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Why aren’t the Colorado Rockies commenting on Jose Reyes arrest?

Why aren’t the Colorado Rockies commenting on Jose Reyes arrest?

That’s why it’s so bogus. The Colorado Rockies
have that “faith” day and you’re right. It’s not about all faiths. No, it’s not inclusive at all. It’s not about Islam faith or Jewish faith.
It’s about Christianity. Well, they do that and they don’t come out. I mean “we’re big
faith” and they said years ago that they wanted players who were Christians and they had faith
and stuff. Well, you got a guy who’s accused of beating
up his wife and you don’t even have the guts to come out and talk about it. You don’t have
the guts to say we don’t want this guy on our team? I believe there was a two-line statement and
that was about it. But you haven’t heard anything from Bridich. That was a statement from the
team. That was a PR person who put out a statement that they send all teams. Here’s what happens when your guy gets in
trouble. We’re investigating and we’re concerned. Jeff Bridich and Dick Monfort should get their
butts out in the public and talk about that we want this guy out of town. If you have to trade CarGo to get some team
to take him, trade CarGo and say we’ll pay half of Reyes’ salary — $25 million. But
get him out of town. If you don’t do that, then don’t be throwing
no “faith day” at me next year. Do they have a bobble head doll. Do they have
a Jesus bobble head doll they give out? I don’t know.

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