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U.S. Navy is sending for warships to Iceland
as part of a temporary expeditionary mission. The idea is to get more acquainted to the
Arctic and prepare for ramping up the presence in the future. Views may note that last year, USS Truman
supercarrier and its support ships venture into the region as part of NATO’s Trident
Juncture exercise. It marked a tactical shift as this was the
first time a U.S Navy surface ship moved into the Arctic in 30 years. The four vessels in the latest mission are
the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile
destroyers USS Lassen, USS Forrest Sherman, and USS Farragut. A helicopter maritime strike squadron will
also be taking part in the mission. All these assets are part of the newly-reactivated
U.S. 2nd Fleet. The main objective of the U.S. 2nd Fleet is
to counter Russian activity in the Arctic and North Atlantic. As per reports. the vessels sailed from their home base in
Mayport, Florida earlier this month and on arrival have joint together to form a Surface
Action Group (SAG). In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
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team that you are sure of victory. As the ice caps melt in the Arctic, it will
become economically viable to navigate. Russia is gearing up to monetize the potentially
lucrative Northern Sea Route (NSR) as the Barents Sea and Arctic thaw faster than anticipated. Northern Sea Route could make connectivity
between Europe and Asia 40% faster, cheaper, more fuel-efficient, and greener. Russia will lose land as the ice melt, but
it may gain nearly 1.2 m sq km in its continental shelf which means it will have rights to extract
under-sea minerals and energy resources. Initially, Russian President Putin had dismissed
climate change. But he has moved away from that line and signed
the Paris Accord on climate change. Mr. Putin is now trying to use it as an advantage. He stated in this context,
“The issue,” he has said, “is not stopping it because that’s impossible, since it could
be tied to some global cycles on Earth or of planetary significance. … The issue is to somehow adapt to it.” Russia is building up its military presence
in the region at a rapid pace to protect its interests. It now has seven bases along the shipping
route, the latest being Northern Clover on Kotelny Island, deep inside the Arctic. The Russian military is spending significant
resources to ram up its muscle in the Arctic and the naval activities in the region have
increased many folds. Several military experts have been advocated
much greater American presence in the Arctic. The main reason is the growing Russian military
activities in the region which has the potential of significant economic interest in the future. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Arctic
Council in May this year signaled the U.S intentions. His Arctic policy speech largely focused on
the threats Russia posed to the region. He stated, “Do we want the Arctic Ocean to
transform into a new South China Sea, fraught with militarization and competing territorial
claims?” This latest military exercise indicates that
the U.S plans to play be a much more active role in the region. Andrew Holland, Chief Operating Officer of
the American Security Project, a U.S. security-focused think tank explains,
“These deployments add force to the speech made by Secretary Pompeo in Finland earlier
this year. It shows an American military increasingly
waking up to the need to maintain a presence in the Arctic. It’s long past-time for this” U.S Navy Rear Admiral David Titley (ret.)
stated in similar lines, “These actions do give me some reason for cautious optimism
that – whatever internal Navy and DoD dynamics are playing out – there must see some senior
officials who understand that, like it or not, the Arctic is going to become an increasingly
strategic waterway in the years and decades ahead.“ It seems the American military is waking up
to the need to maintain a presence in the Arctic. Ticonderoga class cruisers & Arleigh Burke-class
destroyers for the backbone of U.S Navy and hence it makes sense to send these to region
keeping in mind the growing importance USS Normandy is the only warship of Ticonderoga-class
in the group and it has an overall length of 567 ft or 173 m and displacement of about
9,600 tons. It is designed as multi-role warship. It has a speed of 32+ knots or 60+ km/h and
a range of 6000 nm or 11000 km. USS Normandy is equipped with AN/SPY-1A/B
multi-function radar and host of other sensors. It has 122 cell Mk 41 vertical launch system
that can be equipped with a choice of different weapons like RIM-66M-5 Standard SM-2MR Block
IIIB for Air Defense & Anti Ship role , RIM-156A SM-2ER Block IV for Anti Aircraft & Anti Ship
role ,RIM-161 SM-3 for Ballistic missile defense , RIM-162A ESSM for anti-missile role, RIM-174A
Standard ERAM or SM 6 for anti-air warfare, Tomahawk for land attack and VL-ASROC anti-submarine
missile for anti submarine role. USS Normandy also can deploy 2 × Mk 141 Harpoon
Missile Launcher for Anti Ship role. The ship is equipped with two Mark 46 triple
torpedo tubes. Two MH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III or Sikorsky SH-60B
helicopters are also present for Anti Submarine Warfare. Other than it is equipped with a long-range
naval gun for close-range offense. It also has ‘Phalanx’ Close-In Weapon
System for last-ditch missile defense. USS Lassen, USS Forrest Sherman, and USS Farragut
being Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, have an overall length of 505 ft or 155 m
and displacement of about 8,900 tons. The class is designed as multi-mission destroyer
capable of Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti Surface Warfare
(ASuW). Arleigh Burke-class has a speed of 30+ knots
(55+ km/h) and a range of 4,400 nm or 8,100 km The warship of this class has 90 cell Mk 41
VLS, which like those in Ticonderoga-class can be used to deploy different types of weapons. The other weapons are also similar to Ticonderoga-class. As per reports, the engines of these warships
are powerful enough to navigate through up to 0.8 meters of ice, while their current
hull design makes it suitable to pass through up to 0.3 meters of ice. The reinforcements in the hull, heating solutions
and installation of de-icing system could improve the mission capability of these warships
in the Arctic. In coming days, there is bound to be a major
focus in the Arctic because of Northern Sea Route. Russia currently has the head start and seem
to have a better understanding of future implications. The U.S military has the advantage of much
larger funding which is approximately 10 times that of the Russian military. The better funding should enable the American
military to strengthen itself quickly in the region. This will be an interesting tussle. It is to be noted here that the U.S & Russia
are already much closer to a skirmish after the nullification of the INF Treaty. The INF Treaty eliminated around 2,700 nuclear
and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers. This was achieved by May 1991. This included short-range missile with 310–620
mi that is 5000–1,000 km range and intermediate range missile with 620–3,420 mi that is
1,000–5,500 km range. The United State abandoned conformity to the
INF treaty as of 2nd Aug 2019 as it accused Russia of non-compliance and recently tested
a cruise missile that would have been illegal under the treaty. It remains to be seen how things pan out in
coming days.


The US needs to start blasting the Russian and Chicoms assets up there, they have no rights as far as I’m concerned.

There is no dispute, 46% of Arctic is Russian! The US with 1,5 Icebreaker (I literally cried from laughing when US coast guard admiral was debriefed by Congress and said Russia has 50+ and building 8 new ones, and when congresswoman asked how many we have he said 1,5 😂😂😂😂) can not salvage itselfe if one of them gets stuck!

We can't face conflict in two different fronts and two different super powers, that's probably part of their plan, our allies are not strong enough to face them, my opinion off course, not saying it as a fact.

Russia beat America to "Abandoning conformity to the INF treaty". On March 9, 2017 USA And NATO confirmed that Russia "rendered the 1987 treaty meaningless" by deploying the Novator 9M729, which is in direct-violation of the restrictions outlined in the treaty. Due to Russia's inaction at removing this violation, the USA sent a clear message (2 years later, I might add) by "abandoning" the treaty and deploying assets to install an adequate presence and response. IOW; "It's game-on, and the USA does not play for nickles" — (leastwise, not under a REAL Commander-In-Chief).

At least President Putin has enufe common sense to realize that if climate change is happening we insignificant human fleas won't be able to effect it!

"How dare you?"
these two countries going exploit the resoureces in future.
Future: We are going to messed up and going to eat dollars,euro,rubules,yuan,rupees,coins
Not the air,water,land,plants,trees etc

Defense Updates: why not report aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in south China sea has been surrounded by five Chinese warships !!!

This'll be interesting I don't believe the United States is a Coldwater Fleet. It will be interesting to see how the u.s. equipment functions in this extreme climate. The Russians have far more experience dealing with this type of environment and most likely have the better equipment for it. But I'm glad to see the US finally sticking its toes in the water. The Global strategic value of the Arctic Waters are innumerable and play a very important role in U.S defense

Russia has nothing to worry from the USA. Soon the Union will breakup and implode from within. See how the Democrats and media are going at the Republicans like public enemy number one, it is just a matter of time a second civil war is on its way.



I noticed something strange last night around the artic. Both actually! It was on the storm app! It looked like several storms around there! I'm not sure it was storms! I'm pretty sure its alien beings that eat whales. Also gases and different electric charges different layers is atmosphere

I guess Russia trying to push us out of the Arctic,Them people need to stay on their on ground and Leave the world alone

Good switch-up, you should do some more hot spots, such as the eastern Europe – Russian corridor where all invading armies must pass through a narrow land bridge armed to the teeth by the Russians.

America has no chance of winning any war in Russian backyard. 😂 keep dreaming assholes. 😂 America is afraid of Russia like a bitch is afraid of her pimp. 😂 Russia is the only country in the world that can whip out the entire. U.S.A OUT OF EXISTENCE. 😂 oh Russia has a fleet of icebreakers including nuclear powered ones, how many does the U.S have? 1 how many nuclear ones? 0😃🤣😂🤣 American navy gets stuck in the ice, and will have to call Russia for help. 😂

"The US is on the verge of a new and even larger economic crash, and absent a major world war to blame the bad times on, the people of the US will blame the US Government. So the US Government needs WW3 and they need it right now."

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