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so for the first time ever! after 50 seasons, after a hundred years of broadcast, you laugh you lose is Changing the game. We’re turning it upside down Baby, it’s no longer you laugh, You lose. It’s get this- you laugh. You WIN! *Epic Gamer Explosion.MP4* No more G-fuel required but it is a nice beverage regardless. 10% off aaAGH Teacher: what sound does the cow make? Special ed kids: 3:22 MOOOMOOOOMOOMOOOMOOOOOOOOOOORGHHHAAAAAAAA MOOOOMOOOOMOO- I win!>cutefelixkratta.mp3 I love how there’s no context to this whatsoever *Unholy roid rage ensues* I don’t I don’t watch Tyler, but I only see him in the context of this; so he just seems like he’s crazy This is great. I have a great perception of this streamer>felixskratta.mp3
x5 This clip is literally everywhere. I don’t know why- I mean it’s impressive but this is Is this really enough for you kids to find a meme. To repost. *tetris theme slowly spirals your soul into madness* Now the real question is the tetris soundtrack copyrighted or not? *hmm* ArE yA ReAdY kIdS? 9 yo kids : (In the distance) AYE AYE, CAPTAIN! (Inaudible screeching) I CAN’T HEAR YOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!! 9 yo kids : (Louder) AYE AYE, CAPTAIN!!! (OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) That’s kind of sweet , that’s not a really a laugh That’s just wholesome when you leave the shop, but realize you left your son. Oh no ma onomah (Oh no mah) son *felix contemplates life and why it has come to this…on youtube’s favorite show…why??* *okie life crisis over now we’re good* This is “YLYW” *skratta* I can laugh at that! I don’t know if I want to though… I feel uncomfortable… ueh, yeah, beatboxer boi. STOP it, wuehh-I don’t care about West Coast Boi! (intercom) We’ll be closing in 2 minutes *Sad Peter* *Japanese weeb sh*t) (Guy gets hit with what looks to me like a biscuit) (Oh, look, Pewds just won!) I love instinct(TEAM INSTINCT FTW!!!) (Pewds drinkin’ down that Gfuel) (…)what fu*k that joke was *METALLIC CLONK* *METALLIC CLONK* (slaughtering the ANIME GIRL with a frying pan!) jEsUS cHRisT Jacksepticeye, st0p killing the anime th0t, please… *Success* jesus..cryyy What did she do? This is disrespectful as Hell learn to trick Wow>felixskratta.mp3
x5 (lady with accent: He’s the world’s champion in basketball freestyle!) Oh god You know only real show offs prac-, I mean it’s impressive don’t get me wrong- But you know only show-offs really practice this kind of stuff He’s the world champion! Daaaaaaaaaaaamn That’s naayysty *Pewds laughs at the basketball trick hustler* haha look at the dood WoRlD cHaMpIOn Spectator: “Keep going, keep going, keep going” Keep going… Jesus Christ, he’s already dead… (Roger Taylor trying to sing Numa-Numa up in here) This is from the Swedish version of Idol. I think at least… I remember seeing this (Dear lord, why did I have to get dragged into this?) (I’m just your friendly neighborhood caption author) (Good god, is he done yet?) No… You know, I thought changing the name to you “YLYW” would actually benefit, but uh, it just seems like… The clips are sh*t and I haven’t even been trying all along… Oh, it’s a gun! OH OF COURSE it’s Russia… Jesus Christ… Oh my God Please tell me that’s water, because that is the cutest… That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life! So then someone throws a match *Pewds.exe has stopped working* Sorry, I know that was a bit… what is this hit or miss what the heck is this, huh? (Soft banjo plucking in backround) What is happening??? (Soft banjo plucking in backround cont.) *Guy running frantically* (Soft banjo plucking in backround cont.) Oh god, is he gonna get hit? (Soft banjo plucking in backround cont.) (Record scratch) Oh my god… (Rock music starts) This gotta be fake… Oh God, ohooho Gah, what the hell?! NOO! *Pewds starts screaming for the man’s safety* *Metal music continues playing* If this is fake, then he’s doing a great job, but I really- OH MY GOD, Jesus!!! It has to be fake… That’s impressive though… D*mn I’d be sh*ttin myself if I saw that Hello, my followers. I’m here with legendary comedian movie star uh, Bill Murray. You know him from such films as the Ghostbusters and the Ghostbusters 2- that’s right these Anderson films and we’re just gonna make one of my biggest dreams come true. So ready bill. Yes really ready live from New York it’s Saturd- F*CK. What the Hell did I just watch You laugh you’re confused is so far all I got, Jesus Christ What is this? Can someone explain why Bill Murray is there and did Bill Murray just hit that guy in the neck? Song: You mad cause you got some fat breast (Fat Breast) Song: Yeah he has some fat breast It’s your boy Whis. I just got some neck Alright, okay, cool *weeb noise* Google-San Back at uh google-san. Oh My god Has that dog never seen a car before like. Quit, Jesus Christ dog, please stop stop Stop please Dog stop, someone stop the dog Undefeated dog. dog- nobody:
my dog: at 5 a.m *loud barking from Tyler, kinda like AROUHROUHROUH ROUHROUHROUH See what I’m talking about? I’m sure he’s normal. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with him Hey, it’s just me, you know when people take out of context and I-I I don’t want to judge someone’s character just by clips taken out of context but uh… *demon spawn noises that are slowly making me deaf…* So far it’s not looking good Sh*t *Minecraft death song* *BLOMP BA…* (felix why u interupt this beautiful music?) This.. is so sad, this is why you drink G-Fuel #ad This won’t happen with g-fu- wHAT *shhh…..* *BOOOOOM* What did you think was gonna happen Jesus Christ. It like hey guys, it’s me and coca-cola it’s like put the hand over it too like *BOOOM* *beew bew* *bew* *BUUUUU BUUUU BUUU BUU BUU* *BUUU BUUU-* Oh H*ll Yeah I Love me in a good Yoshi Meme Oh God *when you realize the meme is dead like:* Q_Q What the freak? Mutters: Oh my god that just mean *burps unceremoniously* That kid? What can he do? Captain Knuckles: Flapjack do that thing you do every day I know what this is Stop, stop the tetris STOP! Hey it’s another one of these godd*mn memes. We know it’s not real, we know – Oh Oh my god! oh my GAAAH ! OH, WOW OH MY GOD , IT’S AMAZING! IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE ! AHAH Nice Very nice. Excellent! OH Jesus Christ , and he locked it as well , Well well done Hey when we go out make sure you wait like 20 seconds Jesus Hey, man, what’s wrong? Come on, you know better lightning mcqueen isn’t real. That’s true Jeff. Oh gosh guys Dumbest thing I’ve ever laughed at but if you laugh you win, so it doesn’t matter. Thank you everyone for watching you laugh. You win Everyone wins today pat yourself on the back Give yourself an extra Smoothie shake and I’ll see you guys tomorrow on another video leave a like if you laughs and leave a like if you didn’t laugh And make sure to laugh everyone Ha ha hah ha ha ha HAAAA Bye! What ? Tubers Simulators is becoming relevant! (wait this is the old outro..? Brad explain yourself!) No, no, don’t leave No, please Sponsor Eagle please do something Yes This game is still relevant , god dammit!


McQueen is my idol, he got offended at the last meme. But he did laugh when he saw the beat box guy

Now, the subtitles describing what is happening on the screen is cute, but some people who are actually deaf might not be able to catch all the things that Pewdiepie actually says. Good job though!

Reason you cant laugh: when you try not to do something’s it’s making you not do it.
Like when you try not to laugh it’s easier to laugh.
And when you try TO laugh it makes it easier not to.
Simplified version:
Mental reverse psychology.

By the way the joke on the "say ah" one is twofold:
The anime girl is a character named Zero Two from the anime Darling In The FranXX,
and the guy in the car is the main rapper for an experimental hip hop group called Death Grips (his name is MC Ride). The footage is from the music video for their song "Guillotine." At one point in the song, Ride suddenly screams "AH, AH, AH, AH!"

He could still have hearts that go away if he doesn't laugh at a clip.

But I guess everyone would just send shitty memes to troll.

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