . Volatile organic compounds, including Benzie, the D, T, MTV and PCBs, have a range of negative health consequences from hormone disruption to organ damage to cancer. Are you drinking bottled water? Every year in the United States alone, we consume over 50 billion plastic bottles off water. The average bottled water drinker is contributing. 13 consumes 17 million barrels of oil annually. Not only is bottled water an ecological disaster , but it costs an average of 300 times more than tap water, making it a financial disaster as well. Some utilities still use aging lead pipes to transport water , since more lead maybe added to municipal water en route, the E P A allows more lead in bottled water than they do in tap water. Bottled water is practically a con job. Many companies don’t have to meet any regulatory requirements. The ecological impact off plastic bottles is significant. The manufacturing and distribution off bottled water use is tremendous. Amounts of fuel and plastic bottles usually end up in oceans or landfills. Bottled water is expensive, less pure than one would expect and contributes to pollution . Are you drinking filtered water? Some filter systems utilize absorption, which causes smaller molecules off dangerous chemicals to separate from the water. Atoms allow trace minerals come through the filter, which can be healthy because the body needs some of these nutrients. However, dangerous minerals can also slipped through, so consumers would be safer with a better filter the water and adding a vitamin tablet. For minerals, go to eco flow. Dr. Cho to see how the eco faux filter blows the competition out of the water. Also, the eco flow filter processes at least twice as many gallons is either off the top two sellers. Filters do before needing to be replaced. This truly is the greenest product for providing you and your family

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