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Weighted Softball Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Weighted Softball Drill | Softball Pitcher Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Weighted Ball Drill [Intro Music]>>Jessica Vogel: A weighted ball can be a
very helpful tool to help pitcher’s strengthen their arms, increase velocity and also to
help them warmup more efficiently. The weighted ball can be used for a variety
of training exercises.>>Vogel: It can be used for pitch snaps,
to help increase finger strength. It can be used at half distance during warmups
and for long toss as long as you’re using it correctly.>>Vogel: You’ll want to make sure you’re
keeping your arm long and loose when throwing with a weighted ball, making sure you aren’t
straining your shoulder trying to throw the pitch at full speed.>>Vogel: You’ll also want to alternate
back and forth between a weighted ball and a regular ball, so the pitcher has an easy
time adjusting back to the regular ball for her workout.>>Vogel: By implementing the weighted ball
into your workouts, you should find that you get warm a lot quickly while helping to build
the arm and the finger strength in the process. [Outro Music]

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