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Youth Sports holds a friendly baseball tournament

Youth Sports holds a friendly baseball tournament

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s Youth
Sports Program held a friendly baseball tournament at Atago’s Kizuna Stadium that allowed Japanese
and American children to get to know each other. Keith Carr, an umpire for the tournament,
says the event brought people to have fun and make memories. “Not only is this an experience for the
youth, but this is also an experience for the adults, the parents, the coaches, the
youth sports department. They get a chance to come out and play the
sport that they love- which is baseball. This is an event that is very special. So embracing the opportunity, this is an experience
they can take with them back to the U.S.” Three teams participated at this year’s
event. Austin Griffin, the Youth Sports coordinator
for MCAS Iwakuni, expresses how the game was meant to inspire friendships and break through
the language barrier. “This event helped better the relationship
between Japan and America by bridging the gap between sports and culture. The U.S. youth here and the Japanese youth
here, obviously sports is something that everyone can share and baseball is really popular here
in Japan, as well as in the U.S. It allows them to play the game, so to speak
the same language on the baseball field.” This is the second time Youth Sports hosted
this event, and they are planning to continue it in the future. Reporting from Iwakuni, Japan, I’m Lance
Corporal Katie C. Campbell.

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