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World War A – When Aliens Attack | Full Documentary

World War A – When Aliens Attack | Full Documentary

Since our govt just admitted to UFO's and alien life being real, we need to focus on the where, when. We are the aliens giant ant farm

A sad bunch of fairyland sell outs trying to perpetuate their imaginary world to the public. You must realise by now, people are onto you. No space; no Planets; no Aliens. Just science fiction.

i dont think they will really succeed ( not that that i believe in ''aliens'' ) but we as humans have adapted thousands of years to the bacteria on this planet. i dont think a species from another planet can just plop down and take over without any problems. and even if they were friendly. we will get brainwashed thinking they wanted to attack us but deep down its the people in control of this world now fighting for the resourses on the other planet. why do you think money is being pumped into ''space exploration'' right now. because shit on this planet will run out at some time. and then what? you wont be able to eat your 6 digits on your bank account. but thats what it takes it seems like. we destroy / kill / kill innocents / pump rivers and lakes dry / cut down every last tree there is. just so we can get money at the and of the day. so lets say. there are like 4 locations left with water / trees / iron ( you name it ). you think it will be shared equally? no it wont. governments will fight over for the last resources resulting in WW3. just to gain control over that last lake and sapling there is.

dont get me wrong. i appriciate what we have today and how far we have come. but we have to stop at some point. or do we not want to give our kids a future?

There could be an Alien race that actively search's out and destroys all other Intelligent Civilizations it finds,or is war like and like to just attack other civilizations for no other reason but to use there military's toys.

you think that they ain't here an aware already maybe not all of them but the big family of species of anunaki knows an there friends. I f sometime intelligent wants to hurt humans than they would use infections out breaks that kill an they would cause alot of disaster like earth quakes an storms to kill they rest so the chances of seeing one running around shooting Ray guns I slim unless it is a species that ain't very technologically advanced but than they want be able to reach here if they are in that stage out development man will one day take it's place in the family in the empty seat that is save for man until the minds is awakened to the truth on creation because EA created man an EA Enki is the second in command of operations here long ago because EA was the smartest kind he was th scientist or alchemists of creations he was an is very important to that organization don't worry about invasion because man had a big family to protect them an EL will not do another deluge of no kind like flood or fire but they will hurt bad people someday in places where they are held up an not the whole world no one can stop man's advancing๐Ÿ‘โ˜๐Ÿ‘ณ

Why do we always says that life would not survive in a harsh environment. Yeah life from earth canโ€™t but how can we say that all life native to that planet canโ€™t exist there …. maybe an organism that thrives in that cold can live there

Why and How can anyone presume that life outside our would be anything different from ours?
Why and how are these experts so demeaning to our own โ€˜speciesโ€™?
Automatically assuming that an extraterrestrial would come to dominate us and making it sound as if it is anything different from beings on earth dominating other beings on earth.
It is more likely that something outside the only planet we remember is just earlier or later versions of our โ€˜earth lifeโ€™ coming back or to, the place they started from.

Holy truth 0+1=All&All
Life is a constant existing within 1 frame of mind
No life is if life is so diluted that the frame only paints a black or white picture
Outside of Life is existence
Which is another life
However: all of the beings in this Now exist in this life, for the purpose of, the intention to, create this Life.
All is as we know it was to be until we decide what we want to become
And are give eyes to see the right decision

Haha what a joke. Our planet is just one to avoid because We are the backwards ones. Our politicians, leaders, scientists and religious leaders are a joke in our galaxy and not alone …. our planet. 1 in a 100 billion according to this docu.

If there is an intelligent alien civilisation, that has the technology to travel the universe,
they will be friendly and help us with their knowledge.
But its unlikely they exist, let alone, know of our existance or have any interest in us.

Well if extraterrestrials showed up it would put an end to the Global Warming/Climate Change cult of hysteria.
On another note: it would be stupid to think that those extraterrestrials were anything like David Etenborough.

They got people focusing on everything else but the threat of a police state and Martial law type events that will be right in our front yard and local public places.

Turned it off after 3 minutes so negative!! The only Alien attack will be from our own government to keep us controlled… besides they have already been here for years craft are spotted daily

To many forget that origin of life is so hard that we still haven't replicated it or gotten in close to it than our last breakthrough in 1954. Yup 1954 .

32:00 "….life developed from different chemical elements….. " Are we to conclude that the mere presence of certain chemical elements (which we may FEEL are necessary for "existence") means that life might exist? Is that what "life" is? – right chemical elements exisiting? Could we then put some chemical elements (which we feel are essential for life to exist) in an isolated environment and see if "LIFE" shows up? Is that how this works?Please help!

How do you explain… Brexit to an alien … nuclear weapons and why they are pointed at each other…why we are killing off our planet and unable to stop…why we can't control population growth…THE CARDASSIANS…EASTENDERS… religion and war due to it and that's off the top of my head… Islam OMG and and Jesus and what does he do around here. Nowt. They will conclude we are mad and require restraint to prevent us from harming life of Earth and each other. We murder 500,000 of each other per year. Thats more than malaria deaths or close to it but the birth rate in India is more than capable of replacing those deaths. If they come, they will observe and then become disgusted at our species and then feel that a cull is the only solution. However, how do they keep those nukes in check ? If this is happening now then i totally get it because of all the evidence from around the planet of craft that don't need engines and move without sound. Ask Nick Pope, former civil servant for the MOD. Take care everyone.

Whites are the extraterrestrials. They make the documentaries to throw us off. They been invaded and are doing the terrible things that they say the aliens would do to us. Stop being fooled. They are here extracting resources and keeping humans at war with one another.

I doubt that a woman who has just had a romantic marriage proposal (17:30) would be distracted by something as trivial as the arrival of a massive alien spaceship! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx


I've have seen 3 UFO's in the sky allready in the 38 years that I'm living on this planet. I'm pretty sure they are out there. I'm watching the sky as many as I can to look for anomalies. And if an alien parks his vehicle in my backyard some day I would welcome him as a neighbour.

Aliens are located in inner earth! The government is withholding such information due to the fall of many things the government has invented and the economy depends on it.

Watch ..
hallow earth inner earth civilization!
It will enlighten your mind!!

If there are so many other civilisations out there, much more advanced than us, where are they? surely radio waves or other detectable signals should be everywhere? Microbial life yes but seriously, the conditions on Earth were not even correct until life was extinct 5 times to get us where we are. Where is everyone,if there are supposed to be so many?

Yet these "scientists" are attempting to discover the "god " particle at Cern? I guess we just have to submit to Lucifer when they physically welcome him into our dimension?
Not this guy. I'd rather go down fighting.

Here is one no one thought of…if they wanna take over Earth why not instead of fighting us they spread some disease man cannot combat…we got a lot of forms of cancer and aids we got no cure for. who is to say these diseases were not brought here and they are bidding their time.

The Earth has been under Alien attack for at least 30 000 years.

How can we recognize an Alien?

Just look at your family member or your neighbor.

Do they look FAMILIAR to you or STRANGE?

If you do not feel an IMMEDIATE connection with someone then they are NOT of this world.

Trust only your HEART.

These Aliens THINK they will get away with what they are doing but they are FOOLS.

Nature has BILLIONS of years of experience in dealing with invaders of all kinds and these aliens have been only on this planet for LESS THEN A SECOND.

Not enough time for them to learn how to conquer nature and they never will learn.

You think you can invade our planet and conquer us through your shallow tricks.

You are all fools.

I'm sure you have all watched the X FILES.

The X FILES are the truth of this world.

There is no such thing as a "good" alien.

Either you are on Natures side or you have your own agenda.

This video makes too many assumptions

That an outer civilization would advance the same way and speed as us.

That they would need the same thing to live as us such as water or oxygen.

Any assumptions about what technologies they use. Even on earth, our world would be very different if just one invention like the radio was skipped

That our civilization is the most advanced on earth. There has been mounting evidence that people thousands of years ago used technologies more advanced than what we are but it got lost

I know how theyโ€™re doing it now. Aliens ๐Ÿ‘ฝ have disguised themselves as politicians in the Democratic Party. How else can you explain the attack on our civil liberties specifically with the second amendment.

earth orbits the sun just like 8 other planets* fixed it for you. pluto is a planet plain and simple. the fact it was planet for a hundred years and no other planets or plutoids were added proves this. you can reclassify space bodies but you leave poor pluto alone

organism that gave life to humans .? lol All these so called scientists all theories , yet still haven,t worked out how Human Race come about

Satan shall proclaim, let the gates of hell be opened, NO ALIENS WILL ATTACK RETARDS, the fallen angels and nephillim the little creatures elves fairies and nymphs will be attacking us and eating us, HELL ON EARTH, fear that day if you aren't raptured more than aliens attacking us

if there is intelligent Aliens in space They wont come anywhere the fuk near us ! they would know stupidity is contagious and build a wall around us to make space great again ! .Space the great frontier where no one can hear our stupidity, even if we scream

Cgi alien story, that's all it is a story of lies and fear ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

"100% chance that there are alien forms of life in the universe other then our own" is a 100% big statement according to 'abiogenesis probability'

This is similar to my dream last night. the cross sign of the alien spaceship is very similar!. I was so scared because the spaceship's shadow covered our city and suddenly dropped down and many monster hunting people and killed. I run going to mountain, because their target was the city which was many people. ! They have many spaceship, dropping chemical to people, many were died, because it was acid! . I was so scared, and when i woke up!. i pray to Jesus.

Of course We are not alone in the cosmos, God and His angels is in heaven above, we are on earth and the devil and his demons (ufo's) in hell below.

Why would aliens attack they have cameras everywhere. They sit back and laugh and laugh. Humans are parasites. Stop the bull videos. Please. No one buying it. Ever wonder why we never see them. Think about it. All these experts. Experts at what?.lol. last but not least. If you want people to beilive you. Don't get the weirdest people in the World to try and convince us. That is all

Maybe that's why all the countries of the world are feverishly developing more advanced weapons. Because they don't want to look like tools and admit its in case aliens attack us, they pretend they all hate each other and are gearing up for war……..

Instead of spending immense billions to find life on other planets, why not spend it on protecting the diverse lifeforms that already exist on earth?

We are the cancerous disease of this planet. All we do is destroy the whole chain of nature and disrupt the course of nature with our so call advancement of society and technology. If an alien species comes to wipe us out i guess it's the universe trying to balance itself by sending an antivirus (alien) to clean up the cancerous disease that we already are.

If we encounter them someday, the first thing we do is say Hi, then carefully watching them response, see what happens next…
Hey, they might be shy, we never know…

"documentary", like when media calling it that and "reality tv", u know its 99%scripted and as far from any factual truth as u can get. Or like when a politican makes us a promise. The zionist invading yt, which once upon a time had some integrity. All these channels taking advatage of retards for a Quick buck. Disgusting

Talking et's use radiovawes it will take them few days to arrive from the edge of our solar system and will be agressive is such a bullshit as whole this document

Wanna see how fast this comment will get removed and my house raided?๐Ÿ˜…

The government has introduced and suggested alien life for decades now with the hope of us gaining curiosity and fascination of the existence of other life forms like a magician pulls off most magic tricks, by making us focus on the left hand while not watching the right. There will be a great deception and they will make us truly believe in aliens after playing hide and seek with the evidence for years. If our government truly wanted to hide the existence of other life forms we wouldnโ€™t have tv shows giving us hints and clues. They will use aliens as a cover to wipe out about 75% of humanity, while they use the power of holographic technology and make everyone think an alien race has invaded earth while theyโ€™re the ones destroying and murdering masses. It will be the biggest deception/ cover up in human history.

The alien like UFOs that people do see are advanced military technology that they have been keeping top secret for hundreds of years. Stay woke. Question everything. And be prepared for changes after 5G networks are implemented everywhere. The space we see as air will become just like the screen youโ€™re looking at right now.

Why state that the aliens will come from the vast end of the universe?
We don't know that! For all we know they could be at the bottom of our ocean and we'd never know it. Plenty of sightings of craft entering and exiting our seas.

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